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Whether in or out of the office, you are dealing with a myriad of ages, interests and personalities. Out of the Office: When you aren’t at the office, you don’t have a direct pool of people to interact with. Out of the Office: If you continue to go to the same bars or same places to eat, you are going to keep running into the same people.
School provides us with an instant pool of people our own age that we interact with on a daily basis, who are in the same boat we are.

You are going to have to handle some awkward social situations before you can find your work BFF.
But once we leave college and enter the real world, finding friends can be a more difficult task, especially if you have to relocate for a job. If your coworkers want to sing Love Is a Battlefield at karaoke, get up on stage with them. Any excuse to interact with your colleagues will help show them that you are willing to make the effort to be friends.

If you have social anxiety, and strangers scare you, try starting small, like chatting with the Starbucks barista you see every morning.

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