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I want to see what they’re worth.’ He sold one or two of them so he could get a receipt and show he did a transaction with us.
We pass on a lot of the Nazi stuff even though it’s worth good money.”Do you, Rick and Cory have personal assistants?“Rick and Cory have two they kind of share. I’m a big (Michael) Jordan fan, so Jordans come out, you have to wait in line for two hours to get tickets. I like to play basketball but nothing competition wise.”For a while you lived in Las Vegas Country Club, on one of the most affluent cul-de-sacs in town. Now I’m in a house surrounded by desert.”I’m guessing your rent has jumped significantly, from your pre-“Pawn Stars” day to now. Before your latest move, where did you live and what was rent costing you?“I lived at the Panorama (the new towers along I-15) before moving to the Country Club.

I think my rent went from $1,100 a month to $2,500 to $2,800.”What’s the hottest-selling merchandise?“They’re selling thousands of shirts a day, I would guess it would have to be the shirts.
Actually, I just license my image to Rick to do as he pleases.”What’s the most amazing part of this wave you’re riding?“The most amazing thing, really, is that we can go on this journey and have it continue for this long. Here we are four years down the road over 200 episodes and it’s crazy to imagine it’s still growing. They changed our day, changed our time and we’re still going strong, still pulling amazing rankings during the NBA finals.”The craziest requests you get?“People want me to call their friend on the phone and talk to them. Now, put your face in her boobies and motorboat ‘em.’ I’m thinking to myself, ‘dude, are you serious?’ Of course I’m not going to be setting that kind of an example. And that’s all of time.”So, you bought your girlfriend new boobs for her birthday?“She wanted a boob job and she was going to pay it herself but she works so hard.

I thought to myself, it literally takes me a couple hours of work to buy a boob job so why would I make her pay for them. It wasn’t that long ago that his father bought him a Geo Metro for $900 before Chum moved up to a Ford Fusion.

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