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Pocket PC to mobile text messaging software enables you to send unlimited number of text messages from windows based pocket PC, PDA mobile device to any other mobile cell phones.
MSN2Go is the world's first free web-based MSN client to be created in the form of a Java applet. ChatVibes is a free browser extension that adds a VideoPhone directly to your Facebook Chat.
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Bandoo has easy to use and free collection of animations that you can use with your preferred IM application. Zipit Wireless has announced the online availability of its sleek and portable Wireless Messenger 2 device, also known as Z2.
Winner of the 2007 DigitalLife Best of Show award for portable gear, this easy-to-use Z2 boasts to be the only device of its kind that ensures wireless IM connectivity with zero monthly or per message charge.
The MyTunez feature helps the owner to play music while IMing through a fully capable music play. Users can also customize the background and themes that are available for immediate download from the Zipit’s official website. Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 also allows parents to remotely control the access of the device through a web portal.
Over the last year, the Chinese internet market has gone through a serious tangling experience.
Founded in 1998 by Pony Ma, Tencent is the one of the most successful internet companies in China. Like many other internet firms in China, Tencent gained its success by importing Western ideas into the Chinese market and adapting the business to suit Chinese customers. Although Tencent was constantly accused by their competitors in the industry for being a copycat who never brought anything original to the table, nobody could doubt their ability to customize their ‘not-so-original’ products to cater to the Chinese market. Additionally, unlike its western peers, Tencent has a different and more profitable business model.
Founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, the Alibaba Group is China’s largest and most successful e-commerce company.
Beside the B2B e-commerce, in 2006 Alibaba also founded Taobao, China’s largest and most popular C2C   (Customer to Customer) online shopping platform in China. Due to the development of mobile technology, a rapid shift from desktop to mobile devices is happening in China, and thus most internet companies including Tencent and Alibaba have realized that the former business model based on desktop devices is becoming gradually outdated.
However, as each began the expansion of their respective business units, they had to cross into the broader horizons and tap into each other’s territory.
In 2013, Tencent and Alibaba have started to implement their respective M&A strategies to further occupy different fields in China’s internet territory.
On 9th January 2014, Alibaba officially announced their entrance into the mobile game market, which is the core profit generator of Tencent, causing the stock of Tencent to drop by 1.69%. Due to the booming of M&A activities last year, a new round of industry consolidation is going to occur in China’s technology market. If you recently bought an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, you probably want to know what apps are available for it. Getting started with Pinterest is pretty easy, but not so easy getting in the social network.

New users must be invited by another Pinterest member, or you can request an invitation from the site. Pandora is an internet radio app that allows users to create customized stations based on their favorite artist, band, or song. Compared to Temple Run, Temple Run 2 comes with new environments, obstacles, bigger monkeys and characters come with special powers.
With the free app for Kindle Fire, you can instantly stream your favorite TV shows and movies straight to your Kindle Fire. The Angry Birds Star Wars Premium HD edition was made just for the Kindle Fire HD tablet and features better graphics, smooth gameplay and is more fun on the Kindle Fire HD platform.
Your favorite justification appeared to be on the internet the simplest thing to be aware of. Web design companies provide link- building services that will be helpful in the successful growth of the company. User can send personal or local text messages to their relatives, friends and office employees or customers via pocket PC or PDA mobile phones globally in single click. This gadget allows the user to conveniently access Instant Messaging (IM) without connecting to the computer. You can also store MP3 music on an optional mini-SD card or access radio that is streamed from the Internet.
A recent AP article cited the unique, conversational aspects of IMing that continue to drive teen usage and also stated that one in 10 teens spend three or more hours a day sending instant messages to their friends. Tencent and Alibaba, two of China’s biggest internet companies who have previously operated within their own domain, have now started to compete directly against one another on a full scale, with some even describing it as internet warfare. Starting as a small company providing an online chatting service, Tencent is now an internet giant offering products & services in instant messaging, online media, interactive entertainment, internet value-adding and online advertising. For example, QQ, Tencent’s instant messaging service with over 800 million active accounts, was originally a clone of ICQ, an Israeli invention acquired by AOL of America whereas WeChat, China’s most popular mobile instant messaging application with more than 250 million active accounts, can be traced back to its Western counterparts such as Talkbox and WhatsApp. For instance, WeChat, the most popular instant messaging app in China, was integrated with more functions, such as ‘Friend Moment’ for personal information sharing, small mobile games for killing time amongst others to add value to the Chinese users. It gives out social networking software such as QQ free of charge but gains revenue by persuading users to pay for ‘value-adding services’. The company started as an online international B2B marketplace, bringing together importers and exporters from more than 240 countries and regions. On the 11th November (dubbed ‘Singles’ Day’ in China) last year, Taobao reported a 35 billion RMB transaction amount on one single day, which is nearly half of the yearly revenue of Wal-Mart in China, and three times the sales volume of Cyber Monday in the US last year.
They needed to change their business models and diversify their operations to fight for a leading position in this new era of mobile internet.
The first move was made by Alibaba, which acquired Xiami, a music steaming service, and Qyers, a travel portal. The whole conflict has now evolved from protecting original businesses and invading other’s territories to the outright blocking of each other’s from entrance into new business. As a result, the current dominant players in China’s internet market are bound to grow even bigger. You can also indicate if you like a song, and Pandora will program the station accordingly to your likes. You will also need to find your way through mines and forests when you try to escape the second time around.

It’s a multi-player word game where players can take turns to build words across the puzzle board. When you login with your Netflix membership you can resume where you left off, browse movies and manage your instant queue. It makes it easy for people to stay connected and share things with friends, family and colleagues online. The Z2 provides teens with an immersive, yet affordable way to IM their friends without the hassles and limitations of the home computer.
Many merger and acquisitions are currently taking place and thus the whole internet market has begun another round of industry consolidation. The marketplace included 25 internet-based businesses that covered B2B (business to business) online marketplaces, retail payment platforms, shopping search engines and data-centric cloud computing services. Meanwhile, Tencent wanted to start its own e-Commerce site based on its hundreds of millions of instant messaging users.  The two companies both felt that their core business was threatened by the other, so they started to turn hostile to the other. It also invested a great amount in Sina Weibo taking an 18% share) and Autonavi, an online map maker (by taking a 28% share), officially taking a position in the market of online content providingr and social networking. The whole market may eventually become an oligopolistic market, as the future M&A activities will become more intensive. Players can either look up their friends through Facebook or by username, or can play with a random opponent that’s assigned.
You can keep in touch with friends and loved ones through instant messaging, voice IMS, or you can call them without tapping into your minutes.
Consequently, these events will without doubt greatly influence the future trends of China’s internet market. They also ran a domestic B2B trade covers all sorts of industries for tens of millions of small to medium entrepreneurs.
Some even say that in the future, at a point where the tension between the dominant forces in the market is above a certain level, a full-scale war may break out.
It’s quite cartoonish and kids can share their high scores via the Game Center social network. By ordering the Z2 online now, teens can stay connected to all their friends just in time for the busy holiday season,” said Frank Greer, CEO and president of Zipit Wireless Inc.
In this week’s blog, we will talk about the history of the two companies, the reasons for their current battle and the prospects for China’s internet industry as a whole. Later in the year both companies made serious attempts in establishing financial services such as micro-loans and insurance services; this internet warfare has subsequently been escalated to another level. If you’re looking for new hobbies, activities, new looks, Pinterest will inspire you with creative new ideas.
The SMEs (small and medium enterprises) will have a good market for selling themselves, but the outlook for internal growth is rough.

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