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From time to time, I check-out posts in probably one of the most famous comical social media today called 9gag to have a good laugh or if I’m bored at work. But admittedly, there are posts that make me furious, particularly posts that ridicule the Christian faith, which is contributed primarily by Atheists. In reality, a lot of people, most especially the new generation, are seriously leaving and even insulting the Christian faith. But at the heat of all these challenges against the Christian faith, I always remember these words, “Belief does not create truth.
If you have a new gadget, the ideal thing to do is to read the user’s manual, because that manual contains all the questions about the gadget.

Share anything you find interesting, get real responses from people all over the world, and discover what makes you laugh. A few years ago, Kathy and I experienced The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, which is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, with over 1,200 shops.  I can tell you they are not shy about calling out to you! Because of the ever so increasing knowledge of men about everything around him, he had the impression that he can prove and disregard everything simply because he is intelligent enough to understand everything. Nowadays, almost anyone can be an artist and a story-teller in their own way and the magic of social media makes it possible to share their contributions to the world. The Bible and its principles that has been the foundation of the forefathers of influential countries like the United States of America, is now under scrutiny and serious doubt. In reality, there are a gazillion (if that is even a word) mysteries on this universe that may never come into understanding and discovery by our finite minds. And that outdated, dusty book in the cabinet, that alone holds all the answers to life, because it was written by the Author of Life.

They just think that they can handle it on their own already and go straight to that gadget they’re so hungry for.
And when it goes busted, they get confused and look for all the answers (from their friends, to internet forums, etc). Why are the planets not colliding when mathematically, it should be possible (Colossians 1:17)? All these and many other questions that may forever remain as questions but we can accept wholeheartedly only if we’re humble enough to admit that not all things can be understood by our finite minds. Only God, in His majesty, glory, and wisdom, can fathom everything for He is the Creator and Maker of everything (Psalm 146:6).

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