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In my previous post I walked through the process of registering a Lync Phone Edition handset directly with Lync Online, I also promised I’d re-visit this and provide a similar walk through for a split domain configuration. This illustrates a Lync Online user hosted within Office 365 (connecting over the Internet) and an on-premises homed user registering either via the Internet (over the Lync 2013 Edge) or internally via the Lync Front End (Microsoft support either Lync 2010 or 2013 Front End Servers, but the Edge can be must be 2013-based Correction: Lync 2013 or Lync 2010 Edge Servers are supported, for 2010 Edge the February CU must be applied and Lync 2013 administrative tools must be deployed, more information on this here). Microsoft’s TechNet documentation is obviously always a good place to start, but I decided that there would be value in adding some more detail to the process. Also not that the appropriate Office 365 plan is required for split-domain support and ADFS, at time of writing Lync Plan 3 incorporates this capability (alternatively you can purchase an E3 which also includes Lync Plan 3). Once your domain is authorised for use with Office 365 and ADFS is configured you can start the split-domain configuration.
Before you can move your chosen user you’ll need to locate your hosted migration service URL, this can be achieved by logging into the Office 365 portal and then accessing the Lync Administration Center. The other (and more gratifying) way of validating a successful move would be via the Lync Online Administration Center. Once you’ve successfully registered your Lync client with Office 365 you can also (by referring to the previous guide) register your Lync Phone Edition handset. Thanks for the great post – I am able migrate user easily with help of this document. I contacted tech support about enabling split-domain operation and they have absolutely no idea what to do. Voice Mail Preview is a feature that's included when you receive your voice mail messages from Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging (UM). The RTM version of the Spanish (Spain) (es-ES) UM language pack didn't include support for Voice Mail Preview. The way Voice Mail Preview displays text in these languages depends on the type of voice message that's sent.
MSN Messenger, one of the most popular IM tools in the world is already equipped with great tools to create a rich chat experience.
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A presentation and discussion about various Lync and Skype for Business development frameworks (UCMA, UCWA, Skype API, 3rd party) and how they can be used as a pathway to implementing IoT (Internet of Things) communication to Lync and Skype users.
Unified communications (UC) boosts business productivity by providing an efficient, flexible and effective working experience.
The reference architecture provides a high-level design and implementation scenario that includes all workloads for 10,000 Lync users, scalable up to 60,000 Lync users. As shown in the above figure, this reference architecture is based on the concept of a Pod.
This end-to-end solution integrates products optimized for UC from the Dell end-to-end solution portfolio, including Dell PowerEdge Servers, Dell Storage, Dell Networking, Dell IT management software and end-user client devices, along with third-party gateways. As shown above, the reference architecture depicts a customer scenario that consists of one central site and one or more branch sites with all workloads. The primary component of this architecture is a Lync Server 2013 Enterprise Edition server pool with collocated Archiving and Monitoring Sever Components that serve different workloads. Apart from the Lync primary components, the architecture leverages virtual machines to deploy the Office Web App Server, Edge Server, reverse proxy, load balancer and enterprise voice connectivity using the third-party SBC. To verify the implementation, the Microsoft Lync Stress and Performance Tool was run with instant messaging, audio conferencing, video conferencing using multi-view, application sharing, and other workloads.
The Logitech CC3000e Video Conference bundle is the taking the video conference world by storm. Back in November, Microsoft announced that Lync would become Skype for Business, and that it would come with a new client experience, new server release, and updates in Office 365. Earlier this week, the company unveiled a technical preview of the Skype for Business client, so businesses can start trying it out and preparing for potential deployment. The company also announced Skype Room Systems, which utilizes a series of devices Microsoft has partnered with Polycom for.
Microsoft also has a new large-screen device called Surface Hub, which is designed specifically for Skype for Business. Features include rich presence, instant messaging, audio conferencing, and calling features, but surprisingly no VoIP or video conferencing. Also at time of writing there are some minor typos within the PowerShell commands – I’ve informed Microsoft that this needs updating.

I will however say that this process has become a lot more streamlined within Windows Server 2012, so I’d recommend (where possible) the deployment of both the ADFS (a service that can be added via 2012 Server Manager) and Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Tool (often referred to as “DirSync”) on this platform versus Windows Server 2008. One last note, if your tenancy has not been upgraded to Wave 15 (2013) you’ll need to hang fire – most at time of writing would have already been migrated. Enable Federation within your Office 365 tenancy (naturally you’ll need to be an admin to do this). Enable your Office 365 tenancy for split-domain, unfortunately this is the painful part whereby I can’t provide any magic PowerShell. Move your “chosen” Lync users into Lync Online, once your tenancy is enabled you can complete your mission and move users.
Quick question – Do we have to complete setting up Lync (including external dns records) for lync online for the domain prior to setting up split domain ?
Can you provide some more information so I can ask more specific questions to point them in the right direction?
Voice Mail Preview provides a text version of the audio recording you hear when you listen to your voice mail. There are two types: Voice mail messages that are recorded when you don't answer your phone   In these messages, the language that's used is determined by the caller's spoken language and whether the language supported (see the preceding list). In order to create meaningful text one needs quite a lot of accessories today – rich language, punctuation, creativity and decoration. At first, using regular emoticons (as you can see in the list here on Microsoft’s site) was enough to draw some attention. Use this Graphical guide to living the online social world to learn more, and use the tools in this site wisely! These workloads include instant messaging, presence, audio-video-Web Conferencing and enterprise voice. A Pod is a standardized configuration of the minimum server and storage resources sized to meet the solution requirements.
Based on the powerful, converged PowerEdge FX2s, the solution delivers high performance in a virtualized environment.
To provide for higher quality Enterprise Voice calls, a dedicated Lync Server 2013 Mediation pool is deployed. Please post your technical questions in the Support Forums or for direct assistance contact Dell Customer Service or Dell Technical Support.. Finally a cost effective and easy to use video conference system that allows flexibility and high quality conferencing from classrooms to corporate conference rooms.
While Lync already gave users instant messaging and Skype audio calling, the new offering would add video calling and the Skype user directory, so you can call any Skype user from any device.
The Skype for Business client, Skype for Business Server, and the new service in Office 365 will all start rolling out next month. You can video call anyone with a Skype ID, and productivity tools like email, calendar, and document collaboration are integrated. The two companies announced an expanded relationship, which will see Polycom solutions built for Skype for Business. Alas at time of writing this means a calling into Office 365 technical support, in my case it was reasonably straight forward and this process was complete within 24hrs. To make this happen you’ll need to enable PowerShell connectivity for Office 365, this is achieved by installing the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant (Download: here) – in my case I installed this on my Lync Front End.
We would like to move to a hybrid Lync 2013 split-domain configuration so we can maintain the 365 Lync accounts but use a local SIP gateway to make and receive phone calls.
The text is displayed in an e-mail message, and you can view it within Microsoft Office Outlook Web App, Outlook 2010, and in other e-mail programs.
For example, if an Italian-speaking caller leaves a voice message for you, the Voice Mail Preview text will appear in Italian. By decoration we mean ways to graphically enrich the text and make it more meaningful, more significant, smarter, funnier and more personal. All you needed was to add an image of a cute round face with a yellowish hue (with, or without, glasses or a moustach) and easily be the star of the evening. Type (mo) for example, and you’ll see a cute little image of two coins, symbol for money. Voila, listen carefully, this is how you can add more images and use them as little emoticon surprises in your IM client.
Providing these services on-premises gives IT greater control over performance and quality of service, which can be enhanced by the right design and building blocks. Initially, this solution starts with two Pods to cater 10,000 Lync users, and can scale up to six Pods to accommodate 60,000 users.

Dell Unified Communication Command Suite provides diagnostics and analytics for the Lync environment.
In this reference architecture, the Lync infrastructure connects to ITSP via a SIP trunk using a session border controller (SBC).
In addition, a SQL Failover Cluster is used to host the Lync Back End, archiving and monitoring databases. A thorough investigation was conducted using the design framework described in the reference architecture. Note: Once this is complete Lync-to-Phone is no longer available, this is a shame in my opinion and I hope to see this change. Is this option that is not available once the Office 365 tenancy for split-domain is enabled? The following examples show how Voice Mail Preview is displayed in Outlook Web App and Outlook 2010. However, if a Japanese-speaking caller leaves a message, no Voice Mail Preview text will be included with the message because Voice Mail Preview isn't available in Japanese.
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With this reference architecture, Dell provides an end-to-end UC solution for users at a central site with one or more branch office locations.
The configuration within each Pod in a deployed solution must remain the same as you add Pods to accommodate more users. A highly available UC solution is designed to keep in mind a single server failure or entire PowerEdge FX2s chassis level failure without any compromise with performance. Design principles, such as high availability, application performance and resource consolidation are verified as part of the study.
To be different, to add some spice to the conversation, you need to do much more than that. Hover over and squeeze your little mouse button over the image to the right to see more short-cuts.
Voice Mail Preview is included in the message body text of any e-mail program, including mobile phone programs. The language used for Voice Mail Preview text will be in the same language as the voice mail system. However, although you can use other e-mail programs to receive voice messages, Outlook and Outlook Web App provide a better experience. However, if a Japanese-speaking caller uses Outlook Voice Access to leave a message, no Voice Mail Preview text will be included with the message because Voice Mail Preview isn't available in Japanese.
For example, in Outlook 2010, if you click a specific word in the Voice Mail Preview text, the voice message will start to play at that word. Because the words and phrases in the Voice Mail Preview text are automatically indexed, your voice mail messages will appear in search results. In Outlook 2007 or later versions of Outlook or Outlook Web App in Exchange 2010, you can also use the Audio Notes field to add additional text about the voice message. Generally speaking, voice messages left by callers who don't speak too quickly or too softly and who don't have strong accents will produce more accurate sentences and phrases. The voice mail system determines a confidence level for each Voice Mail Preview included with a voice message.
The voice mail system measures how well the sounds in the recording were matched with words, numbers, and phrases. If the confidence level falls below a certain level, the phrase Voice Mail Preview (confidence is low) will be included above the Voice Mail Preview text. You may have a better experience with Voice Mail Preview when you don’t try to read the preview too carefully, word by word. Instead, look for names, phone numbers, and phrases such as “Call me back” or “I need to talk” that may provide clues regarding the purpose of the call. However, Voice Mail Preview can help you answer questions such as: Is this voice message related to my work? If your voice mail administrator has enabled Voice Mail Preview, you can use Outlook Web App or Outlook 2010 to turn it on or off. Although Voice Mail Preview settings are the same whether you're using Outlook 2010 or Outlook Web App, there are different ways you need to access them.

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