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Long distance relationships can really be a shock to your system, particularly if your relationship didn’t start out that way.
If this is your first time in a long distance relationship, at first you’ll find yourself thinking, “This is easy!” You can text all the time (time zone permitting) and you Skype as often as possible. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Long Distance Relationship Tips Long Distance Relationship Tips Summation? When it comes to the better Long DistanceRelationship Tips to follow, think of love,commitment, honesty, transparency and awillingness to understand.? I’ve given out an awful lot of Long DistanceRelationship Tips in my time and the biggestmistake people make is not having patience. Long Distance Relationship TipsLong Distance Relationship Tips Survival (cont)List of the Top Long Distance Relationship Tips(continued):? When there’s distance, always keep yourloved one informed about your next contact? One of our recent forum membersreminded me the best of our long distancerelationship tips was to learn to chill out. Now I am beginning to think that I should just tell him to forget about it…and forget about him.
In love, we have to take risks.  If we really feel that the person we are with, close by or not, is the one we want to grow with, learn with and be happy with then why not take the plunge?! Sujeiry Gonzalez is the owner of LoveSujeiry Magazine and Host of LOVE Sujeiry on American Latino Radio on SiriusXM Ch 154 (M-F, 9pm-10pm EST).
You’re forced to confront very strong and serious emotions, feelings such as envy or insecurity. This is the honeymoon stage of the long distance relationship, where everything seems manageable. Your partner is far away from you, and it’s hitting you now that suddenly you can’t kiss them goodnight at the end of the date. Remember we’re dealing withdistance here? One important long distance relationship tipto always keep in mind is scheduling …. We met last year, and it began as a fling, except for the fact that he has most, if not all, of the characteristics and qualities I would want in a man.

I would now like to be his girlfriend, to make it official and be committed to him, however he is unsure. I told him that I am not asking him to marry me, move, or think about our future together, but he is still unsure.
It all depends on where you want it to go and who is willing to make the sacrifice to shorten the distance.  And lets face it. Not because I think he’s full of shit (most folks don’t have a full blown long distance relationship if they aren’t serious) but because it means he’s scared of committing fully.  Ok, he wants you to be his girlfriend and says he loves you, but deciding to commit to someone who is long distance eventually brings along the M word – marriage.
However, a long distance relationship, otherwise known as an LDR, will be the most rewarding relationship you’ve ever had.
The distance hasn’t hit you quite yet, as you still have fond memories playing in your head, and the promise of seeing them again is keeping you calm through the night. Instead of dinner and walks through the park, your dates are through a computer or phone screen. You’ll learn each other’s schedules, when the best time to talk is and how to navigate any potential time zones and hiccups. Although he claims that I am his ideal girl and that he cares for me just as much as I care for him, he says he needs to think about it–the distance and how this may affect us. Moving to another state, starting a new life in the name of love – it is a sacrifice.  A sacrifice that may or may not work.
The content creator, love guru and Rodan + Fields connector tells it like and believes women can do it and have it all – with the help of other women, self-confidence and self-awareness.
The person on the other end of the phone is worth the time zone difference, and seeing your significant other is worth every penny spent to see them and minute without them.
You made it to the best part of this relationship- that time with them that you’ve spent so long waiting for.

In May, he asked me to be his girlfriend, but I did not think that would be a good idea then.
But isn’t it terribly romantic (I’m truly thinking of Sleepless in Seattle now) either way? She has appeared on FYI, CNN Latino, Telemundo, BronxNet, The Madison Jaye Radio Show, and was also the Love Guru on Exitos 93.9FM on the Raq-C and Nachin show.
As a soon-to-be mommy and wife, driven career woman, entertaining radio show host, and influential Rodan and Fields connector, she shows women how happy and fulfilling life can be when you love yourself, follow your passions and never settle. It’s not that you don’t trust your partner, it’s just frightening and can cause some vulnerability at first.
You’ve weathered through the tough early stages of a long distance relationship, and you’re on your way to long-term success. So my final advice is to you is to do what my sister did who was also in a long distance relationship.
Long distance relationships require a great deal of trust, and it’s important to establish boundaries with your partner early while you’re ahead of the game. Her boyfriend just recently moved from Seattle to be with my sister in NY – big distance!  Before they took that step, however, my sister telecommuted for work 2 weeks out of the month for about 6 months.
This is the toughest stage of any LDR, and not to worry, it doesn’t stick around long.

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