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When attempting to understand or explain what the Human Mind is, one of the initial obstacles to be circumvented or overcome was that, since the Mind is a non-physical entity, no-one could either conceive or state with any surety what the Mind might look like.
As per the illustration above, the Inner Mind is referred to by many names - the Subjective mind, the Subconscious mind, the Involuntary mind, the Sleeping mind, and others.
In similar manner, the Subconscious Mind has two primary functions - (a), it is the mechanism which controls all the various processes related to the maintenance and sustaining of the physical body - inclusive of, but not limited to: circulation of the blood, inhalation and exhalation, digestion and assimilation of food, elimination of waste products, regulation of body temperature, etc. It has also been determined - both by reasoning and experiments in hypnosis - that there are two modes of interaction that occur between the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind. That last point - that the individual subconscious mind is one with the Universal Mind - is of nigh-supreme importance, and its implications will be covered in more length in another section, but for now, it may be enough to indicate that a clear understanding of this point would reveal how and why it is that, as one authority put it, "for each one of us, our beliefs constitute our realities", and a proper apprehension of the Human Mind is one of the essential steps by and through which this understanding is to be gained. The external link which is presented below is intended to provide material for further reference & research.
The most interesting part are the Direct Human Brain – artifcial intelegence – Interface System technologies. Implant chip in the human brain.Synthetic telepathy is communication systems built on thoughts, not speech. Neurological research has progressed so far that you can hack the neural system is wireless, which means that a computer can communicate with your brain and store all your sensory experiences, and then studying your kognetiva behavior, ie, the ultimate human study. Information and communication society is on its way directly into our brains and the ethical debate is non-existent in Sweden and must be urgently addressed in media.We are a company(MINDTECH) that works for this and have come into contact with people who are victims of these experiments. First, we have to remember that all sensory data we experience is converted into electrical signals that the brain can process.
Now imagine that you could stop this sensory data at the conversion point and replace it with something else. Clearly DARPA (USA) and  SAPO (Sweden)would pay quite a lot, given that the research arm of the US military continues to fund scientific development of that exact technology.
In recent decades meetings, between nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology and neuroscience have produced a new research area, which is developing new, unknown products and services. Educate yourself further by visiting our information-packed Mind Control Information Center. Learn more about the intriguing history and development of controversial mind control programs in  this excellent two-page summary. For reliable, verifiable information from major media articles on the little-known, yet critical topic of nonlethal weapons, click here and here. Read powerful, reliable major media articles on electronic harassment and government mind control programs at this link. Enables the owner to control many aspects of the autonomous nervous system such as hunger, sleep or pain. An implant in the motivation and pleasure centres that is controlled by the owner’s neurocomputer. People who are exposed without informed consent for research abuse and torture of the new technology, explained idiot when they seek help from authorities.
The future may well involve the reality of science fiction’s cyborg, persons who have developed some intimate and occasionally necessary relationship with a machine.
Mindtech To this information about the revolution highlighting interdisciplinary research, without informed consent to communicate with mind- brain-computer interface. It’s about providing information to create a general awareness that leads to an ethical debate about this technology.
It is also about identifying who or what in Sweden who have illegally engaged in research on people under torture forms. Of Susanna Radovic from F & F 2009. I remain the same person ony a part of my brain is replaced by a computer chip?
If it were possible, would you have to implant a computer chip in the brain that helped you to remember better?
Today you can improve and modify the damaged cognitive and mental ability of medical means.
To have free will can be described simply as the man himself has to decide over their own actions.
MIND CONTROL EUROPE, and the brain reading computers, brain-remote, neural monitoring, experimentation! Chemtrails, What is happening… Remote control of every single synapse and neuron for the person ! Super-human brain technology sparks ethics debate, technologies that tap into the brain and could bring super-human strength, highly enhanced concentration or thought-controlled weaponry.

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This is not as trite a point as it might seem on the surface, as various studies into the working of the human mind, each in their various ways, suggest that human beings tend to think "in pictures", or, perhaps expressed more scientifically, "in terms of images". In similar manner, the Outer Mind is also referred to by many names - the Objective mind, the Conscious mind, the Voluntary mind, the Waking mind, etc.
There exists the action of the conscious mind upon the subconscious mind, by and through which thoughts, ideas, beliefs and opinions are, so-to-say, impressed upon the subconscious mind, so as to effectively become permanently implanted therein.
MINDTECH will do extensive and thorough research into this totally new area, which at this point, is being investigated only by the few. The commercial user fields are endless and it feels no need to explain the far-reaching consequences when abused. These victims have shared stories and is living in the same geographical catchment area, therefore, Solna near KI, KTH and Kista. For many these enhancements will produce major improvements in the quality of life, or their survivability, or their performance in a job.
This in turn would allow us to search our own memories — not just those on the Web — with something like the efficiency and reliability of a computer search engine. The brain does a very good job of this, and we in turn experience these inputs as subjective awareness (namely through consciousness and feelings of qualia); our perception of reality is therefore nothing more than the brain’s interpretation of incoming sensory information. It is an independent processor linked to the neurocomputer built to house an artifcial intelegence. The artifcial intelligence program has access to the sensory data and information in the neurocomputer, and can “read” surface thoughts of the owner (of course, access controls can be set if needed, both in the implant and the (artifcial intelegence).
Unlike an ordinary neuro, (atrificial intelligence) inteface it connects to most of the cerebral cortex and has a much higher bandwidth. It is illegal and very addictive: users quickly become hooked on anything that activates it. Being able to connect the human brain to a computer via electrodes open, of course, frightening possibilities. It would, of course, theoretically able to control brain functions and modify the human personality. It is likely that implantable computer chips acting as sensors, or actuators, may soon assist not only failing memory, but even bestow fluency in a new language, or enable “recognition” of previously unmet individuals. But scientists are also on track to develop “brain prosthesis”, that is, artificial implants that can take over a damaged brain function. Is it possible to get a man to do anything against her own will by stimulating the brain in this way? In this case it seems rather like governing a subject’s or animal’s “and human” on the other hand, we think that’s not the fact that we can not help but pull on the lower leg on someone beats us on lap is a sharp restriction of our free will. The has everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it. A multi-level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, engaging games, interactive tests and a progress tracker. Just enter your list of words and this website will create bingo, dominoes, crossword, memory games, etc. Every person will apply the terms with which they find themselves most comfortable, but it does not really matter which terms are used, so long as this dual nature of the Human Mind is recognized.The adjective, "conscious", has, as one of its meanings, "being aware or cognisant of everything going on around or within one's environment". A person's field of conscious awareness may be considered to be, essentially, whatsoever registers in his or her conscious mind, via the inputs received from the physical senses, which, by their nature and function, can only deal with that which exists on the plane of the relative (the world governed by Time and Space).
This group will be dealing with the social and ethical sides to research, development and the implementation of emerging technologies in our society. Brain copying is performed around the clock, largely by learning computer, copying is nothing short of serious torture. This technology brain-computer interaction has happened during the 2000’s and will revoltion our way of life. The stories are so horrible when as laboratory animals and to test the new technology in the most macabre and perverted ways.
The first prototype devices for these improvements in human functioning should be available in 5 years, with the military prototypes starting within ten years, and information workers using prototypes within 5 years; general adoption will take roughly about 10 years.
A unique perceptual tool, not only does our conscious minds, but also imitate them, sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.
Urge them to bring this information to light and encourage public dialog on this important civil rights issue.

It can also act as a super-alarm clock (guaranteed to wake you up) or “homeostatic tuner” to optimise the hormone balance of the body. It can send and receive signals not just of primary sensory and motor information but also higher order associations and thoughts. For example, make them more or less prone to aggression or to increase learning ability by adding to chronic stimulation. The progress already made in therapeutic devices, in prosthetics, and Brain  in computer science indicate that it may well be feasible to develop direct interfaces between the brain and computers.
If Alzheimer’s disease has damaged the part of the brain that is responsible for storage of new memories, would simply be able to replace it with a prosthesis, a computer chip that works on the same principle as the brain itself and that can communicate with the brain’s nerve cells. But chip in the brain raises other philosophical questions, those related to the ego nature, personal identity, consciousness and free will. Before a stunned audience got Delgado, by simply pressing a button, a bull to stop an attack and calmly turn back. The particular picture or image may not necessarily represent what the Mind may actually look like - any more that a diagram in an elementary science textbook actually shows what the atom of any chemical element looks like - it is merely a model.
And, conversely, there is a mode of interaction, by and through which the subconscious mind conveys impressions to the conscious mind.
Universal Mind, as has been discussed previously, exists - or rather, subsists, independent of Time and Space, so that it needs no objective capabilities or faculties to carry on its work. It is not uncommon for users to get a motoric shunt to give the artifcial intelegence the ability to control the body.Chips with monitoring artifcial intelegence are sometimes used for or behaviour correction in Landfall. The implant is somewhat dangerous due to the risk of addiction to extreme positive states; most users at least tend to improve their mood. Since each human has an individual “mental language” sophisticated translation systems and much training is required before digital telepathy is possible.
What happens to my free will – can I control my prosthesis or denture, which will govern me? In his hand he had a remote that was connected to the electrodes inside the head of the bull, and a signal to the bull’s brain Delgado could get it to stop. The effectiveness of the model is dependent on how it helps to clarify any particular theory of mind, and make it clearer to the student.
This mode of interaction may best be defined as the operation of that mental faculty known as Intuition, which shall be explored in further detail, in another section. It takes years of learning and program development to develop the new computer-brain interfaces and multimedia language between man and computer. The user’s visual cortex will receive stimulation from a computer based either on what computer sees or based on an artificial “window” interface. Originally it was developed on Nova for treatment of certain emotional disorders, especially the rare but devastating OIAIS (Ocean Induced AutoImmune Syndrome, an autoimmune illness induced by certain poisons causing severe mood swings due to damage of the limbic system).
Wideband links are also used by the Net Transcendence and Next Step Foundation in their experiments with expanding the human mind. Granted there can now be found numerous models for the Mind, the model presented on this page and the supporting explanations are based upon the particular information studied by this Author.Before getting underway, a significant point shall be stipulated here - the visitor is advised not to confuse the Mind with the Brain. This, in like manner, aptly describes the working of the Subconscious Mind, which, as has been determined by both reasoning as well as by experiments (primarily in the area of hypnosis), carries on its various functions, while the individual is (for the most part) unaware of its action or actions.The Conscious Mind may be said to have two primary functions - (a) it is the mechanism through which a person receives information from the objective or physical world, via the physical senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch), and (b) it is the entity from which all voluntary actions which a person performs are initiated.
And because the Universal Mind is Universal, or a single entity, the Individual Human Mind - or to be more precise, the Individual Subconscious Mind - remains perpetually unified with the Universal Mind. Subjects are now against their will has been online for five years on Man-Brain-Computer-Interface.
One of the most controversial and interesting applications is to let software rewrite parts of the cortex; theoretically this could be the ultimate psychodesign, even if it is currently extremely crude. In simplest terms, the Brain may be considered the physical organ in and through which the Mind operates, but the Brain and Mind are not one and the same entity.
As a simple example, when a person makes a Decision regarding a particular subject, he or she is employing their conscious mind, in order to make the Decision. There are also moodcasters, systems sending signals to the implants of people who have allowed access. In general terms, the endeavours to understand the working of the Human Mind have generally led to the deduction that two modes of activity are present within the Mind - thereby leading to the model which defines what some have called an Outer Mind, and an Inner Mind.

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