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Brahms described his exalted state when he composed music as pure inspiration outside himself. Here's a look at what you need to know about the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012.
Maldives, Somalia, finally disasters stuck America and you still You did nothing and others did little. This resembles a semi-trance state, where one goes through a small door to an immense new world… where reality orientation is suspended but not lost.

Pakistan, Iran, charity, Charities, Red Cross, Christian Children's Fund, United Way, Methodist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Orthodox Russian Greek, Catholic Charities, Catholicism, Baptist, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, Naturalist, Atheist, Agnostic, Agnosticism, Mormon, Mormons, Temple, Church, Cathedral, Bible, Koran, Shinto, Islam, Good Samaritan, Children's Hospital, St. To create, the mind must withdraw from the physical self and everyday concerns for a time to focus forces. I share musings from my process & create offerings for others exploring creative practice as a way to process the joy + mystery of life, navigate change and nurture a soulful sense of connection.
This initiative is based on the reality that "One Can Make a Difference." That means you and me!

This is a tender, sensitive time when humans often choose solitude, or seek to retreat into the wilderness to quiet the brain in preparation for the mind’s action. When intense creative urges have taken their course, one generally wishes to return to material reality….

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