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At the beginning of the year, the 52 Week Dollar a Week Challenge was making the rounds with a lot of people deciding to give it a try. These work the same way that the original 52 week challenge sheet works, but simply uses coin denominations for the weekly amount to be saved instead of a dollar bill. The Quarter Challenge uses quarters instead of dollars, starting with a single quarter and adding an additional quarter each week of the year.
You can click on the image above to get a bigger version or you can download it here (PDF) to print.
In addition to the standard version, we also made a flexible version that allows you to choose which of the 52 amounts you save each week.
Again, to print you may click on the above image to get a larger version or you may click here to download a PDF version. The Dime Challenge uses dimes as the basis of the challenge, with an additional dime added each week of the year. If you would like to print this dime challenge, you can click on the image above or you may download the PDF version here. The Nickel Challenge is great for kids who understand the concept of money and who are just beginning to receive an allowance.
If you would like to print out the Nickel Challenge, you can download the PDF version or simply click on the image above to enlarge it.
The above image can be enlarged with a click to print, or you can dowload this version in PDF format to print. The PDF version can be downloaded to print, or you can enlarge the image above by clicking on it.
We have also created a flexible version of the Penny Challenge for those who want to pick and choose the amount they save each week.
The PDF file is available for download or the image above can be enlarged by clicking on it.
If you start these challenges with your kids when they turn 4 and do the Penny Challenge for years 4, 5, 6, then the Nickel Challenge for years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, move up to the dime challenge years 12, 13, 14 and then finish with the quarter challenge years 15, 16, 17, 18, your child will have over $2000 in the bank. While that $2000 is nice, it’s the process which is far more important than the actual amount the kids save. If you decide to do the standard dollar challenge while your kids are doing the coin challenge, it’s also a great way to teach your kids first hand and together about saving. You see, as I was wishing someone a ‘Happy New Year’ in an email yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder what the statute of limitations is for extending 2015 New Year’s wishes?
Can we continue to express, and share, our wishes for a happy new year throughout the first week of said new year? In addition to saving money, I’m all over girl power and positive reinforcement this new year.

She made an amazing Positive Affirmation sign for her granddaughter to hang above her new bed in her new room in her new house {click here} …. To answer your question, I think at some point saying happy new year can be sarcastic, as in the car died in February, and your friend says yeah happy new year huh? I was just over at Junk Chic Cottage reading your spotlight, including what you would like to do in your kitchen. The process is really straightforward(The 1st week was only a dollar so that was the simplest portion of this challenge.), but the creativity of the consequence is what will keep you conserving cash as a lot as 1400 $ following a 12 months. We took that and adapted it into a 52 week savings challenge which gave people a bit more flexibility in hopes that more people would stick with it. Each week for a year-long period, a coin should be saved with an additional coin added each additional week. This means that on week 52, you will need to save 52 quarters, or $13.00 which is the highest amount on the chart. In a lot of ways, the challenge is similar to playing the game Yahtzee which should appeal to kids.
In this challenge, children who are able to cross off all 52 amounts will save $137.80 over a year period. Taking a portion of the allowance each week and putting it toward this challenge will teach them that a certain amount should always be saved from the money that they receive. It gives them the opportunity to develop the important habit of putting small amounts to the side, no matter how little, each week. For anyone who needs more motivation, we also have a small community of people doing this challenge supporting one another. It’s a new year, which means it’s time to start our 52-Week Money Saving Challenge again!!!
For example, if you add a few dollars extra a week for the first few months, you’ll be way ahead later in the year. As is my amazing blog friend Bliss Ranch (who I am determined to meet in person one day; even if I have to get in my car and drive around the state of Minnesota calling out here name!).
It always seemed like getting the Christmas cards done and out before the holidays was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m counting on that jar to cover next Christmas and 2016 DIY projects –especially since my son starts college in the fall and things will be tight!!
Both are a great way to get yourself into the habit of saving money on a weekly basis, and a wonderful way to put together your first emergency fund.
Children who are able to cross off all of the 52 amounts will save $344.50 over a year period. When this happens and the kids can’t save the highest amount still available, they do what they would in a game of Yahtzee.

This is a great challenge for all children who have their eyes on a certain toy with a $100 price tag. By having a specific amount that needs to be saved (or letting them choose the amount each week in the flexible version), you give them the opportunity to learn important money decision-making skills.
The main point is getting a young child familiar with money and saving (and you can do some interesting things with the pennies you save), as well as giving them an opportunity to participate in a challenge like their older siblings to make saving money a truly family event. If you can instill this financial habit into your kids, it will greatly benefit them as they get older and it’s something that they will surely be thankful you did for them.
So, if you have to skip a week (if money is tight or you forget), you can – and still be on track!!
After thinking about this for a while, it became apparent that it would also make an excellent teaching opportunity to help children save small amounts on a consistent basis over a long period of time. This is a great challenge for older kids who are starting to earn money on their own doing work here and there, as well as those who have their first real job. The goal each week is to save the highest amount still available, so in week one child would shoot for saving the $13.00 so that it can be crossed off.
They would still try to save as much as she could (get the best score she could in Yahtzee) and then cross that amount off the sheet. It’s also good for kids who are just beginning to earn a little side money doing odd jobs here and there. Those who complete this challenge will end up with $68.90 in their bank at the end of one year.
I am going to do a 25? challenge jar for each of the girls so we can save for their own spending money while we are on vacation. Be sure to join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook to follow our weekly deposits and posts. If you choose to do that, I made one sheet with the numbers calculated for you, and one that you can fill in yourself.
The ultimate goal is to cross off all the amounts off the bottom of the challenge sheet over the course of the year so that the child has saved the amount that sheet has as its goal. This way when there is a tight week and not a lot can be saved, a small amount can be crossed off while on weeks where a lot can be saved, the larger amounts can be marked off. The end result is still $344.50, but there is a lot more flexibility in the amounts saved each week compared to the standard version.

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