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Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard. Do you think that facebook tracks the stuff that people type and then erase before hitting <enter>? Facebook calls these unposted thoughts "self-censorship," and insights into how it collects these nonposts can be found in a recent paper written by two Facebookers.
The study examined aborted status updates, posts on other people's timelines, and comments on others' posts. Facebook, on the other hand, is analyzing thoughts that we have intentionally chosen not to share. It is not clear to the average reader how this data collection is covered by Facebook's privacy policy. In their article, Das and Kramer claim to only send back information to Facebook that indicates whether you self-censored, not what you typed. This may be closer to the recent revelation that the FBI can turn on a computer's webcam without activating the indicator light to monitor criminals. So Facebook considers your thoughtful discretion about what to post as bad, because it withholds value from Facebook and from other users. Jennifer Golbeck is director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab and an associate professor at the University of Maryland.

For example, if you use Gmail, your draft messages are automatically saved as you type them. The Facebook rep I spoke with agreed that the company isn’t collecting the text of self-censored posts.
Das and Kramer argue that self-censorship can be bad because it withholds valuable information. Facebook studies this because the more its engineers understand about self-censorship, the more precisely they can fine-tune their system to minimize self-censorship’s prevalence. Facebook monitors those unposted thoughts to better understand them, in order to build a system that minimizes this deliberate behavior. 15, 2013: This article was updated to include the fact that Das and Kramer's paper was published at the International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media in addition to being posted online.
16, 2013: This article was updated to clarify that it is the browser code, not Facebook, that reads whatever you type. 27, 2014: The author of this piece is serving as a technical witness in a patent lawsuit against Facebook. That code automatically analyzes what you type into any text box and reports metadata back to Facebook.
Even if you close the browser without saving, you can usually find a (nearly) complete copy of the email you were typing in your Drafts folder.

Typing and deleting text in a box could be considered a type of interaction, but I suspect very few of us would expect that data to be saved. The difference is that the FBI needs a warrant but Facebook can proceed without permission from anyone. If someone chooses not to post, they claim, "[Facebook] loses value from the lack of content generation." After all, Facebook shows you ads based on what you post. Most of us have, at one time or another, started writing something and then, probably wisely, changed our minds. When I reached out to Facebook, a representative told me that the company believes this self-censorship is a type of interaction covered by the policy.
The same code Facebook uses to check for self-censorship can tell the company what you typed, so the technology exists to collect that data it wants right now. While it may be uncomfortable that the NSA has access to our private communications, the agency is are monitoring things we have actually put online.
Facebook users don't expect their unposted thoughts to be collected, nor do they benefit from it.

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