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2014 ford mustang review rating - motor trend, 2014 ford mustang review ratings motor trend. Recently, the Florida First District Court of Appeal made a decision concerning the issue of an unconstitutional search and seizure. In this case, while on patrol the law enforcement officer observed a bright green Chevrolet driving in traffic. Changing the color of a vehicle is not illegal in the State of Florida and the State does not require an owner to report the color change to the DMV. The Court acknowledged any discrepancy between a vehicle’s plates and the registration may legitimately raise a concern that the vehicle is stolen or the plates were swapped from another vehicle. The decision by police officers to stop a vehicle is reasonable when the police have probable cause to believe a traffic violation has occurred.

The Appellate Court also acknowledged the lack of guidance for police officers in Florida’s case law concerning stopping a vehicle for innocent behavior on the part of the driver.
This entry was posted in Appellate Courts, Arrest, Arrested, Crimes, Criminal Law, Felony, Lawyer, Misdemeanor, New Trial, search and seizure and tagged 4th amendment, appeal, arrest, arrested, attorney, best criminal attorney, best lawyer, best st johns attorney, best st johns lawyer, best st. In this case, drugs were discovered in the defendant’s vehicle after he was pulled over because the color of his vehicle did not match the color indicated on his motor vehicle registration records.
The driver of the Chevrolet was obeying all traffic laws and the deputy did not observe any suspicious behavior. The defendant filed a motion to suppress the results of the stop as an unconstitutional search, arguing the color inconsistency alone was an insufficient basis to justify an investigatory stop. However, the Court must weigh that level of concern against a citizen’s right under the Fourth Amendment.
Probable cause to pull over a car exists when the facts known to the officer at the time would cause a reasonable person to believe a criminal offense has been committed. Ultimately, the Court determined color discrepancy alone does not warrant an investigatory stop and reversed the Defendant’s final judgment and sentence. Augustine, keeps you informed with blog posts discussing legal terms and Florida court cases that matter to you. Transport Management: A Self-Learning Guide for Local Transport Managers of Public Health Services.
However, does inconsistency in color alone constitute sufficient basis to support probable cause for an investigatory stop?

The deputy ran the license plate number through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Prosecutors argued the color inconsistency, despite being the result of innocent activity, represents potential illegal activity of making a false application on vehicle registration and therefore sufficient basis for an investigatory stop. At the very least, to justify a stop an officer must have an articulable and reasonable suspicion the driver violated, is violating, or is about to violate a traffic law. Upon learning the license plate was registered to a blue Chevrolet, the deputy pulled the vehicle over based only on the color inconsistency.  Upon interviewing the driver, the deputy was advised the vehicle was recently painted thus explaining the color inconsistency. However, during the stop, the deputy detected an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and conducted a search.
His search resulted in the driver’s arrest and subsequent conviction for trafficking in cocaine, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Please, see if you are eligible to read or download our An Introduction To Sustainable Transportation Policy Planning And Implementation content by creating an account. Multi-Modal Transportation Planning Victoria Transport Policy Institute 1 Conventional Transportation Planning Multi-modal planning refers to planning that considers.XI.
1 Introduction The governance and management of public transport systems is an essential component of metropolitan planning and urban management.

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