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Keira Knightley is playing The Sugar Plum Fairy in the mostly-ballet-less The Nutcracker movie. The two pink swans joined forces in Malibu, CA yesterday to grace their loyal subjects (aka the paparazzi) with their demure presence. Clearly the petition (signed by me and only me) I sent to Universal begging them not to commit a highly illegal act worked, because they dropped their plans in 2011. I know that usually happens when you come to this skank site, but it happened this time because no machine can take the high-octane dual elegance of Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan and the pink crown jewel of Hollywood that is Angelyne!
While wearing the uniform of the highest-paid truck stop hooker in Central Florida, Frenchy tried to keep up with Angelyne’s pose game.

Frenchy gave it her all, but almost no one can come close to bringing it like the adult Hugga Bunch doll can. It was almost as though the higher ups in charge of Suicide Squad had tricked us into thinking it was all about The Joker.

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