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When choosing books for children, keep in mind that they books they look at (or read, if they’re ready) and books you read to them should often be different. I have some toddler albums from The Montessori Foundation, and it was interesting to me as I researched these posts that their Practical Life album for toddlers was twice as thick as the language album for toddlers! What a great post – thanks for the suggestions and your tip that 18 months is about when concentration starts to build.
Copyright Reminder: All of our blog posts are copyrighted to Montessori for Everyone and are not available for use at websites, blogs, in newsletters, or anywhere else online or offline. This Mind Map touches on many (not necessarily all) of the outstanding suggestions and ideas presented in the book by Michael Gelb; a great book that I highly recommend. Many of the qualities seen in da Vinci can enrich your life and take your life experience to a whole new and wonderful level. Having a passion and discipline for self-education, prompts a curiosity for continued learning. This means a willingness to accept constructive criticism and having the capacity also to self-criticise, without punishing yourself for your failures. This calls for honest self-reflection and self-investigation to truly see your life direction ahead of you.
If it means that at the end of your search you do not have anything left, it presents you with a brilliant opportunity to start over and discover from scratch exactly what you do want. During the journey you can add rich life experiences and sample many different ideas, seek out new cultures, ways of thinking, tastes, opinions, beliefs; an endless list – try them all! You will know if what you try works or not on a deep level within; it will just feel right. The application of empowering and positive qualities or habits requires an ongoing dedication to move in the right direction and to know and recognise when you miss the target personally. Embracing uncertainty can become the norm once you have worked through fear and seen it as a mind created illusion.

Really see and experience your environment; become so immersed in the present moment that you truly begin to appreciate all of life. When immersed in the present you may discover that you actually start to enjoy tasks that you previously viewed as a chore or bind. I know that if you were to read it yourself, the messages for you may be totally different, as it offers much more than I have covered here.
I hope the Mind Map I have created will encourage you to read the book and make some positive changes to your own life.
They are thinking prompts – questions to use to explore a subject or project further and to expand your thinking. While at my house, she sat down in our classroom area and started asking questions about the materials.
Also, activities that increase or improve visual discrimination fall under toddler language. This game helps refine the sense of hearing – and you will notice that the more you do it, the better kids get at hearing very tiny sounds around them.
That’s because a child is able to understand books that are over their own reading level.
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Eye contact, nodding, small facial expressions and the occasional echoing of words are all examples of active listening. Language begins with auditory learning; children hear it spoken around them and start to connect words with ideas and things. When you read aloud, aim a little above where the child may be at when they look at books themselves.
Well, the funnel technique gives us a useful visual reference for thinking about questioning skills.

Sometimes it may be necessary to repeat or rephrase this question to give the appraisee more thinking time and further opportunities to raise information. But for a whole host of reasons it can be very challenging to stay focused and really listen to someone, particularly in a more formal discussion such as an appraisal. The usual Montessori language materials – movable alphabet, metal insets, Pink Series work – aren’t usually introduced until 3-6.
Since reading involves being able to translate sophisticated shapes (letters) into sounds and words, anything that helps refine a child’s visual skills is language-related.
The silence game will increase their receptiveness to oral directions, questions, and anything that is read aloud to them.
Working down the narrowing body of the funnel we use a series of probing questions to draw out further specific information and help complete the picture.
For one thing, it can be tempting to think ahead to what your next question is going to be. Closed questions then have their place to draw out, check or confirm specific pieces of information, or to get the appraisee to commit on a point more precisely. This then brings us to the bottom of the funnel where we clarify, using a short summary, what we have got out of the discussion, aiming to check our understanding of the main points. The solution to this takes the form of what is termed a€?active listeninga€™ and we can use the acronym LISTEN to gain some useful guidance on this.

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