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What’s new about iMessage (and makes it analogous to BBM) is that the service operates over the standard packet switched internet rather than through the circuit switched backend of traditional SMS.
Of course, the benefits of using a packet switched messaging service over data in the place of SMS are immediately apparent. A new UI feature is the ability to finally collapse the keyboard without having to go back, and then into the conversation again. On the iPad, the interface gets a 4:1 split for a conversation list, and then the dialog happens in the rightmost pane. The last window is Caller ID, which can be configured to be either your phone number (if applicable) or any of those email addresses you can receive at. Photos and videos can also be sent over iMessage, and in function this is virtually identical to how MMS works in previous versions of iOS. It’s unfortunate that Apple continues to apologize for and appease carriers with compression, but such is the state of things until we get ubiquitous 4G LTE.
First off, what’s surprising in the case of the iPhone is that iMessage appears to prioritize cellular data for strictly text delivery. Next up, I mentioned that the 128 byte per SMS limitation doesn’t really apply to iMessage.
I saw this same handshake happen in realtime as well, and periodically refresh just like you’d expect.
Delivery on iMessage is speedy almost all the time, and is again contingent on having fast data connectivity. Apple has left some debugging and diagnostic data on for iMessage which they ship back to themselves nightly inside log-aggregated-[date]. The vast majority of iMessages are sent in under 2 seconds, and then delivery reports come back within another 2 seconds. The result is that how much impact iMessage makes on your monthly SMS use varies on what your friends are carrying around in their pockets.
I hope Apple adds the option for people that want it, but man, that is one specific complaint.I don't think I've ever wanted the feature. That's all well and good if you're home alone, your phone rings, you aren't available, you find out when you return. I am in medical school and I can personally vouch against doctors wanting to be within earshot. You're Done!Now those annoying text messages from telemarketers, spammers, crazy people and your parents are a thing of the past. I have a spammer who is persistent and somehow send a false phone number that keeps changing and it is 16 numbers long and sometimes it says spammer. What if the people harassing you are using a texting app that allows them to continue changing their number in order to harass someone? 950m phones at risk for ‘stagefright’ text exploit thanks to android fragmentation, Well, this isn’t exactly what we expected to wake up to: joshua drake of zimperium zlabs says a simple text message hack could put 950 the problem is, android os is notoriously difficult to update unless your carrier and phone vendor both play. Password-protected android 5 phones are vulnerable to this simple hack, If you protect your android phone with a password rather than an unlock pattern or pin, you may want to keep it in your sight a little more carefully than usual. Why are there so many messaging apps in the medical space?, Someone even hacked their blood glucose meter so they could create their own open source artificial minute-by-minute glucose levels), is no more difficult to send than a simple text message (“my stomach hurts today” or “i’m having chest pains”).. Stagefright: it only takes one text to hack 950 million android phones - Six critical vulnerabilities have left 95 per cent of google android phones open to an attack delivered by a simple multimedia text your phone… before you even get the notification”. 950m phones at risk for ‘stagefright’ text exploit thanks to android fragmentation - Well, this isn’t exactly what we expected to wake up to: joshua drake of zimperium zlabs says a simple text message hack could put 950 the problem is, android os is notoriously difficult to update unless your carrier and phone vendor both play.
Password-protected android 5 phones are vulnerable to this simple hack - If you protect your android phone with a password rather than an unlock pattern or pin, you may want to keep it in your sight a little more carefully than usual. Millions of android phones at risk of being sent malware-infected texts - A security vulnerability within android of their phones through sending a simple text message. Cyber police ransomware can lock your android device and ask for payment - The cyber police name comes from how it represents itself once it’s active on your device.
INDIAPOST – Indian handset maker iBall has introduced two new entry-level Dual SIM Android based mobile phones.
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WhatsApp was criticised in almost EVERY aspect in the damming report.But is there an alternative service which offers the same cross-platform messaging – but with better privacy settings?

The result is that iMessage is an SMS replacement that doesn’t require a wireless carrier SMS plan, and only requires a data connection to exchange messages. There’s no 160 or 140 (depending on encoding) character restriction in iMessage land, and as a result, no resulting necessity for messages to be split and sent as multiple texts and re-concatenated on the other side.
In addition, iMessage uses SMS as a failover delivery mechanism when iMessage doesn’t deliver within about five minutes. Below each message you’ve sent is a delivery report, and, if the recipient has enabled it, a read report. Instead, just drag the conversation down and the keyboard collapses itself as you scroll up. You even get an avatar here, and the result is that this strongly matches the desktop iChat IM client.
By default that email address is just your Apple ID, so be ready for at least some brief confusion from recipients if they don’t have your Apple ID email address associated with your contact.
When I first configured my MITM, I thought I was doing it wrong, studied my setup, and then turned airplane mode on (to disable cellular) and re-enabled WiFi. While this is partially true, I’ve seen messages split at 1170 characters with some repeatability.
The even more interesting thing to think about is how now Apple will have to provide a means for Lawful Intercept for interested parties.
It seems simple enough - the photo or video payload is uploaded to Apple’s iCloud datacenter, the push message comes across with a link to it, and the recipient grabs it.
This is so much faster than the 5 or more seconds you have to wait for an SMS to go out of the phone, sit in the SMSC, get routed around possibly to another carrier’s exchange, and then back out to the recipient. This is again old hat for BBM users, but the speed of iMessage is somewhere between the pace of IM and SMS. However, I do recall back in the day, being in a public place, someone's phone rings in their purse or jacket, they're off in the bathroom or in a meeting or something.
I mean, there are actual laws about car alarms that go off repeatedly because they are so amazingly annoying.
If we aren't on call (you would have a pager for this) then there is no reason to constantly check the phone.
Different people use their phones in different ways, and I'd appreciate a more aggressive reminding of missed calls.A similar problem (which I reported as a bug a year ago, but which is still not fixed) is audible notification of text messages. Just keep in mind that this will only block them once they hit your phone, not your carrier, so if you have to pay to receive a text, it'll still show up on your bill.The feature also comes in handy if you have enemies who like to harass you via SMS, or maybe an annoying friend who keeps text-bombing you. If you want to block numbers from calling you or sending you FaceTime requests, check out this tutorial. Also make sure to check out the 15 most annoying things, 18 coolest new features, and 18 sneaky privacy-betraying settings in iOS 7 that every iPhone user should know about. You could check out this article, How to Fix Delayed iMessages & Text Messages After Upgrading to iOS 7, where there are helpful comments that might solve your issue. For iDevice users, this isn’t really anything new, as there are many third party applications which do functionally the same thing, and for BBM users, this is even older hat.
I encountered this behavior numerous times when Anand and myself were flying around - if the recipient isn’t able to get the APNS notification for that five minutes, the sender falls back to SMS. These collapse and show for the latest message in the thread as the conversation progresses. Inside that receive location window you can configure any email accounts you wish to receive iMessages with, alongside a phone number (if you’re on an iPhone). The reason for that Apple ID email address set as default Caller ID is obvious - this has to be set accordingly for iMessages to be sent to other iDevices without cellular numbers. The result is that images are sent in their full size between iDevices, but here’s the big caveat - only when both recipient and client are connected over WiFi.
The downside is that email still is the only way to guarantee you get a full quality image somewhere when on cellular.
This is a bit curious to me since Apple stipulates that APNS are limited to 256 bytes. These are all very interesting questions that we look forward to seeing play out in some detail as iMessage becomes the preferred means of messaging for iDevice users. I have to speculate a little bit here since things are indeed encrypted, but iCloud does appear to be a content store (by their own DNS name) for iMessage payloads.
I spent a week in Las Vegas on vacation with one of the iOS 5 Betas, and actually came away decently impressed with how well Apple has the timings for SMS failover configured.

Inside among the data you can see the delivery receipt time and send time for messages throughout the day, and I’ve been paying attention to this data since I first saw it. The end result is that unless all of your contacts are on iDevices, you’ll probably still need an SMS plan, or risk paying per-SMS rates.
Something my Treo 650 used to do just fine.As great as new phones are, it is amazing how some of them have taken steps backwards in many little ways. Not only do you have to listen to their phone ringing, but then you have to listen to the audible beep every so often and that can get quite annoying. There are instances where I can see it being necessary.That said, I leave my phone completely silenced all day, every day and just check it periodically to see if anyone has tried to contact me. Suppose you have your phone connected to a BT headset or headphones, and a call comes through. I keep sending messages to a friend, she does not receive them but she receives the messages sent from another phone of mine.
My 17 year old daughter has been getting harassed for over a year and after changing her number multiple times and they somehow continue to get her number. After more experimentation, I’ve determined that messages prefer cellular, but larger payloads like photos and video go over WLAN. Interestingly enough I’ve seen push notification packets with payloads of up to 853 bytes, so who knows whether those guidelines apply to iMessage (probably not). The result is a much increased conversational velocity that still isn’t quite as mentally burdensome as IM. This is clearly a step in the right direction for making the carriers dumb pipes, as it makes what was previously a mysterious proprietary protocol (SMS) just some IP packets. Convenient for you, not always convenient for those around you.Honestly, get into the habit of checking the phone when you've been away and out of earshot. The phone is smart enough to realize that it should still ring the phone speaker because you may not actually have the headset or headphones plugged in. Also other people are receiving my text messages, so there is something about connection between me and her. This is again entirely analogous to BBM - iMessage has recipient typing status, read receipts, group messaging, and delivery reports.
Throw cellular in there and the lowest common denominator in the chain defines the resulting quality. I think it’s interesting and important to make that distinction - iMessage feels like a faster SMS rather than a slow IM. The other effect of making this Apple-exclusive is that (like BBM) it makes it difficult for people to switch out of the ecosystem and further increases that attachment.
Morons won't even care to enable the cornerstone feature of any mobile device, but those who care - they will.You probably don't realize how retarded the 'quick tap' concept is, how extremely inconvinient for the user. It isn't worth breaking your concentration to be completely on top of things (insert link to any number of articles suggesting the human brain is horrible at multitasking here). But it does not extend that same level of intelligence to other notifications, most obviously text messages --- but I think also Skype or Viber calls. Would it possible that somehow I activated an option that not allows me sending her text anymore?
Of course, the other improvement is that you no longer have to deal with the best-effort delivery mechanism for SMS where messages can occasionally get lost, never arrive, or the occasional duplicate flood from delivery assurance algorithms sending more than one message. Whether the means of conversation is mentally taxing often determines how casual the communication is, and in this case iMessage preserves the informality of SMS with enough of a delay. Otherwise yours is the phone people are going to want to smash with a sledgehammer because it's beeping every few seconds.
In addition, iMessage uses both phone numbers and email addresses for recipient identification. It shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone that Apple is using akamai for APNS at this point. Not a small matter by any means and surely not 'niche', since every freaking user suffers from this.If iPhones were really that good, they'd have a dedicated LED indicator for missed events and sufficient options to customize alerts, but they would be off by default so idiots wouldn't complain that their iPhone is bugging them.
Leave it disabled by default, that's fine, might even add a warning before activating alerts, but this feature just needs to be there, man.

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