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Create or join an online community to share your stories and expertise and learn from others. Collective leadership is an emerging approach to leadership development that received national attention as the focus of a multi-year foundation initiative led by IC staff and partners.
We are working on applications of computer vision and machine learning for real robots using a developmental approach to create object concepts. We are working in this area in the frame of the MACSi ANR project with collegues of INRIA FLOWERS, ISIR and GOSTAI . SSDIa€™s mission is to partner with clients to build Commitment, Capabilities and Competencies to solve Business challenges and achieve sustainable higher growth and results.
With anything in life, if you want to master a skill, it takes time, commitment, dedication and grit. Mentor – I have found it very useful to find mentor’s within your network and aspirational mentors outside of your network. Read – There is a lot of literature out their on leadership, some of it good some of it bad. Start with The End – If management is to cut the trees down to make a path in the forest. In boasting about their new Ascend Mate, Huawei noted again and again just how easy it was to use with one hand. The camera situation is equally impressive, with a 5MP front shooter complimented by a 13MP rear shooter.
In speaking of their software features to help with battery life, Huawei has done some interesting things. Huawei is also noting their Ascend mate 2 will work on all bands, and will be available for use in the US.
Use these people to identify key attributes that you connect with and determine to be crucial to their success. Having the drive to seek out the lessons and advice from this literature and people gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself what is good and bad.

In their move from a device maker for the stars to a device maker for the people, Huawei did what they’d always done — and we liked — but put their name on it. It’s slimmer, and Huawei is quick to point out they have the most screen coverage on their device than many top competitors.
Like some before them, you can do things like dock the keyboard on one side, and the skinny bezels help as well. The Emotion UI does take a bit of a learning curve for those who haven’t used it before, but Huawei feels theirs is better than Android. They allow for deeper control of background activity, and have a neat way to allow apps to launch on screen wake, and conversely choose which are allowed to run when the screen is off.
So far, the most impactful book on leadership in my personal and professional life – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders, by Steven Covey. Alternatively and more figuratively, If you are working your way up the corporate ladder, you better make sure the ladder is leaning against the right wall.
And the American Express foundation is offering non profits leaders this excellent resource.
The Ascend Mate, the phone many consider the first “phablet”, helped to raise awareness to the brand, and ruffled a few feathers in the process. Huawei CEO Richard Yu said rather matter-of-factly “Android is complicated” before noting how they felt their Emotion UI was simpler and easier, like iOS. To quell our fears, there is a 4,500mAh battery on board, the biggest we’ve seen in any phone. Called "Permission Manager", the service allows for things like background applications to be limited, and the usual suspects like screen brightness are also there. Though they have decided to remove themselves from the US market, they haven't forgotten it.
Like any other trait, leadership is something you have to work on, educate yourself on and put into practice everyday. American Express Foundation is set to launch Leaderosity, in partnership with Presidio Institute.

With the Ascend Mate 2, Huawei is at it again, and bringing the same energy and focus that made our heads turn the first time.
A smart plan, considering the new focus for Huawei, which is to mitigate the perception of larger devices. That’s subjective, and while we’re not turned off by Emotion, we’re not ready to say it’s better than Android part and parcel. They’ve gone the travelled route of bringing new camera features to the device as well, like a panoramic selfie mode and sound with pictures.
Huawei is quick to point out that between the massive battery and software innovations, their Ascend Mate 2 can last about 3.5 days under “normal use”. They’ve made the screen from low temperature poly silicon, which they note is 20-30% more power efficient. Even more welcoming is the fact that the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 is capable of charging your current device with it’s reverse charging capabilities. We really like the pano-selfie (our tag, not theirs), but a talking picture is a bit intrusive for our taste.
Thinking about what type of leader you are and what type of leader you aspire to be like is crucial. Yeah, it was actually pretty simple, even without the bells and whistle features like keyboard docking.
By knowing yourself in this way and knowing where you want to be enables you to find the right path.

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