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Everyone knows girls are mushy gushy, lovey and romantic…especially when it comes to Valentines Day. When it comes to jewelry, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars on a silver necklace from a fancy jewellers.
I asked a few guys myself what they would want for valentines day and all of them agreed that homemade treats are where it’s at.
It was my 4 year old niece’s birthday a few weeks back and I did what any good auntie would do.
But if you’re looking for a few ideas for what to get a 4 year old girl, then read on.
The following is pretty much Miss O’s wishlist, with a few of my own ideas thrown in for good measure. Where ever you are in the world, as long as you can get a signal, you can send a message and get a message back via Rochester the Racoon (or one of his 4 mailman buddies). A great birthday present for a 4 year old girl, as well as a really sweet way for a busy aunt to stay connected.

Or, if she’s already got this, you might want to get her some Disney Frozen decor to brighten up her bedroom. Dora the Explorer Toddler Girls Cotton Pajama Set: A nice, snuggly pair of pajamas makes a great birthday gift for a 4 year old girl. Marble Maze Building Set, 45-Piece: As far as gift ideas for 4 year old girls go, this is pretty cool. Purple Fairy Princess Costume Tutu Set: Yes, I just had to throw in a set of fairy wings, a wand and a frilly tutu.
Just go buy her one that’s pretty and reliable- meaning not cheap and will break easily.
I crumbled and called her mother to ask what little O was into these days.And boy did I get some great birthday ideas. Image your niece’s face when she opens her eyes first thing in the morning to see Sofia the First greeting her with a curtsey. This castle play tent can be easily assembled either indoors or outside, creating the perfect space for hours of imaginative play.

Although we think it’s easier for guys to shop for us since were so lovey dovey, they really aren’t as dull and bitter as you think.
Write them a nice love letter, get them some candy and you’re off on the right track.
You don’t have to get the priciest one either, a nice can of axe for five bucks from walmart is okay. If you’re looking for a big birthday gift for a 4 year old girl, a cute bike is the way to go. Mena volunteers at a local school, holds two degrees in psychology and has an interest in child development.

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