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Florida’s Senate Committee approved this week a new bill that will allow the construction of three resort hotels in the state. While the bill received the approval of the Regulated Industries Committee, it still faces a massive challenge to reach the full Senate and the House. Nevertheless, images aside, the expansion of gambling in Florida in regulated atmosphere has many plus sides.
Should be mega casinos be approved, they would combine gambling facilities with other amenities such as restaurants, convention centers and retail spaces. The law was amended several times and saw additions such as a 10% tax rate on slot machine revenues at pari mutual facilities. It is expected that SB710 will be one of the most heavily lobbied issues in this year’s session.
Investing on the stock market is often viewed as an activity for multi-millionaires, but in reality, anyone can invest if they know how.
Sentiment is impacted by social, political and economic events such as civil unrest, fuel prices, or wide-scale economic crises such as the Euro crisis. Deciding which company to invest in isn’t a quick, on the fly decision, and requires research into the market you want to invest in. Forssman recommends going on investment courses, speaking to stockbrokers, reading the financial reports of the companies you’re interested in as well as reading analyst reports.

Ordinary shares or common shares are, as the name implies, the most commonly-available stock in a company.
Preference shares are non-voting versions of stock, which entitles holders to certain privileages not found in common shares. Both ordinary and preferred shares also come in various forms with different requirements and benefits.
ETFs are appealing to public investors due to their lower prices and greater diversification across a pool of stocks – Eg.
Commodoties tend to be risky investments – with shares in platinum, in particular, showing fluctutation based on recent socio-political events.
Safer investments would be in the form of pure cash (in savings or fixed deposits) or government bonds. The safer option for inexperienced public investors, according to Forssman, would be in ETFs. The best way for every-day people to start investing would be through online share trading. All the banks in South Africa have an online share trading platform for banking customers to use, and is such the most accessible means for inexperienced investors to kick off their portfolios.
Stockbrokers charge a fee, and as such, Forssman recommends investors balance their planned investment limits against said fees.

Quinton BronkhorstQuinton is a business and technology journalist who dabbles in media and graphic design. Whether you like the buzz of a modern tropical cosmopolitan city or the community spirit of small country towns, the Northern Territory has it all. With tens of thousands of people who have migrated from the southern states or from overseas making the Northern Territory what it is today. Three quarters of the Northern Territory’s population reside in its five regional centres, which also serve as vital supply and service bases for dozens of smaller remote communities. The largest number of Northern Territorians live in the Top End Region in the capital city of Darwin and satellite city of Palmerston and surrounds. Responsibility for comment on this website is taken by Michael Tennant on behalf of the Northern Territory Government, Department of Business, Smith Street, Darwin. Also referred to as stocks or equity, shares are simply a piece of a listed company which you own.
These shares entitle holders to a dividend from the company, as well as voting rights on certain operations. When dividends are paid, preference share holders get paid first – and in the event of a company shutting down, preferred share holders have claim to liquidation proceeds.

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