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According to Professor Toni Krasnic, author of the newly released book Concise Learning, students need to stop studying and start learning. Obama’s comments signal a shift toward encouraging students to take responsibility for their learning and away from placing that responsibility solely on parents and teachers.
In addition to learning how to learn and think critically, students need to develop other skills critical to their success in life – what Krasnic calls “skills of success.” These include self-management, productivity, communication, career, and social skills, as well as more “mental” skills, such as problem solving and creativity. The good news is that learning how to learn and acquiring success skills lie within the reach of any student willing to practice and apply a positive mindset.
Subscribe to the free, monthly (1st of each month) Student Success Newsletter and qualify to win a free copy of Concise Learning (monthly winner). DropMind is a great visual mapping software (desktop and web) that works on all platforms and offers simultaneous collaboration, allowing users to work on the same map and chat in real time with friends and colleagues. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Students need to accept that, ultimately, they are responsible for their own learning and success.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called education “the most pressing issue facing America,” and in September 2009 at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va. A former professor of chemistry with nearly a decade of college-level teaching experience at both two-year and four-year institutions, he is a trusted voice on learning and student success.
For a chance to win your free copy, join us on Concise Learning Facebook and share your visual maps, experience with visual mapping, and ideas on the use of visual mapping in education and personal life. President Obama called on students to assume responsibility for their own education, to “develop the talents, skills and intellect” required to “help solve our most difficult problems.” Duncan’s statement and President Obama’s directive reflect the growing awareness that the traditional “3Rs” of education – reading, writing, and arithmetic – are not enough to hold 21st century students in good stead.
If you're not a mind mapper yet, tell us about the biggest problems you face with information management in education. The sounds, music and gameplay have all been improved in both camera angles, special effects, and graphics. Albeit a web browser game I'm not expecting mega detail but with that in mind it seems to be a very well executed game on those merits alone.
But in League of Angels 2 certain angels can remain in that position or be part of your general combat lineup as well.

When you've collected a full set you can upgrade a char to the next tier and start seeking the next set of prisms. Unlike League of Angels 1 in its early days Heroes can wield more than a singular skill and have up to 3 skills and unlocks as they are augmented past certain tiers. Recruiting Heroes is pretty similar to League of Angels 1 as you'll have to seek out fragments and get a certain amount before you can summon a particular hero into your party But you can also recycle away your heroes for fragments or shards or currencies to purchase other heroes, the same with equipments. Though the game does have a Battle Rating system and diamond functions I'd suggest only pitting yourself against those in a similar tier or spending fashion. The game's story seems to have a bit more of an impact than the first and is presented in a better fashion than in League of Angels 1. I definitely like the slow-motion effects on deaths of greater enemies in the story missions and adds to immersion.

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