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I think that a common theme is emerging, all of these things are simple to do – take very little effort and can make such a great impact. That is the challenge of Christian love:  loving anyway, loving irrespective of , loving despite of.
Brooke Obie is the District Diva, an award-winning spiritual life blogger, writer and author living in a cool district in Manhattan. Very timely word of encouragement for the day and that is all I can say but perfect timing!
What better day to take on The Love Dare than the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Reach out to someone, forgive someone, lay down your life for someone as the Holy Spirit leads you and see how He will change your life, your heart, and the hearts of those around you. He is both the author and the ultimate example of the selfless love we are longing to possess and live out. And then walking out that understanding in our daily lives by loving others, sacrificing for them, providing for them, giving to them, despite how they treat us.
It is the acknowledgement that we never have and never will be able to deserve God’s love– He just gives it to us freely! That’s why we can still love and still give to each other, despite hurt feelings and betrayals because HE gives us overflow!

Please keep in mind, all work & photos on this blog, unless otherwise stated are copyrighted by Taush.O and may not be used without written permission. When our friends and family forsake us, it’s so that we can stand still and know where our help is really coming from!

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