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John “Black Jack” Kehoe, the last of the Molly Maguires, was hanged on this date in 1878 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, ostensibly for a cold case murder with such flimsy evidence the governor was extremely hesitant to sign the death warrant.
The inspiration for the Molly Maguires’ name goes back to 19th century, Ireland, and an widow who fought against English landlords stealing Irish lands. The group’s notoriety soon spread throughout Ireland, with the name of their organization after their fiery leader, Molly Maguire. During the mid-19th century, a huge number of Irish fled their native country for America hoping to escape the Potato Famine, as well as the poor working conditions. For those who found themselves in the anthracite coal area of eastern Pennsylvania, the men working these mines were laboring under the most dangerous conditions imaginable. The Ancient Order of Hibernians was formed to ensure the Irish workers were not mistreated on the job, but many believed this organization was a front for the Molly Maguires, who accomplished their goals with “strong-arm” tactics. Despite the AOH and the Molly Maguires’ ceaseless efforts to improve the deplorable working conditions of the Pennsylvania miners little progress was made, and in 1875 “The Long Strike” against the coal companies began. An Irishman from the Pinkerton Detective Agency infiltrated the AOH, resulting in the end of the strike and a trial that ended with 20 men being sentenced to hang in 1877. John Kehoe had worked in the mines for several years before opening a tavern and becoming a well-liked and successful businessman. Kehoe was active in the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and was said to be the King of the Molly Maguires. Kehoe’s great-grandson, Joe Wayne, led the fight for John Kehoe’s name to be cleared, and Pennsylvania governor Milton Shapp pardoned him, declaring the long-ago trials a “miscarriage of justice.” Joe Wayne runs his great-grandfather’s tavern “The Hibernian House” in Girardville, a popular watering hole for anyone interested in learning about the Molly Maguires or their Irish ancestry.

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Edwardsville, Sharon (Ronnie) MacAdam, Edmonton, Arlene (George) Postlethwaite, Westmount, David, Westmount. Besides his parents, John was predeceased by his sisters, Jean Miller, Madeline Ponee; brothers, Desire 'Feese', Peter, Paul, Andrew, Frankie, Maurice.
We would like to thank the VON especially Sabrina Stong, dad loved to call her his "Blonde Bomber". Motivational QuotesIn order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. If Trump fails to gain the required 1237 delegates on the first ballot at the party's convention in July, as appears probable, Cruz will be in the box seat to win.A Even if Trump arrives at Cleveland with the most delegates but short of a majority, it is hard to see unbound delegates swinging behind the real estate mogul in a second round ballot.
Cheap rhetoricCruz's talk of "carpet bombing" Islamic State, even if it risks innocent civilian lives, is mostly cheap campaign rhetoric.The upcoming voting states in the moderate northeast and California are not natural territory for an ultra conservative like Cruz. In reality, he was to die for encouraging the Irish immigrants working the Pennsylvania coal mines to organize in order to acquire better working conditions.
She was the leader of a group called the “Anti-landlord Agitators” who often got into hand-to-hand combat with their oppressors to keep their lands. Unfortunately, most of them found conditions in America comparable to those they left Ireland to escape. Although his mining days were behind him, he did not forget those he had toiled with deep in the bowels of the earth, and rallied the workers to unionize.

Since it was open season on the Mollies, Kehoe was condemned to death on charges so bogus the governor only signed the death warrant so the Molly Maguires would be hunted to extinction.
John is survived by his sister, Edwardine Reid, Westmount; brother, Joey Phillipo (Peggy). Even if his fans turned out en masse to tick his name against Clinton, these same voters won't necessarily select other Republicans running for Congress.It would take a landslide for Republicans to lose the House of Representatives, but Democrats require a net gain of just five seats to take back the Senate. Finally, the coal company hired a private police force whose sole duty was to eliminate “violent” strikers. Also left to mourn are his grandchildren, whom he loved dearly, Lana and Gregory MacAdam, James and Megan Postlethwaite, Jason, Devin and Jessica Higdon, Jennifer Hillier; and his great-grandchildren, Emma and Jacob Kehoe, Anthony Higdon, Avery MacAdam, as well as his dog and companion Haley.
Cruz is cunningly getting more of his supporters elected as powerful party officials and delegates in local state and county party elections.Cruz loyalists clean swept all 34 positions up for grabs in Colorado at the weekend. He still might do so if Cruz is nominated, but Trump's case to go rogue would be less justifiable.

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