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It was like a warm embrace to fall back into the magical world of Harry Potter with this fresh story, like revisiting an old friend that you’ve missed desperately.
Nextly, this was a collaborative effort between JK Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne so I will attribute a few of the character exchanges that off to me, to the fact that this was a group effort adapted for stage. Also, while quite funny in parts, the conversations between Hermoine, Harry, Ginny, Ron and the like were too forward facing, as if begging the audience for chuckles. Without spoiling the plot, I will say the concept of time travel was significant to the storyline and complicated within the pages in this format. I was craving to know more about Harry’s life in those 19 years, a glimpse into his relationship with all of this children. Welcome to my Dallas Lifestyle blog where we're talking about shopping and experiences that busy moms love and won't break the bank.
Since I found my new Twitter sisters, I have been posting my obsessive TTC thoughts and updates on what’s going on with my cycles there instead of on here. I do, however, have to dust the cobwebs off the blog and that means I need to update the TTC Blog.
God will bring you to a point of weakness if that’s what it takes for you to trust Him more. Mariah Carey's Dying Sister Pleads For The A-Lister's Help — Will The Superstar Put Aside The Grudge Against Her Sibling? This weekend was momentous in that the next “book” in the series was released at midnight on Saturday night, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
It fed my need for another adventure and a reunion with the characters I love, but sadly, I did feel a bit disenchanted. Because it was written script-like, I was distracted at times with thoughts of, “How on earth could they even do this justice on stage?” I just don’t want those thoughts when I’m reading a fantastic story and found myself repeatedly irritated at their interruption. I started following some TTC related hashtags on Twitter (because, DUH) and came across the most amazing group of women who are all dealing with some form of infertility.
The original concept of this blog, which was to tell funny parenting stories and review family -friendly products, had taken a backseat to posts about every last detail of my cycle on the TTC (sub)page.

Yes, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a book in form, but within it’s pages, the story is formatted as the “special rehearsal edition script” of the West End play that debuted on the same day in England as the book release.
Even with 19 years to settle their difference, I didn’t feel the awkwardness that I expected based on how their missing years were presented to us. Is she running back and forth to Quiddich practice and dance lessons in between her job like I am? Having read all the Harry Potter books and then subsequently analyzing each respective movie for the nuances and details that were crushingly left out… all the moments that touch our soul and give these stories novels their place in history… I am left with the feeling that I just watched a movie before the book was released – an act so traitorous that a true potter-head would never in 1,000 years do. The answer to that question is also one of the major reasons I have been missing in action here on the blog.
These ladies, most of which have never met in person (lots of UK girls), have formed real friendships that are founded on our shared struggle to have a child. I am going to continue to update my blog with details of where I am in my fertility journey, but will be keeping the nitty gritty details to a minimum, as I now have a more appropriate outlet for them.
Some of these girls have suffered unimaginable losses, endured months of injections and still don’t have a baby in their arms.
I am starting to feel my creative juices flow again, and I really feel like it’s because I have a place to go let out my frustrations. So straight away, we’re lacking the artful description that we all have come to love from JK Rowling.
My expectation was to know what a middle-aged wizard of fame dealt with in life after Hogwarts. A (large) number of my friends recently had a baby boom; and almost every baby born was a second (in one case, third) child. Others are like me and are currently taking medications or having different fertility procedures; others still have come out on the other side and are currently pregnant, still right there cheering for those of us still in the trenches. Hopefully this means that I’ll get some of my snarkiness back and write some posts about something OTHER than my uterus. It’s distracting in that you have to set yourself to read who is saying which lines and if you tumble into it too fast, you will have to reread lines to confirm they belonged to who you thought they should.

I love Law & Order, and the format is woefully the same for every episode and I still watch. Sadly, we only have small reference to a few of our old friends and that just seems so shallow. For someone having trouble conceiving, every pregnancy or birth announcement is like a punch in the face, no matter how happy you want to be for the proud parents.
I have found a support system unlike anything I could have imagined because there is no judgement. I would have given anything to be a fly on the wall at the Hogwarts 20 year reunion during this tale. And, believe me, I know how blessed I am to have one healthy child; and in some ways, I feel guilty for being so upset over the possibility of not having another.
So, the trigger warning above was geared towards any of the girls from that community who may read my blog. T is an amazing little boy, so full of life and that pure innocence that only a child can have.
I am very sensitive to the fact that I do have a living child and not everyone can say that. It makes me sick just to read those words, because I am SO happy to be his mom, and he is above and beyond anything that I could have asked for in my son. I know in my heart that if he really is meant to be our only child that I will be just fine.

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