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We were intrigued by Bobby Rio’s new book, Magnetic Messaging, since he’s the only “patented” Pick Up Artist (that we know of) that has done extensive research and testing on the topic so far. Many men see women suddenly becoming disinterested in them and wonder where they’ve gone wrong. Other times they spend weeks goofing around, being funny and likeable, only to discover that they’ve irrevocably slipped into the “best pals” relationship and end up being the shoulder she cries on instead of the guy that ignites her passion. Average looking guys cannot rely on their looks for attracting women, and need some skills which will allow them to become irresistible to women which may initially seem out of their league. Whatever the case may be, giving men some tools to become masters in the art of courting a woman is a good thing, for the women too, and one such tool is Magnetic Messaging. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge say that women offer a window of opportunity that starts closing the minute they’ve given you their number. If you make a woman feel EMOTION, you will get her attention, because emotion and attention are closely tied. To move things forward it is necessary to make a CONNECTION with her and make her feel you are beyond just flirting.
The magnetic messaging download came out quite recently and so there isn’t a lot of client feedback on the web yet. 30 men (Group A) were given the real material and 30 men (Group B) were given a fake e-book (we found the fake one on the internet as a freebie).
The objective was to date (and possibly bed) as many women as possible over a 3 month period.
The participants of the trial group reported an increased sense of self-esteem and an increase in popularity. This test is completely unofficial, but it confirmed our hypothesis that good quality messaging can improve your chances to get women out on a first date.
As we saw in our test, good messaging can keep that door open for you for just a while longer, and if you follow up with appropriate PUA behavior (which is basically understanding female psychology) your dating efforts and sex life will improve.
It can be seen as a tool to translate what you do in front of a woman to elicit emotions in writing. Though there are many tools for success that must be employed for any sort of social interaction, few are as powerful as the ability to read non-verbal communication signs. Before the inception of the cell phone, a man had to resort to leaving voice-mails or actually making a visit to the women he was looking to date. The technology of today is so far advanced that it can even be used to flirt with and get a girlfriend. Rob Judge and Bobby Rio give some advice on the three myths that literally destroy your chances with women. The bummer about picking up women is that you know that you’re a really nice guy, but when you are standing in front of a really cute girl you feel totally awkward and end up acting like a jerk.
These are some of the questions which have come up most frequently amongst our readers and at the 21 Conventions across the world.
A: Maybe you should allow yourself to play more, without expecting a perfect result each time.
Q: While I’m in conferences and conventions I feel totally motivated and full of the right sort of energy, but then after a days or weeks I peter out. We were really glad to have taken part in the 21 Convention in Orlando, because the professional dating coaches were amazing.
Women will immediately pick up if you are being sincere or not, and if you are “mentalizing” the whole process, saying scripted lines and trying to look for specific signals, she will think you’re weird! Leave a Comment Hi, I’m Doug, I created this site to share my opinion on Bobby Rio’s Magnetic Massaging. Before starting my review I like to tell you if you looking for official website then you can find it here. We all know getting attraction from female is difficult but keeping this attraction is far more difficult as well. There is pretty much information available online about it but they are based on unrealistic approach or can’t be adopt by a person in his practical life. Bobby and Rob designed this program especially for guys that want to maximize their potential of getting girls with the help of texting. Bobby and Rob created a video presentation which explain pretty much everything how to unlock girl’s mind and fill it with lots of emotions which force her to become much closer to you. The second magnetic texting is all about turning those emotions into your favor and make her feel you both have connection.
The third magnetic texting is all about getting into her mind and make her realize you both have some similarities between. I recommend magnetic messaging for a reason and that is it works for me every time I used it.
Bobby and Rob designed this program is very professionally manner and it is very easy to understand as well. This guide consists of 185 pages which become overwhelming for some guys that are using this program for first time. Magnetic messaging is the 185 pages guide which containing quality information about improving your dating game.
Hi, I am Doug, I created this site to share my honest opinion regarding Bobby's Key Lock Sequence.
Read my review on left hand side and download FREE "7 Deadly Texting Mistakes" Ebook at the end of my review. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Magnetic Messaging Review – This is a wonderful system that can help men to build adorable romantic relationships through message swapping and guides all of them how to get girls. According to the Magnetic Messaging evaluation, this amazing program includes so many great secrets and methods for you to attract any kind of beautiful girls as well as win her interest and emotion just by sending text messages. Three easy secrets to make ideal messages so that you can grab a woman’s heart effortlessly. The three simple texts that can make positive alterations in your relationship having a girl.
The simple ways to take advantage of partners compliments message to build an in-depth connection. In reality, Magnetic Messaging has just emerge recently, yet this receives many good feed backs from customers worldwide.
You will get more confidence as well as develop your conversation skills after understanding the whole system. The structure is really user-friendly and the tips and tricks might be applied immediately.
You can get this entire package associated with Magnetic Messaging for just one-time payment of $47.00 for limited period of time. Of course, if you have any questions or queries concerning the program, you can contact through emails at support[at]magneticmessaging[dot]com. In short, Magnetic Messaging is really an amazing solution for you to acquire your dreamed girl’s through message. I was a big socialite a few years ago and then when I lost my job, I went into depression and gained some terrible amount of weight. Magnetic Messaging is a step by step guide for all those men who have trouble scoring luck with women. I didn’t want to go through with all the three steps at once so I tried the first one and I have to admit that it worked really well. Once I noticed an improvement in how women were connecting with me, I moved on to the second stage. However, with Magnetic Messaging, I started making women feel special after following through the first step properly. A few days ago, I met a beautiful woman at a bar and I knew I wanted her to come home with me. Magnetic Messaging actually works and if you have been facing a situation similar to mine, you should try it out. Plus the 99 Best Texts of All Time makes good cheat sheet ?? A lot of time I just send those out.
Yes it is very easy to follow and it gives you some great ice breakers and ways to get going.
A decade of research exploring biology and communication: the brain, nervous,endocrine, cardiovascular, and immune systems.
Perhaps they’ve spent a fantastic evening together, totally connected, but the next day they get brushed off.

Since we always like to validate a product’s claims, we ran our own “randomized trial” on a group of people selected from our Facebook profiles. The students in the control group had less chances but did surprisingly well in the number of women bedded out of the women they dated. Good texting increases your chances of getting a woman out on a first date, and so exponentially increases your chances of getting laid, even if less women will find you as attractive in real life as they did over the cell phone.
After we had been dating for a while he admitted the he had “help”, but that just made me appreciate him more for the effort!
If you get a chance to speak to the guys that wrote this book, tell them they have changed my life!
Nonetheless, this material will likely increase women’s positivity towards you and increase your chances of showing them what a great guy you are.
Some e-book training courses are hard to carry out on a long term basis, and get shelved after a few months, but his product is easy to use. Our senses are attuned to another person when they are speaking to us, and we interpret those signals subconsciously. There may have been long times between talking, which could negatively impact the budding relationship before it had a chance to bloom. Gone are the days where you had to actually walk up to a girl and talk to her to get to know her better or get a number from her. They are rather counter-intuitive so don’t feel bad if you discover you are still doing them! Once there used to be the “three day rule” in which you weren’t allowed to call a woman for 3 days at least after she had given you her number.
Because of that she gives you the brushoff and your failure  increases you anxiety, so next time round your nerves get the better of you and you end up making an even bigger fool of yourself. In this review you going to find how to unlock woman’s mind and fill it with lot of emotions by sending three text. There are pretty good number of guys that don’t find themselves successful in getting attraction from hot girls.
If you are also one of these guys that want to get attraction from females then you must look for the program called magnetic messaging by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. This is comprehensive program for guys because it teaches step-by-step of maximizing the potential of getting girl though texting and more importantly highlights all those mistakes that most commonly guys do.  In this review we will take a look how magnetic messaging works and does it worth the investment?
We all think women are very complicated and they are difficult to understand but they love one thing and that is emotions. If you skip any of them just to stay in your comfort zone then you will never get results that you always desire.
Don’t make her feel like just another contact number in the list instead makes her feel something special. Sooner girl will start realizing these similarities and gives you more attention than ever. Either you admit or not, a man life is incomplete without dating with a girl who has sexy long legs and perfectly curve booty. Knowledge about these mistakes is important because it helps you in keeping the attention you get from the girl.
With the help of this method your workload is almost reduce and you will remain in right track throughout the program.
Anytime you feel you are not getting results that you expect from this program you can return the copy and get your full money back. Although all the 185 pages is jam-pack with quality information but for some people it become overwhelming.
When it comes to dating no one can guarantee for the results but in this program you will get techniques which is proven and tested by good amount of people so, if you follow this program you will get desire results. It’s designed under structure of a guidebook, so that you can have it in your hands whenever you need. And it is main objective would be to make your dream woman feel your genuine emotion and then she’ll gradually be drawn by you. Most of them asserted, after using this plan, they increase the feeling of self-esteem and experience an enhancement of popularity.
Fact is, the most effective way to understand anything is to study from practical examples and also the case studies launched will make it easier for you to view how to put the relationship tips learned in to action.
For pennies, you’ll be able to attract women and attract the one you love without an excessive amount of effort. The Magnetic Messaging review implies that this program has been proven with a lot of real circumstances and real partners.
It comes with a lot of great techniques that you could hardly find in any other systems of messaging. I know a lot of people can relate to his story about just being depressed and feeling hopeless. As compared to before, women were actually showing a genuine interest in me and my talk and I felt that connection building up instantly. While most men usually start flirting right after they interact with a woman, Magnetic Messaging requires you to flirt with her AFTER you have formed a bond with her.
However, I wanted to make sure I tried the third step with someone who I actually wanted to take home. I mean I know it seems straight forward I just want to know I will be able to follow the course and at least have some gameplan of examples to follow and get me going. Good thing we got together at the end of the trial or he would have been tempted to try it on other women, too! Apart from getting women out on the first date, you have to be pleasing to them in the way you are dressed, the way you smell, the tone of your voice and the things you say. You can even load it onto you cell phone so you can access the 99 best texts anywhere, anytime. Being able to respond in an encouraging manner, to tell the other person without having to say so, that they should continue or that we are interested is an art. So instead of using their vocal cords and actually speaking words out loud to each other, they text each other from 3 feet away. There is no fear of rejection when texting where as when you get shot down face to face, which can be devastating. If you don’t know who Rob and Bobby are, then we strongly recommend you check out our Magnetic Messaging Review. At some point you will have to snap out of your negative spiral or run the risk of potentially never having sex again.
According to him, scripted opening lines and following a standardized approach are examples of “dick logic”; they are the things that men want to believe because they fit into male logic, but he tells us that women just don’t find it attractive.
It does not matter how much strongly girl behaves the secret is, emotion is inject in her DNA.
This program is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying that you never tried before. Don’t use generic text message because they never work instead they will drop the attention you get from her and you need to start all over again. I recommend this third magnetic texting needs to be the perfect mixture of emotions as well as some romantic and happy memories.
We are always in hunt for finding such girl and once we find such girl we have no idea from where to start. Clearly, getting the phone number of the beautiful girl is not the goal instead getting attraction from her and maintaining it should be your target goal. Most of the methods and techniques mentioned within the system are substantial principles of luring women. For the insightful tips and techniques this product provides you with, I think it is really worth that reasonable cost. Initially I thought it was a scam and nothing else but I thought I might as well try it to see if it works or not. After sending an emotional or personalized message, you should try to make the woman special. Make her trust you and make sure she knows that she is someone special and not just another random girl. It wasn’t just about scoring a night with this one; we actually bonded, slept together and have been dating ever since. The fake copies are circulated in order to get your e-mail address or put cookies on your computer. The study of body language has been prevalent in everything from business deals being cemented, head-hunting for top jobs in fortune 500 companies, and even in criminal justice careers like investigation, profiling, and attorneys specializing in defense.

People all over the world are connected to their cell phone nearly constantly, some even leave them on while they sleep.
Every girl shows emotion at some point and with the help of magnetic messaging you will reveal what lines push girl emotional buttons and make her fall in love with you.
This program is very powerful and effective basically it works on three text messages series. I am sure you send numerous texts to the girl but you ever tried texting emotional messages.
Preparing proper emotional text in this section is important that is why you will get exclusive training about what are emotional text messages and how you can prepare your own one without making them look generic.
Since text messages is the closest thing to human being that is why I always recommend preparing a solid plan to grab attraction from the girl you want to date. Any beautiful girl has lots of guys number in her phone but to stand out from all other guys you need special plan that you get it from magnetic messaging.
Their advice has been getting practical results for countless couples.And Magnetic Messaging is recognized as one of his greatest successes. Furthermore, it is covered with 100% money back policy within 60 days of your purchase of the system, through which you can have the product by yourself prior to deciding whether to purchase it or not. Every woman likes feeling special and that is what the second step of Magnetic Messaging focuses on. What can make you a loser is not accepting you might actually need help and never changing who you are.
By knowing how to read a person through what they’re NOT saying, you increase your ability to effectively communicate, and get what you want out of the encounter. Due to this technological change in our society, women are easier than ever to communicate with instantly, so it’s important to know how to get a response. Instead of getting up to talk to the person face-to-face, a text is sent in as an impersonal messenger. If you get her number you can text het that evening or the next day, the important thing is that you don’t text too much. After all, there is nothing to loose, total risk is born by creator of this program ,to make sure you’re safe! I always used to start a random conversation and talk about my gym routine and work routine. Since every woman likes being treated that way, she felt even more attracted towards me; I could just feel it and when I knew it was time, I tried step 3, which was to get in her mind and make her want to sleep with me or go home with me. We have even established dating texting rules to ensure success at sparking and maintaining relationships. Bobby and Rob teach you the secret of using these emotions in your favor which he called Key Lock Sequence. The reason why you are required to become emotional in the first message or you should make the message personal is that it helps in attracting the woman’s focus towards you.
Previously, I used to immediately jump to flirting and ended up going home alone but after following the three Magnetic Messaging steps, a girl actually came back home with me.
I don’t have the money for the program, so begging is the only way I can try to get the program. Basically anything emotional such as sad and romantic stories will unlock emotion in the girl body and you have very limited time to turn these emotions in your favor. I used to flirt with women and it came across; I guess they noticed that I was just flirting and wanted to score with them and nothing more. There are many bonuses, Get the Girl, 4 infatuation videos and the conversation topics training lab. These researchers called this set of propositions acommunibiological paradigm (see Beatty, McCroskey, & Valencic,2001). It is much to take in, but give yourself at least a month to play and watch the intro video that teaches you how to use the system. To start our review, we examined every issue of the top20 communication journals (according to the Thompson Reuters SocialScience Citation Index Science Citation Index (SCI (R)) is a citation index originally produced by theInstitute for Scientific Information (ISI) in 1960, which is now owned by Thomson Scientific.
Studies within the communibiologyparadigm either focus on the direct effects of communication on markersof physiological health, or utilize physiological outcome measures asindicators of psychological processes. For example, scholars may utilizemeasures of heart rate to suggest the direct effect of an interaction oncardiovascular health or they may use heart rate as a measure of arousal(indicative of increased cognitive processing of a message).
In bothcases, physiological measures are primarily employed as outcome measuresin such studies. We have omitted cases such asthese where researchers did not directly manipulate or measurebiological or health variables.
Nevertheless, we would be remiss if wedid not note that there is an extensive literature exploring the directeffects of health on communication.
From 2001-2005, the relative number ofresearch articles in communication journals dealing with biology was lowwith many articles of this type found in other disciplines'journals. Due to a number of special issues of communication journals,the frequency count of articles increased greatly in 2006 and hasremained relatively stable since that time.
Despite that, relatively fewcommunibiological research articles have appeared in exclusivelycommunication outlets. In doing so, we mean not to highlightone communication domain over others, nor do we intend to say that anyparticular domain is more important than the rest. Because of that, wehave excluded articles in some related social science fields (mostnotably, psychology). With these points in mind, the present review isdesigned to explore contemporary elements of communication and biology.To do this, we will first provide background on four primary systems.
Wewill then highlight relevant research applications across a variety ofcommunicative contexts.
We will conclude with a brief summary of somegeneral themes and provide some potential suggestions for futureresearch endeavors. The Brain and Nervous System No review of anatomy or human physiology is complete withoutmention of the control center of the human body--the brain. Itcontains about half of the brain's neurons, but these particular nerve cells are so small that thecerebellum accounts for (Floyd, Mikkelson,& Hesse, 2008). The nervous system, consisting of nerves andchemical compounds, acts to transmit messages between various bodysubsystems and the brain, making the nervous system a distinct butconnected part of brain research. It is composed of several sections called nuclei,each of which controls a specific function.,and the pineal gland.
Importantly, amygdalaactivation also relates to activation of the sympathetic nervous system. To provide a simple hierarchyof the nervous system, we can first divide it into two primarysystems--the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system peripheral nervoussystem: see nervous system.
In fact,during our review, we discovered a research article published almost acentury ago in the Quarterly Journal of Public Speaking, which discussedthe ways that environmental stimuli activated reflex processes in thebrain and thereby resulted in some expression of behavior (Gaylord,1916). While this article did not directly measure brain activity, itcounts as one of the first to propose similar propositions to ourworking knowledge of a communibiological perspective. Indeed, Gaylord(1916) may rank as one of the first to publish neuropsychological neu*ro*psy*chol*o*gy n.The branch of psychology that deals with the relationship between the nervous system, especiallythe brain, and cerebral or mental functions such as language, memory, and perception.
It wastraditionally argued that there is a slight tendency toward asymmetrical physiological developmentfavoring the right (right or left hand), familialhandedness, and immune issues as markers of standard, anomalous, ormixed dominance (Floyd et al., 2008).
Hemispheric dominance simplyrefers to which side of the cerebrum (left or right) dominates in actingfor a specific behavior. Therefore, standard dominance includes people who processlogical issues primarily in the left hemisphere and process emotionalcues in the right hemisphere.
However, classifications also showindividuals as having either anomalous dominance (those who processthese cues primarily in the opposite hemisphere) or mixed dominance(those who possess both standard and anomalous dominance). Individualsmore likely fall into the anomalous dominant category if they (or familymembers) are left-handed. Therefore, researchers use that particularmarker (coupled with a variety of other items) as an indicator ofhemispheric dominance (Floyd et al., 2008). A series of measurement procedures canassess the SAMS directly, but researchers judge these measurements asgenerally too invasive and costly for social scientific research.

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