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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. As protestors continued to rage against corporate greed by occupying the streets of downtown New York, a few miles uptown an audience is buzzing in Fordham Law School’s McNally Theatre.
Professor Rosenbaum directs our attention to the double doors across the room, from where we can now see the burly and imposing figure of Oliver Stone. Just a few weeks prior to the release of Wall Street, Ivan Boesky, a titan of the time, was taken down for insider trading. A decade later, another area of lax federal securities oversight would be exposed, with the spectacular failures of WorldCom and Enron. The Occupy movement has taken up the mantra “We are the 99 percent!” But Oliver Stone, touched on that theme first, in a speech Gordon Gekko gives to his young protege as they look out the window of a high-rise office tower at the financial world they control. While the ruling did not disturb the ban against direct contributions to candidates, corporations and unions may now donate unlimited amounts to political action committees, which will then be used to support various causes and candidates.
I love this movie (the original, not the sequel) and couldn’t make it to the event ( I think I remember it was sold out).
Legal As She Is Spoke is an online project of the Program in Law and Journalism at New York Law School.
Last year, LASIS reporter Halina Schiffman-Shilo wrote about her experiences with the UN from Arusha, Tanzania. Living in the physical world, we need a combination of vision, dreams and follow up with action.Without action, faith is futile.
Subconscious Action cannot be planned by your conscious mind, because it comes from guidance from your subconscious or superconscious mind.
The conditions you are experiencing in your life now are the contents in your subconscious mind pushed out. If a man’s subconscious mind believes in Lack, he can only perceive and experience Lack in his outer world.
But in fact, caffeine tends to create hypertension, hyperactivity and most importantly it creates restlessness. If you would like to learn to go into a deeper state than Alpha, you can learn to go into Delta, which is even more powerful.
There you have it, these are the 5 easy things you can do to improve your mind and manifesting skills. Within a few days, a young male international student called me, expressing interest to inspect the apartment. After he left, I reconsidered it and thought $200 per week was a bit low, considering I owned all the furniture in the apartment, and I had paid a lot of money on the security bond to the agent to secure the lease.
On Thursday, I decided I should renegotiate with him when I meet him again that night, to try to get the original rent I advertised for.
He continued, “I spoke with my mum yesterday on the phone about renting this room, and she told me to pay you the rent you originally asked for, to include the utility bills in the rent. When you train your mind to function at a deeper state, you can make your intents manifest at a shorter interval of time.
It was the year 2005, when I first moved to Sydney to work, I was temporarily renting a room from a girl who needed someone to fill in one of her empty room in her apartment. But in the morning of the following day, when I informed Carol’s boyfriend that I have kept my part of the bargain to find a tenant to take over my lease, I asked him to confirm if he would be keeping his end of the bargain by returning my full security bond of 2 weeks rent. That night, after I moved my things out of the apartment, I went back to the apartment to get my bond back from Carol’s boyfriend.
It was a voice I heard internally, as though my subconscious was giving me direct instructions what to do. The next day, Carol phoned me and she was very apologetic for her boyfriend’s bad behaviour, told me she would return the bond money to me herself. If you recall the instruction that I gave to my subconscious, to synchronise the sequence of events so that I would get my full bond money back from Carol boyfriend who was intending to break his promise to return it to me. The Conscious Mind is the part of our mind that is doing the logical present moment thinking and analysis. The Subconsious Mind on the other hand is whatever thoughts, information, memory, emotions in our mind that we are not consciously aware of at this moment.
In reality, there is a faint line of distinction between using our conscious and subconscious mind. In future blog entries, I will relate several experiences of mine where I used my Subconscious to find lost objects, get job offers, make money and achieving goals.
If you want to learn more about The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, check out the books below. If you are interested to learn more about the power of your subconscious mind, I recommend books by Dr Joseph Murphy, who writes extensively about the workings of our subsconscious throught his life. Dr Murphy has taught thousands of people how to use their Subconscious Mind to achieve their goals. Secret Techniques Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination Change your life with these 12 Powerful Advanced Techniques now! Blog sponsorship and banners Contact us if you wish to place a link or banner advertisement to your site or to sponsor this blog. Miscellaneous sections consist of everything else that is not included in our other categories of Wallpapers; from animals, cities, and destinations, to the tallest buildings in the world, most incredible architecture, brands and much, much more. I Am a Money Magnet Inspirational Wallpapers Count Your Blessings Daily Feelings Inspirational Wallpapers There is always something to be thankful for I Am a Money Magnet Cheque Plant Good Thoughts Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Count Your Blessings Hallelujah The Power Of Positivity Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Positive Quotes Inspirational Wallpapers The Secret Living the Secret - Walt Disney Inspirational Wallpapers Soulmate Invitation Positive Quotes Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Living the Secret - Walt Disney Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Soulmate Invitation Inspirational Wallpapers The Secret Positive Quotes Positive Quotes Think Positive Living the Secret - Walt Disney Living the Secret - Walt Disney Living the Secret - Walt Disney Leonardo Woman Everything is Energy Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers The Secret Soulmate Invitation Soulmate Invitation Soulmate Invitation Soulmate Invitation Open your dreambox Reach for the Sky Love Magnet I Am a Money Magnet the_secret_logo Inspirational Wallpapers Make a Wish and Dare to Dream Inspirational Wallpapers Never Give Up Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers The Secret I Am a Money Magnet The Secret Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers The Secret Soulmate Invitation The Secret wallpaper Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Changing the world, a positive thought at a time Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Believe in the beauty of your dreams - My wedding gown Love is Coming to Me Now Spread Positive Thoughts Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Positive Thinking I do Believe in Magic Count Your Blessings Count Your Blessings Daily If you see it in your mind,you're going to hold it in your hand The Secret Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers The Secret Soulmate Invitation Soulmate Invitation Soulmate Invitation I Am a Money Magnet Believe in Yourself Inspirational Wallpapers Inspirational Wallpapers Soulmate Invitation Where Hope Blossoms Galloping Horses Fall in Love with Yourself Live Your Dreams Inspirational Wallpapers Start Believing! A large projection screen has faded to black at the end of the iconic 1980’s film that gave a face to corporate greed, Wall Street. Then the Martha Stewart scandal, which was nothing more than a rehashing of old age Wall Street tactics, almost quaint in their simplicity.  While the media was busy feeding daily images of Ms.
Stone’s inspiration for the name “Gordon Gekko” dates back to his years serving in Vietnam where he remembers seeing these “reptilian, but also friendly” animals. Stone portrays Gekko as a master of the universe, controlling the markets and manipulating them in his favor.
All the speculation and hedging going on was both not easily understood, and perfectly legal. The 2012 election cycle is expected to see the most money spent both directly and indirectly in campaign history, with much of it coming from Wall Street.
Stone’s 2010 version of Bud Fox, a young and entrepreneurial type played by Shia LaBeouf, asks his hedge fund boss Bretton James what his number is, how much it would take for him to walk away. She's back in the urban jungle now, and is examining human rights abuses here at home, by district attorneys against innocent defendants.
Dreams, visions, goals, they are a glimpse of a future possibility that exists as a potential in you.

When such guidance seep into your conscious mind, you find a natural hunch to do something or say something. The more Deliberate Conscious Action you take, the stronger a message you’re sending to your subconscious about what you want to achieve. If he is experiencing abundance and wealth, it means his subconscious thoughts are those of abundance and wealth at the moment.
In ancient times, the subconscious is called The Female Aspect, while the conscious is The Male Aspect. If you are not used to taking caffeine, and you drink a cup of coffee right before bedtime, you will know what I mean.
For example, you can think a positive thought or give an instruction to your subconscious mind 20 times in Beta, and it will not compare to giving that same instruction to your subconscious mind JUST ONCE in Alpha.
I have been training myself to go into Delta state by using a very powerful training program which I highly recommend to anyone who wishes to improve their manifesting skills. There are of course others, but for today’s short blog article, I think these 5 will ge enough to get you started. In 2005 when I moved to Sydney for work, I got the lease to my first rental apartment with 2 rooms, which I attracted by using my imagination (the story of how I got it was revealed in an earlier blog entry).
That night he came and he was the type of person that fitted my criteria for a good tenant.
I met him on the main street to pass him the keys and to collect his deposit money (he was scheduled to move in on that Saturday). My subconscious mind synchronized the result, by getting his mum to tell him what I was mentally telling him. When you have learned how to enter into that deeper state of concentration, you can give your subconscious an instruction and it will be carried out to the letter for you – in a very mysterious way.
Her name was Carol and her boyfriend rented the apartment for her, while he lived in another apartment.
My hunch told me that he was playing some game and would not be keeping his end of the bargain. Then I remembered, a day earlier, when the British backpacker expressed interest to move in, Carol’s boyfriend asked for bond money ( amounting to 2 weeks rent) from him.
I then told her I still had the British tenant’s bond money which was more than my own bond, and I would return to her the difference. As the events unfolded, he developed temporary amnesia about the bond money that he asked me to collect from his new tenant on his behalf, thereby indirectly leading me to get hold of the bond money that he owed me. Your subconscious mind can do wonders, it can protect you from dishonest people and make things right.
Many authors and researchers like to think of our Subconscious mind as the storehouse of our mind. Riding a bicycle may seem like a conscious act, but the automatic balancing of the bicycle is in fact a subconscious automated reaction gained from past experience and learning. Yet aside from keeping our bodily functions running, it has no discretion and  direction of its own in terms of what you want to achieve in life.
We know that sooner or later this section will become so broad that we’ll have to split it into multiple sections in order to make it easier for you to find and enjoy all the positivity of those wallpapers. HD Wallpaper and background images in the The Secret club tagged: the secret screen captures.
While most movie audiences would be filing towards the doors by now, this one sits in hushed anticipation.
Boesky’s arrest, high-profile perp walks became commonplace on Wall Street, eerily similar to the image of Bud Fox being led off his trading floor in handcuffs at the end of the film. Stewart’s walk up the courthouse steps (with complete fashion analysis), just a few blocks away a new age of corporate corruption was beginning to take shape on the upper floors of lower Manhattan.
But the Gordon Gekko of 1987 was nothing more than a company buster who dabbled in insider trading as an income supplement. Meanwhile, politicians from both sides of the aisle are flush with Wall Street cash in their campaign coffers.
Stone, might help Wall Street empathize with  the  residents of Main Street, who are suffering.
The study of New Thought and Metaphysics revealed to us that we can change our conditions by changing our powerful subconscious mind. Our physical actions to change our External World are futile, unless we first change our Inner World. The male must make his own decision and then slowly persuade and influence the woman into a decision.
The subconscious (female aspect) which symbol is water, has the power to flood your world with facts. Besides that, it will also put you in a state of wellbeing for you to think good thoughts and influence your subconscious mind to manifest your goals.
When your energy is low, you are vibrating at a lower frequency that aligns you with negative thoughts and emotions. Practising meditation and doing mental work especially at night before you go to bed is the best habit you can have to improve your manifesting skills. If you wish to learn specific mental techniques, check out my books which will teach you the basic and advanced techniques to manifest using your mind and imagination. You can use it in such a way that you subconsciously control other people’s action and thoughts, to solve your everyday problems and to achieve your dreams.
But 3 days before I was moving out, her boyfriend came, sat me down and told me because I was not giving him 1 months notice, he was not going to return me the security bond. Every experience, thoughts and emotions that we ever had is stored in there in the form of subconscious memory.
The higher the intensity of the emotion (either good or bad), the stronger the impression of the accompanied thought. Here you will find the most exciting wallpapers of nature and most beautiful objects created by people. The evening’s main attraction is yet to come, as Thane Rosenbaum, a professor at Fordham University School of Law and director of the Forum Film Festival, assures the gathering that his guest of honor is only moments away. Weak federal regulation was paving the way for doomed mortgages being written across the country, which were then bundled together, graded AAA by a ratings agency and swapped between Wall Street hedge funds. The latest meltdown on Wall Street exposed a level of systemic corruption that shocked the nation. And money has only become more prominent in the American political system following the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Because actions are the natural progression in the timeline of an event from vision to fact.

It can be actions such as approaching, asking, investing money in something, buying a property, leaving a job, mastering a skill, etc.
Perhaps one day you felt a hunch to use a different route to the city, and find yourself getting to know someone who would become instrumental to your success. Likewise, the Conscious Mind must make a new decision to create new thoughts, in order to influence the Subconscious to change. Stress drains away a huge amount of mental and physical energy that we could instead use for our manifesting work. If you lose 2 hours of sleep, you will need more than 2 hours more sleep the next day to make up for it. He said he only wanted to spend $200 on rent each week, and asked that we split the utility bills. But I kept doing mental work, using various methods (you can learn some of the methods in my book Secret Techniques For Manifesting). And as he went to find a ATM, Carol and her boyfriend decided to go out for dinner and told me to collect the bond money on their behalf and pass it to them the next day. That night, I was amazed how the event had unfolded and my instruction to my subconscious was carried out to the letter. They are  not 2 different minds per se, but different functions of the One Mind that we have. The Subconscious also keeps our heart beating, blinks our eyelids, make us salivate, make us sweat, and controls all other bodily functions that we do not need to think of.
Our team constantly expands every section of our wallpapers so be sure that if you do not find something you’re looking for here today, you will find it here tomorrow.
With longish, flowing light hair, Professor Rosenbaum projects the image of ringmaster, a learned version of Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka.
Stone sensed a different era taking shape in the 1980’s when he began working on Wall Street.
The world didn’t wake up until the Dow began plummeting in October 2008, but Wall Street saw the crash coming from a mile away, and began betting against some of their investments. Stone’s surprise, became an inspiration to many up and coming Wall Streeters, at the time, and even today. Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, became a new purer form of Gordon Gekko, and this time, instead of an orange jumpsuit, there were bailouts.
Federal Election Commission, which ruled that money is a form of speech and corporations are forms of people, so that money contributed by corporations to campaigns fall under the protection of the First Amendment. Will you keep looking into that window of reality and aim towards it, or will you close it and choose another reality, or just continue to drift in your present condition? Subconscious action is when you are compelled or guided to do something, and then find out that the action was an important element in accomplishing your goal. There is no linear progression of time because your mind can imagine the past, present and future as you choose. The female symbol is water – soft, adapting to its surrounding, yet the ocean and rivers are powerful forces that can submerge the entire world.
It is said, the male’s drive for power and success is so that he can please the female. Once you are in the flood, you can only take inventory of your thoughts, keep the good ones alive in a place with 3 decks (the Ark).
He was a very good negotiator and as I didn’t want to lose such a good prospective tenant, I reluctantly agreed. But now in his state of greed to confiscate my bond and to break his end of the bargain, he has totally forgotten to ask from me the British guy’s bond money, although he has acknowledged to the British guy that the bond is paid!
Just as our eyes allow us to see physically, our brain allows or Mind to control our physical body and nervous systems. But while some in the business community may revere the new gangsters of Wall Street for the financial coup they pulled off, much of the rest of the world has reacted with anger spilling into rage.
But when you were compelled to take the action, you were unaware that it would have such an outcome. According to Dr Robert Young a microbiologist who is an expert of the blood, he says our body identifies caffeine as a poison in our bloodstream. Depression is often a symptom of prolonged mental or physical stress, ie, the symptom of low energy reserve. We need to train ourselves to go into another state of mind in order to do mental work for manifesting.
I showed him the place and he agreed to move in the next day – the same day that I was supposed to move out. In summary, he thought he could swindle me of my bond money, while in effect he had forgotten to collect a slightly larger sum of money from me. Stone was surprised to find that the cocaine culture had made its way to the rarefied world of Wall Street.
Stone pointed the audience to the contrast between the life of the window washer he placed in the background to represent “the 99 percent,” and his main characters. It then wakes up the immune system to work faster to get rid of the caffeine from our bloodstream.
He said he had been posting advertisements and notices in universities for 1 week, and not one person responded.
And he agreed to pay $20 more per week, as I tried to help Carol out by advertising a higher rent.
Everyone has their “best” player, we make it easier for you… pick up your favorite player and put them on your desktop. The character Bud Fox, a young gun stockbroker who rides the wave to wealth but along the way becomes entangled in a devolving culture of drugs, sex, and money, was molded out of the lives of a new generation of stockbrokers coming of age in the eighties.
When our immune system wakes up and works on red alert mode, we feel the rush which we think is giving us a boost. Stone crafted that moment nearly 25  years ago income inequality has continued to widen, now reaching levels not seen since the Great Depression. If you have read my books, you will notice that I have used the Alpha state to help me achieve many of my goals and desires in the past. We can make contact with this Mind with meditation and mind training, and extract information from it. Sometimes you have a hunch that something is happening, you don’t know why or how you know it, you just knew.

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