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With the exception of a long distance relationship (which never work), breaking up with someone over the phone is one of the clearest signs you don’t want to interact with that person… ever.
You want to break up but you don’t want to deal with that long conversation or that pathetic sight afterwards. Get more stuff like this in your inboxJoin over a million subscribers in our community, and never miss another List25 article. In the history of hilarious iPhone autocorrect pranks, we’re not sure one has ever gone quite this well.

Either way, Makenzie’s hilarious tweets have earned her tens of thousands of retweets and favorites. No talking, no eye contact, no weird emotionally contorted faces about to cry; nope, just a callous, hollow phone call. You can be blunt by posting and tagging the new ex on a post that says you quit, you can simply change your status to “single” from “in a relationship”, or you can even unfriend and block the poor heartbroken unfortunate soul. But if you really want to be evil, just flaunt your life on the newsfeed and let the whole wide world (including the ex), know you’re better off single or with someone way better.

Fortunately for us, this list is not about that (how entertaining would 25 best ways to break up with someone be?). If you have ever done any of these 25 worst ways to break up with someone …you are officially a bad, bad, person (and we laugh at you).

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