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Our breadth of talent acquisition & management outsourcing solutions are tailored to your needs. As you navigate our site, we’ll build a customised brochure you can download before you leave. John joined Alexander Mann Solutions as COO in 2012 with responsibility for managing operational performance and leading the growth of the Global Client Service Centre capability, which accounts for over half of the total Alexander Mann Solutions workforce.
John is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) and a Board Member of the British Quality Foundation since 2013. Prior to joining Alexander Mann Solutions, John was Chief Procurement Officer -Director General for Her Majesty’s Government, where he spent six years as a Senior Civil Servant.

By submitting this form I agree that I have read and understood the Alexander Mann Solutions Privacy Policy and that Alexander Mann Solutions may process my data as described therein. John Alexander was the voice of Mikey in Men in Black in 1997 and was Jarra in Men in Black 2.
A performer who specialized in wild, manic characterizations in action and adventure sagas, John Alexander made a memorably unusual debut as White Eyes, the leader of a tribe of apes in the Hugh Hudson-directed, Robert Towne-scripted period adventure Greystoke: Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984), a role that required him to wear a sophisticated gorilla suit by Rick Baker. Prior to that he spent 11 years as a Senior Executive within Accenture, which followed 15 years in the Corporate Travel industry with American Express and Thomas Cook. Alexander then played one of the maniacal, punk rock-influenced "Wheelies" in Walter Murch's underrated effects-heavy fantasy Return to Oz (1985), and reprised his gorilla personage for several films of varying quality including Michael Apted's Dian Fossey biopic Gorillas in the Mist (1988), Baby's Day Out (1994), Fierce Creatures (1997), and Mighty Joe Young (1998).

In addition John leads the key support functions of Implementation & Transformation, Business Assurance, Risk and Procurement.
In 2008, director Guillermo del Toro recruited Alexander to portray the disembodied character of Johann Kraus (who uses a containment suit in order to survive), along with actor James Dodd and Seth MacFarlane (who supplied the character's voice), in the big-budget superhero fantasy Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008). John’s direct reports include the Regional Heads of Operations in UK & Ireland, EMEA, the Americas and APAC, as well as the functional heads of the key support functions referenced earlier.

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