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VideoTwo-thirds of the planet’s inhabitants are expected to live in cities by 2050, up from 50% in 2014.
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Online ads, magazine blurbs, and TV commercials teach us to always be looking to buy the latest hot items. The world says, “Get get get!” God says, “Give Give Give!” God wants us to use our money and possessions to build His Kingdom, not make ourselves rich.

In this lesson, through the story of The Rich Young Ruler, the children will learn all about how we don’t need to store up treasures on Earth. Customer service departments probably aren’t the funnest places to work, so when Rob from Tesco customer care received a complaint from customer Wes Metcalfe recently, he must have been pleasantly surprised by the message he found.
It all started when Metcalfe did some grocery shopping at a Tesco in Dinnington, Sheffield.
And why not since both have commonalities in terms of fear, anxiety, confidence and risk taking. Close to 90% of the increase will be concentrated in Asia and Africa, according to a report published two years ago by the United Nations.

If we love our money and possessions more than God, we will find nothing but trouble for ourselves.
Realizing that there was a rather flat (and rather dead) worm inside the plastic wrapper of his cucumber, he wrote to Tesco to complain. When you leave your child in our hands on Sunday mornings, we are not providing a simple babysitting service, but a place where each child can grow in his or her own faith walk.

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