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Dan bought me a blender for Christmas so I could start getting my daily dose of green drinks.
After much research I personally chose the Nutri-Bullet, for all my reasons mentioned above. While researching, I found a couple of top of the line Cadillac blenders, so if you can afford the investment you may want to check this website out: Simple Green Smoothies.
I also saw this helpful graphic on 100 Days of Real Food which was originally created by Simple Green Smoothies, as mentioned above. Another super helpful tip is to add your leafy greens and water (or preferred liquid) first and blend.
Green drinkJanuary 9, 2014 at 4:32 AMLast month I went to my local Organic Market and they told me that this green juice was probably the best, so I bought it. This is part 1 of the 2 part series on how to save money on various operating expenses in your business. The auto shut off faucets I bought from Amazon, if you want to see see them, click Here and it will take you to Amazon so you can take a look at them. In today's episode, we will talk about how you can make a few rather simple changes in operation expense and pick up an extra 1k a month. There is another way you can make more money without boosting your sales, and that is what I want to talk about today, which is by reducing your expenses, so if you saved money on your operational expenses, it goes directly to your bottom line profit right? Okay, there are two major ways we can make our business lean, mean and a great money making machine. Fixed costs are exactly what the name says they are fixed they don't change month to month or by how much your sales grow. When we are trying to save and make 1k a month, I know your rent and other fixed costs are not something we can touch or shrink so let's not worry about it. These are also the expenses that can make majority of the savings and that is what we will be talking about today but first let me share a case study of one of our own stores and how we saved over $1500 each month.
This store is about 3500 sqft and has a decent size deli restaurant in it, as you can imagine anytime a store has deli the utility cost usually go very high because of the all the cooking equipment that run every day not to mention all the heat those machines and display cases produce.
Now in those 42 fixtures each had 4 bulbs in it so all together we had 168 bulbs, but I bought only 100 because the supplier showed us we should only put 2 bulbs in each fixture and not 4 as that would be an over kill since just two LED bulbs can produce more light than 4 of those old fluorescents could do.
I hired an electrician, and all he had to do is bypass the ballast on each of those fixtures and install 2 bulbs on each, it took him 4 hours and I paid him $350 to get it all done. On the outside canopy we had 14 big light fixtures (like most gas station canopies have), and I think they each use 450 watts of power, the supplier offered me those canopy lights for $325, each only uses 100 watts of power and my electrician offered $45 to install each, so to get them replaced It would cost $5180, I took the plunge and told them to go ahead and do it. After all the work was done in total we spent $6730 and achieved two things, a good savings and a brighter and shinier look. But around the same time we had to get some AC work done by a company who after finishing their work made some recommendations based on his observations. 5.Add two good quality pedestal fans in the kitchen and behind the counter so the air will move and circulate better and make the store feel cooler.
The cost was mostly to add two fans to the attic which was around $850 so again altogether his bill was around 1k.
So if you don't want to spend the money on LED conversion now, don't, instead make these small changes and see a difference next month.
Next I called my handyman, I am sure if you are in gas station business you too have a guy that can do lot of minor repair work. The I looked at our phone bills and with internet and 3 phone lines we were paying almost $300 a month, I took a deal from the local cable company and brought their internet for $55 a month and had AT&T to drop the internet service and went from 3 phones lines to to just two phone lines and the bill from AT&T is now around $118 a month so by changing the service we are now saving $116 each month. Next I had both water heaters checked for temp setting and found out both were set around 145 degree F temp when the local health dept only requires is to be around 120 degree F, and since both of the water heaters ran on gas, just by adjusting the temp our natural gas bill dropped by $159 again not bad . 1.Get your handyman to check for all doors to see if there are gaps, if there are, have him close them as cold air leaks out, and hot air gets in through any doors and windows that are not properly closing. 2.Check your faucets bathroom flush system, see if there are water leaks, also decide if you want to change to auto shut off faucets or not. 4.Check your attic if you have one and make sure you have enough exhaust and ventilation there, if not install some fans. 9.Look through your phone bills, Trash pickup service bills and call up some of their competitors and see what they are offering. 10.Lastly if you can afford to spend the money go for all LED conversion, if not get just the inside of the store done which is not a lot of money and you make that back in just a few months.
Now if these 10 items each can save you $100 average, you will at least save $1000 a month ,just as I mentioned at the start of this show. One word of caution, you may find LED bulbs that cost a fraction of what I said I paid, but remember not all bulbs are created equal, sometimes you get what you pay for.
Next episode will the part 2 of this show, in that show I will discuss how to save money by controlling theft and errors, so be on the look out for it. Email time and today I will only answer one email which will cover three similar emails I received in last few weeks all of them were about EMV upgrade.
EMV stands for Euro pay, MasterCard and Visa aka EMV, is a global standard for authenticating credit and debit card transactions that involve chip-compatible cards and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. I believe at first there was a deadline which was October 30th, but not sure if every brand is following that. Fast Show was making a comeback, its last outing was way back in the 90s a time of TVs, New Labour opptimism and Noel Gallagher wishing Blur contracted AIDS.
In today's world Noel Gallagher is now mates with Damon Albarn, no one has any money, or a TV, and everyone wants to be the first to share something on a social network. We tapped into this furvor for 'sharing' by launching the new Fast Show episodes via Fast Share. If fans shared an epsiode within an hour of them going live, they unlocked an exclusive ‘backstage area’ with access to previously unseen Fast Show footage, including bloopers, cast interviews and additional sketches.
Wouldn’t you want a website that nurtures sales, converts visitors to leads, leads to customers, customers to repeat business and gives you a steady stream of income? Website architecture is an approach to the design and planning of websites which, like architecture itself, involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria of a web presence.
Good web architecture begins with specific business goals and a target audience and guarantees that each element of your site compels visitors to take specific actions. Basically, website architecture is the floor plan of how your site is built: how the pages and categories will be connected and how your navigation will lay out the information to your readers.
Think of your visitors are the life blood of your website, where the blood vessels make up the site architecture and how pages link to one another. Better the architecture, greater the find-ability of information and the flow of readers between pages and categories. There are 4 core components of website architecture that would ensure the highest conversion rate and ready elements for design & development and content writing professionals to work upon. The first step for a powerful online presence, strong website architecture & business web presence is right keywords and meaningful content. Using proper keywords that people use to search you help with navigation, content and on-page optimization. Plus, Matt Cutts from Google recommends use of words and phrases that people are searching with. Keeping in mind everything, the first step should deliver a set of most profitable terms, longtail terms and competitive terms to be used by content developers. Good navigation is critical for both users and the search engines, by putting the most relevant content in front of users and reducing the number of clicks to find it. A proper design flow helps users to find what they are looking for, whilst also driving them into your sales funnel. A good website information architecture should help users to achieve their immediate goals. The best site architecture helps people to get from the homepage to the deepest level of content within 3 clicks to retain the website users’ interest as well as maximum link juice.

Here you can see how a poor architecture makes navigation difficult and prevents the pages at the bottom of the structure lay orphan and influencing the search engine rankings negatively.
A properly designed website can increase the conversion rate, happy users and the search rankings in the SERPs. If aesthetics is backed up by solid concept and functionality factors (such as Calls to Action and landing pages), then a website become a conversion machine. An effective CTA design predicts readers’ wants, needs and objections and streamlines the user flow to increase conversions. Each page of your website should aim to answer these questions, which means you must reassure visitors that they came to the right place. Usability is more of post-architecture step which streamlines the process as much as possible to ensure that once someone has decided to take an action, it’s very easy to follow through. Landing pages make one major component of strong architecture and successful online presence. Good design and functionality comes with a wireframe, which is similar to an architectural blueprint. Wireframing stage also allows the business owner as well as designing team to discuss the practicality of the concept, which includes visuals, color scheme, flow of information, placement of items such as photos, graphics, text, videos, navigation etc. Before we get into details of content structure, the key to a successful business, website & conversion is Unique Value Proposition. Within 3 seconds of arrival, your page must reveal your business value proposition that includes the offer, benefits & proof. Personas are created from market research and demographics and allow us to find different ways to relate to our audience.
One of the smart steps is to create scenarios of how users might use our website and try to walk through the steps the visitor would take. A good site architecture ensures that people find what they’re looking – usually through a sequence of smaller steps that together creates the entire user experience.
Once we understand how users behave on your website, we can optimize the entire flow through your pages. If you check your website and the analytics, see if your prospects searching for more information? Hopefully, by now you realize the value of website architecture in your online presence and marketing strategy. Put your website in the hands of true professionals that not only have a solid understanding of usability and web development tools, but also can leverage marketing trends, online buying patterns and everything else involved in the design and maintenance of a website. Sunita Biddu helps business owners & startups make more revenues and reputation using best practices in social media and blogging. I’d be happy to see if this can help as many people as possible Thanks for being a regular reader. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. International Shipping - items may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value.
Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on international trade.
By clicking Confirm bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. And no matter what your destination may be, you wouldn't dream of heading off into that jungle without a well-defined vision of where you're going, and carrying the sharpest machete to clear your path, now would you?
With machete as metaphor, Turn Your PC Into a Lean, Mean Freelancing Machine will show you how to hone your resources and cut a clear swath through that media jungle to the freelance writing career of your dreams. Freelance writer and graphic artist Celeste Heiter is a 23-year resident of the Napa Valley. Simply share this product with your friends and family and earn affiliate revenue for every purchase made.
Ries’ doctrine of minimal waste and maximum results complements the spirit of the Startup Weekend Events, which is why it is recommended for participants. The goal of the Lean Startup Approach is to eliminate waste: wasted money, wasted time, wasted energy.
Traditionally, product development follows the waterfall method, in which the initial idea is put through a linear step-by-step process. Rather than working in a vacuum until a complex and fully-formed product emerges, the Lean Startup very quickly produces a product with the bare minimum requirements- to see how it fairs in the marketplace with real consumers. Since Lean Startups begin by launching a very basic product, the initial development requires much less time, and theoretically, less time is wasted on features that the customer doesn’t want. Do you think the Lean Startup Model would be effective, or is classic product development a better bet? This entry was posted in Technovation and tagged Agile, Agile Method, angel investor, build, business, business growth, company growth, computer, cutting edge, data, engagement, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Eric Ries, Facebook, feedback, ideas, Information Technology, Innovation, Lean Startup, learn, measure, NE Computer Solutions, Product Development, Product Development Methodology, products, social network, software development, Successful Business, Technology, VC, venture capitalist, wasteful, Waterfall, waterfall versus agile. This session is all about how to be creative and reduce all your utility bills and bringing your operating cost down and making your business run lean, mean and as a money making machine it should be. This is a book about decisions you make every day can shape your destiny for the better or for worse depending on what and how you decide.
Well, so two ways you can increase your profit, one by increasing sales and 2nd by reducing your expenses. One by reducing operating cost or expenses and second by reducing theft and employee errors. It's not like we can go the landlord or the bank and say hey I am trying to cut down on operating expenses so can you reduce my rent by 1k a month, please? As for the inside lights, we had 42 typical fluorescent light fixtures, and each of those fixtures had 4- 48inch bulbs and each bulb are around 40 watts, so each fixture is consuming 160 watts of power. What I did here is most fixtures got 2 bulbs but only a handful got 4 because I wanted some areas to be brighter than others, areas like right on top the cooler doors, over the deli case, coffee area and around the checkout counter.
Though I knew we would be saving money but wasn't sure really how much until I got the power bill the following month. But after we implemented these changes I did see my power bill go down by about another $400. I called around and found a company that offered me 1-8 yard container with twice a week pick up for $235 which is $62 less than what I was paying.
Patel, and Ken all of them asked how soon they have to get EMV update on their POS system and how much that can cost. I’m talking about turning your website into a lean, mean money-making machine that speaks to your site visitors confidently on your behalf – once you implement a good website architecture. You don’t have to worry about ordering your files (pages) if you only have a few of them. As in traditional architecture, the focus is properly on the user and on user requirements. For compelling & SEO optimized content development strategy, you need the targeted keywords that your customers are already using to find solutions to their problems.
A professional web architect should be able to provide keyword research and analysis as part of their service, to help your website rank high through quality organic content. It makes sense to make your website talk in their language instead of flowery vocabulary and industry jargons. The competitive terms are used in an intuitive manner like the navigation and information architecture of your website.
You need to know why they’re here, how you can communicate with them effectively and how to solve their problem.

Moreover, these pages may not receive the desired traffic even if created well which makes them dead pages. The shorter the distance between the homepage and the deepest content layer, the more link juice and SEO authority is preserved which is taken care at a flat information structure.
This step of website architecture helps users find exactly what they need with seamless navigation, categories, search, etc. Whether your CTA is a button, a form or a link – all CTAs are supposed to do one thing: create seamless conversion paths that encourage content consumption toward a conversion. For users to become engaged with the website in least possible time (3-5 seconds), you must take a big problem and cut it to a specific action. Calls to actions should be tested by showing them to small groups of people and asking them to take the desired action.
Basically, it allows the design and development team to layout the information hierarchy of a website’s purpose according to how you want users to consume the information.
Once we’ve laid out the strategy, it’s time to develop content that will lead prospects through our website, from the first landing page to the final purchase and re-purchase. To nurture and convert our audience, we need to create 3-D contextual and timely content that stimulates user engagement.
This is confidently done by good SEO professionals with a strong understanding of UX & conversion oriented designs.
However, when we expect $$$$$ you’re your business, we ought to pamper our website with appropriate strategy and planning. The online competitive market is not going to become easier so now is the right time to develop a solid site architecture that sells. She has helped several businesses grow multifold in her industry experience of over 9 years. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount.
You are probably visiting this website because you want to set yourself up for freelancing success. We only use your email to create an affiliate tracking account so we can pay you directly via PayPal. Since Startup Weekend Hartford will be held in less than a month (September 23rd through 25th) at the Hartford Public library, I decided to give a brief overview about what a “Lean Startup Is,” how this is different from the classic formula, and what business experts are saying about Ries’ approach. After finishing the entire process, if there is a kink or a problem, the developers return to step one. The product is constantly altered based upon this feedback, so rather than halting leaps forward, it rapidly and fluidly evolves into a product that consumers want. Because the interaction with consumers is nearly immediate, there’s a faster opportunity for profit. This book guides you with easy-to-use, step-by-step operating system allows you to multiply your success, chart your progress, and achieve any desire. If you like, you can go to my blog and see the list under podcast 11 show notes, this way you don't have to write anything down now.
One, of course, huge savings on the power bill and 2nd the improvement on appearance especially at night.
Now I am sure you will agree spending $1000 one time to save $400 each month is a great deal.
But there was one extra benefit to having your trash picked up twice a week I didn't know at the time, the flies, bugs and the bad odor around the dumpster outside was gone. Cheap LED lights can lose their brightness in just about a year, so do some research before buying.
As for cost it is hard for me to say exactly how much, but I have heard numbers in between 5-12K depending on how much of an upgrade you need.
But what if you have hundreds of thousands of files – wouldn’t it make sense to find a way to categorize them so you can retrieve them later more efficiently? This requires particular attention to web content, SEO friendly concept, conversation rate optimization, usability, interactive design, information architecture, landing page optimization and web design. They are build around beautiful colors and graphics, rather than a practical simple concept for each business. Once visitors perceive a site as being trustworthy, they will not only be more likely to use it but also share it in their social networks to bring more brand traction.
Re-evaluate your Calls to Action and marketing communication to make sure that what you’re asking users to do is highly precise and specific. Unclear or huge Calls to Action alienate people who would be ready to take small steps into your sales funnel.
Hiring a professional SEO consultant & website architect might be the wisest decision you could make for your business. She loves to enjoy salsa evenings or capture moments with her camera when she is away from her laptop.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. You want to equip yourself with every available tool, and utilize every possible advantage in this competitive market. Eric Reis, the book’s author, has taken the spirit of agile methodology one step further, and is creating some major waves within the ongoing discussion about what makes businesses successful. Proponents of the Lean Startup prefer a more cyclical method, in which there is a constant exchange of feedback and ideas, and consumers help to guide the development of the product. Facebook grew organically, the initial product was simple and features were added over time to fill the customer’s needs.
I will tell you what we did in this store is little too much, and you may not want to do all the changes we did; as we spend I think it was little over $6500 to achieve these savings but to me that was money well spend. I searched and found a local LED light supplier who sources directly from China and bought 100 48 inch LED bulbs. I am sure you all have seen some of the new gas stations or other businesses with all LED lights inside and out, and how beautiful and shiny they all look. For effective search engine optimization it is necessary to have an appreciation of how a single website relates to the World Wide Web. No doubt, you believe the way to go about achieving your goal is via the latest in electronic devices and media.
Thus, as the New York Times points out, Lean Startups depend on smaller sums of money for initial investment, and might be sustained by a few hundred thousand dollars from an angel investor rather than millions from venture capitalists. Ries explains “most technology start-ups fail not because the technology doesn’t work, but because they are making something that there is not a real market for” (as quoted in the New York Times).
These bulb looks exactly like the fluorescent ones and fits the same wayin the existing fixtures, but they are LED inside, so they only burn about 10-12 watts of power but puts out much brighter lights. Ideally, each page of your website should as special as your homepage to be a powerful landing page. This step of architecture focuses on developing content that address each of these stages of the buying cycle and we’ll have happy visitors that will become our trusted advocates. I was surprised to see the difference in brightness at night inside store, it simply looked beautiful like the store had a nice makeover.

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