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Spawn Acolytes: Chosen must be drained of blood until dead, the demon then forcing their blood into their chosen. Shifting: Shifting between human form and demonic form, the demon must 'shed' the flesh of one body to morph into the other.
Animal Kinship: very strong kinship with animals, once mastered they can speak with and command animals. Fangs: +15-venom progressive, intoxicates, paralizes and shuts down vital organs, death at 0 HP, coma for immortals.
Crusader Slayer and Holy Magics, or Weapons imbued with those same powers, are used in their destruction or banishment to Acheronl.  It is their SOUL that must be destroyed or banished. 4-Alternate Memory: Replace one memory with another, lasts 1 day per success, or as called at level 25+.
6-Absorb Memories: Warlock takes called memories into himself, removing them from subject's mind. 7-Gateway of the Mind:  Warlock can 'walk' into the mind of another to see their dreams, thoughts and secrets.
8-Dream Stage: Demon can appear to subject in their dreams very lucidly to interact with, and influence subject through their dreams. 9-Overpower the Mind: Used with mind gate, demon can possess and control the thoughts of another. 10-Prince of Dreams: Used with dream stage, demon can control the dreams of their subject and convert those dreams into an alter-reality where victim is subject in the physical world to whatever happens in their dreams. Information: These demons are always female, and always choose beautiful human forms to possess and absorb for their human visage, at times having several forms to choose from.
Mathematical scientists have looked for self-organizing principles whereby each ant passes on information to the next.  These theories assume that ants function like a computer, through rapid interactions and distributed processing. Yet this does not explain the variety and intelligence of their response.  Perhaps—once again—we are considering an animal to be a computer, rather than looking at the unique intelligence it demonstrates.
From recent research it is certainly possible that individual ants possess intelligence as well as some remarkable group behavior. Recently, it was shown that ants are able to perceive threats of varying degrees and adjust their responses—e.g.
To determine a new location for the hive, ants undergo a competition, which is similar to the bee’s waggle dance described in a previous post.
Very recent research has shown that when separated from their hive, ants take advice from their more experienced individual brethren, scout ants who had memorized other good locations, about the rebuilding of a new home.

Some ants that farm fungus for food have been shown to use multiple antibiotics to kill weeds, and inhibit microbes.  This has been likened to doctors using multiple antibiotics for resistant infections in humans. But, perhaps, one of the most remarkable tricks of the insect kingdom belongs to the fire ants.
Our research shows that ants are individuals and can produce inventive solutions saving the colony from crisis.
Species of ants where leaders used to be professionals but in crises leaders were changed to socially active ants rather than professionals. The main conclusion – social and ecological crises require very different (and even opposite) strategies for resolution. Now that we have made the old-age, still startling revelation that the body size you are matters, we can move on into the how-to bit of it. Human beings, God’s most interesting creation, we have this weird thing where we adapt (overtime) to our immediate environs.
Is Having the Right to Give the Father’s Name to Children Born out of Wedlock a Win for Kenyan Women? Featured PostsIs Having the Right to Give the Father’s Name to Children Born out of Wedlock a Win for Kenyan Women? AboutKike Tele is an initiative that seeks to tell stories by and for African women with the aim to spark constructive conversations and inspire positive change. In human form they can eat human foods, but prefer raw meat, especially human, warm off the bone.
Ants clearly act as individuals and exhibit leadership.  But, groups of ants can do remarkable feats together such as the fire ant raft. Even children call each other ‘fat’ all the time because they have been ascribed to society’s description of the word as being extremely negative. One of the things that suck about being human is the constant search of the reason behind things that happen to us.
A possessed chosen is easier to protect, for their maker always knows where they are and what they are thinking. Witch demons can also morph their body in various ways as they will as they master their form shifting. If all you do is hang around negative people, in this case people who make you feel bad about your size; you will never feel any differently about yourself. If this process is repeated once chosen is 'made,' chosen becomes dominated under the power of their maker's will.

For instance, if food is discovered, more ants will be sent to this location within minutes. Soon you will begin to agree with them and remember, that human brain, it can mess you up in all kinds of ways. There are very few genetic conditions that are linked to being overweight and even then, there are ways to manage it. These witches move on the coils of their tail, and push off from their tails to strike out rapidly.
You need to learn how to kill people with your “I know what I look like and it’s none of your business” attitude.
I know someone who woke up one day, packed her bags and moved to a different country to get away from a toxic environment. Chosen wakens feeling as if they are on fire inside and out, only it is a fire of a bitter ice cold heat, far hotter than any fire, and yet which does not burn flesh, but the soul, laying Hell's mark on their soul for eternity. Do not by any means go shouting around town how “bootylicious and all about curves” you are.
It paints you as being a tad bit insecure, trust me if you are in any way bootylicious, everyone else already knows you are.
Create new circles of positive people, leave that toxic man, and chuck your deuces to it all.
Then afterwards you can throw stones at Italy for pizza, Kim Kardashian for several reasons and the people who came up with all sorts of canned food and booze. So stop putting on parachutes and tents and walk into a store, find out what real-people clothes look like! There are bigger problems in the world than those pants that don’t fit, like missing daughters, dying children, massacres, Kenyan socialites etc. The reality is, if you want to be unhappy because of your weight, the world is not going to stop and give you a hug.

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