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One of the more interesting parts of the relationship between Deok-in and Jin-woo is that she's the heroic figure who gets stuff done, where as he's the dork who has to ask for help. This takes on further ironic dimensions this episode when Jin-woo decides to get involved in Deok-in's divorce dispute. What's especially awkward is that Jin-woo comes to a somewhat reasonable deduction about the situation- that is in fact totally wrong, and really just goes to show how little Jin-woo really understands Deok-in just yet. Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$2.99 per month (you can cancel anytime). The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up. A bit sheepish that she totally abandoned Jin Woo (hero) to a bunch of gangsters by himself the day before, Deok In (heroine) tries to act nonchalantly when Jin Woo shows up for work at the school. Before Deok In and Jin Woo can figure out their "feud", a more serious matter makes them allies again. His trouble with the law solved, but Jung Cheo still faces dismissal from the school for bullying. Fortunately for Jung Cheo, the mother of the bullied student decides to go easy on him and Jung Cheo was allowed to stay on. Sitting with Deok In on a bench together, Gyeong Cheol drives the nail home by telling her that it is only after meeting Jin Hee that he thought for the first time a woman can be cute.
When Jin Woo answers in affirmative after a small hesitation (his wife has died), Deok In asks "Have you ever looked at a woman and thought she was cute?" Seeing Jin Woo's stunned face, Deok In quickly waves her question away. Noticing her daughter-in-law is acting strange Mama Hwang angrily calls Gyeong Cheol back home when she realizes Deok In has already found out about the affair.
Disappointed and hurt by Gyeong Cheol's words, Mama Hwang tells him to leave and that from that moment on he is no longer a member of the family. Depressed from what happened with her husband, Deok In goes out for a walk and ends up saving another one of the school bullies from getting beaten to death. Sitting around the table with all of her in-laws and looking at Gyeong Cheol's siblings who she practically raised, Deok In is moved to tears when she thinks what a divorce would mean. Meeting with her husband, Deok In tells Gyeong Cheol "When our son died, I thought about just dying with him.
Angered by Deok In's refusal to sign the divorce paper, Gyeong Cheol storms into her eatery and slams down an envelope of money. In her haste to chase after Gyeong Cheol to give him back the money, Deok In slips and stabs her hand on broken glasses. Gyeong Cheol's words takes the fight out of Deok In and she finds herself unable to chase after him. We found out already in the first two episodes that Jin Woo is actually from a chaebol family but this week we find out that Jin Woo's relationship with his older brother has been strained ever since he saw something that makes he suspect that Jin Myeong (the older brother) didn't save their oldest brother's life on purpose.
She then opens a food stall in front of her son’s school to preserves the memory of him and to protects the other students.
Well, she is finally forced to stop being petty and selfish briefly, when one character finally manages to come up with a threat serious enough to force Eun-soo to cooperate on the question of Jin-han's wife instead of being constantly selfish. So once again it's a let-down when we get bogged down with the rich family having stupid arguments about nothing. Deok-in may be suffering from an inability to withdraw from her marriage, but Jin-woo hs the opposite problem. The main character in this Drama starring actor and artist who has the world famous Korean drama where Kim Jung Eun made a comeback the last three years ago after playing couple now Ohlala he will take on the role as a former detective.
Admitting that it was kinda mean to leave him, Deok In offers up a month worth of meal tickets to her restaurant as an apology. Apologizing to the victim sincerely, Jung Cheo seems to accept his dismissal with calmness. From Deok In and Gyeong Cheol's conversation, it is apparent that Gyeong Cheol really has never cared for Deok In and is fed up with the burden his family is to him. Having witnessed the whole unpleasant exchange, Jin Woo finally finds a good time to excuse himself from the eatery but shows back up again with bandages for Deok In's wound. By episode four I am really not thinking of Angry Mom when I watch Make a Woman Cry anymore and the two show really feels very different at this point.
I don't necessary mind watching the cat fight between Hong Ran and her sister-in-law but it just feels like a completely separate story than the one Deok In is in.
The cliffhanger is resolved just a tad too easily and with a tad too much easy forgiveness.
Along the way she will struggle to forgive people who were responsible for her son’s death. I'm tempted to call the theatrics over-the-top and unrealistic- the problem is, I've known people in real life like Eun-soo.

The presentation of "Make a Woman Cry", by contrast, makes it quite clear that the reason these characters can't unravel each other so easily is because they're stuck in emotionally gnarled situations with no apparent hope of recovery. I suppose in broad persective their relentless, unforgiving, and just plain rude attitude does explain how the situation continues to fester.
His generally weak will has proven entirely deficient in raising a son who, as we see here, is perfectly content to just wallow in explicit villainy because he's a bratty teenager who wants to provoke people. But what we do know is that this recovery was prompted by Eun-soo's blatant attempt at emotional manipulation.
She loses interest in everything- her social position, her relationships, all of them become absolutely meaningless in light of the new information Deok-in now has about her son's death. Deok-in didn't accept the proposal from Tae-hwan when he was acting nice about it, so why in the world would she accept it from Eun-soo in full-on bitch mode? Snatching the meal tickets from Deok In's hand, Jin Woo slyly tells her that he wasn't hurt at all since he was quick to tell the gangster where to find her. After Jung Cheo vehemently deny robbing anyone despite his desperate need for money, Deok In decides to believe him and go on a search for the real robber. It wasn't thoughts of you, but it was thoughts of mother (her mother-in-law) and your siblings that stopped me from killing myself.
Unwilling to take back the money, Gyeong Cheol follows Deok In back to the eatery and tells her "I can't even stand the sound of your voice.
Then practically out of nowhere Deok-in and Jin-woo start acting like the main characters again, having extended heartfelt conversations about loss, forgiveness, and being able to move on with life.This is, for all intents and purposes, the story we had at the beginning of the drama, complete with Yoon-seo's reappearance as an important character.
I still remain mostly annoyed, though, as to the extent to which their problems showcase the plot when there are much more intriguing angles to go by. It's weird how it seems like he needs a father more than he does a mother- even if, as it happens, Deok-in's temperament definitely skews more toward the former.
Eun-soo has frequently demonstrated intelligence, but she appears either unwilling or unable to process the significance of this. There's nothing for the other characters to do except look on awkwardly in silence.And that was pretty much the position I was in too. Eun-soo's back-up plan is equally terrible, and predictably falls apart completely by the end of the episode.The issues regarding Eun-soo mostly kill any meaningful impact by the climax. Dismayed, Deok In demands Jin Woo to give back the meal tickets, but Jin Woo quickly sneaks into the school. The more my family keep reminding me that we only survived because of you the more I can't stand your voice." Giving her one last look, Gyeong Chol puts the money back down on the counter and leaves. A well-to-do mother wanting to keep her son from getting involved with some woman without a pedigree, that much I can easily understand. That's not an easy fact to acknowledge, but it's senseless to pretend like we're all rational actors in the real world.The sheer irony of Eun-soo's position is what really clicks here. Even though we've known this revelation was a long-time coming, personally, I felt like this was stuff I didn't really want to see. The guy who got put on an airplane at about the same time that Eun-soo took over the storyline?
Eun-soo either complains about how the rich family has exercised control over her life, or she furiously fights to keep from losing influence over their family fortune. He's rejecting his family because they consider Eun-soo to be his de facto wife, and Jin-han is completely unwilling to tolerate Eun-soo's presence.It's useful, I think, to consider Eun-soo's character in comparison to everyone else.
The problem with melodrama like this, especially when sustained over an entire episode, is that it gets to feel extremely voyeuristic.
Yoon-seo is the teenager who defined the entire romance between Deok-in and Jin-woo, and I only realized now that he's back that Yoon-seo leaving the story is the main reason why Deok-in and Jin-woo were pushed to the sidelines.
But there's just something awfully petty about Eun-soo trying to keep Hyeon-seo from hanging around Kyeong-tae. On many levels it's just plain ridiculous- if Eun-soo is so miserable then why doesn't she just walk away?
There's not really any the story can move on from despair, misery, and humility except with other heartfelt gestures of despair, misery, and humility.Not that Eun-soo appears capable of processing any of this. Without Yoon-seo's physical presence they couldn't resolve their issues.While the material here involving Yoon-seo is good, I can't help but be frustrated that the entire drama wasn't about this conflict. Eun-soo doesn't even like any of these people, so why spend any more time with them than necessary? He has since reformed, and is trying to live out his life with dignity and respect for family. Deok-in's revelation near the end honestly comes off as kind of silly, precisely because there hasn't been any real build-up or resolution over that plot point.
It's not like they sent her to prison- the apartment's pretty nice, actually, and prepaid to boot.The social dynamic is especially obvious watching Hong-ran spend time with her new relative by marriage- and actually have fun.

In the mid-portion of the drama Deok-in's mother seemed like a villain, but she was really just couthless.
While it's true that Jin-woo should not have been keeping this information secret, Eun-soo quite simply enjoys being horrible and vile. And that just turns into a kind of zen money question- what's the point of owning a kicking rad automobile if you never ride around in it with your friends? With Eun-soo the only mutual hobbies Hong-ran could indulge in her scheming, gossip, and general cattiness.
Treated with kindness and properly nudged, Deok-in's mother is actually a reasonably pleasant person to be around.More than that, though, Kyeong-cheol and Deok-in's mother were both dealing with trauma that clouded their actions. To some extent the writing does at least acknowledge this fact- the big confrontation between Deok-in and her mother is notable precisely for its childishness, because there's not really any way to resolve the situation in a way that lets the characters maintain the illusion of behaving in a civilized way.But what this leaves us with is a drama that's very difficult to look forward to.
Kyeong-tae brings out the best in Hyeon-seo, and even if Kyeong-tae's motives are kind of goofy, it's clear that Hyeon-seo enjoys the mutual rapport and attention.Elsewhere, Deok-in and Jin-woo enjoy a generally pleasant day together. Eun-soo claims special traumatic circumstances every time she acts vicious, but what's obvious at this point is that these are just excuses.
Eun-soo's notion of what parenthood should be is sick and twisted, and it's no wonder her son has been drifting apart if this is how the woman actually seriously thinks.The worst part of this is that Eun-soo knows full well that what she's doing is horrible. What's the point of marrying into a golfing family if you don't even golf?Beyond the rich family, the plot remains rather perfunctory.Song Chang-eegives a more spirited performance as the youngest son of the rich family than he does as the actual main character Jin-woo, with his own romantic problems.
There's still plenty of episodes left over that I know the story can't be coming to a complete resolution. I seem to remember that organizing wedding was much more difficult back in the earlier part of the drama. I remain puzzled as to just how irrelevant both Deok-in and Jin-woo feel as characters, when they're the lead characters.
Jin-han's family has been giving her the benefit of the doubt this entire time under the assumption that Jin-han left her in a bad place, but it's increasingly looking like Eun-soo was the one that really forced the meltdown here.The contrast between Jin-han and Hyeon-seo is also an interesting one in this context. Even so, when the major plot point is just on how Deok-in can't easily get over her grief, there's no direction to really go from here.I don't see how Jin-woo could possibly win her back given the enormity of these issues.
It's something that works particularly well when Jin-woo is around, because he encourages Deok-in to, well, to not mope around being depressed.At times that much is unavoidable, like when a major crisis at home forces Deok-in to reverse a previous decision. Even the cliffhanger still manages to be more about Eun-soo than Deok-in's more serious problems.The little moments still go a long way. Hyeon-seo is nearly at the breaking point with his mother, even though it completely defies his personality to act angry or mean-spirited. When Hong-ran and Eun-soo are alone, the tone is giddy as Eun-soo relishes her accomplishments.
This conflict is, of course, intentionally made out to be impossible to resolve, given the issues with his personality.
I didn't think that was literally going to be his plot arc.Maybe I'm not really mad so much as just generally befuddled. The connection between Hyeon-seo increasing lack of patience and Jin-han's absolute lack of patience gives the clear impression that they have a similar relationship with Eun-soo, at different points of development.While the Eun-soo storyline has gotten kind of pulpy, I can't really call it unrealistic. If"Make a Woman Cry"itself is barely interested in making a meaningful effort to redeem Eun-soo's character, then why in the world did the drama dedicate so much runtime and plot to her bad decision-making abilities? Deok-in probably understands her mother-in-law better than any of the actual blood siblings.
There's the one sibling who exists mainly to provide pizza-related product placement, and another who's reluctantly stepping into dating.
This episode is consistently, extremely intense, and desperate to the point that serious, humble kneeling apologies have definite emotional gravity. But then there's the party at the end, and the absurdity of Deok-in not knowing this information notwithstanding, it's nice to see people of such obviously different temperaments get along. The weaker bits of the drama are definitely still here, lurking around in corners, but for the most part the concentration of genuinely interesting storylines is fairly high. Eun-soo's exaggerated histrionics are a far cry from the genuine grief and recovery we see from characters like Deok-in and Jin-woo. This isn't necessarily a bad turnaround- the genres are meant for different purposes after all.

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