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I kinda always thought that Lightning was either the female version of Cloud, or the child of Cloud and Tifa.
You can ask for help with your account, report a problem, or ask some other question to us here. They should make her wash and wax the cops police car for punishment.Sound like the cop did his job and I applaud that!
For those interested in the VMF girls, and they seem to be aimed at a certain audience, there is some good info on Dollie Sanctuary and at Tentacle Armada (nsfw),The various bodies all use the Obitsu 50cm skeleton but the various letters type b, d, e etc denote different bodies, and the hip, waist chest sizes can vary a lot, some manufacturers of clothes specify the body type they will actually fit.All of them are more developed and sculpted, is the only way I can describe it, than dollfie dreams or obitsus People seem to love or hate themIt's nice to see them being discussed!

Mio uses the type B body which is the one I am really looking for but they do not appear very often, and then its for silly money.There have been a few VMF50s up on mandarake recently and a Nao sold in the last 2 or 3 days, I was watching her but did not have the cash handy, she had been there for a while, they currently have 2 Risas, a Miho and an Ami amongst others. A sequel is gonna be hard, since it's based on the movies, but if they think they can pull that off, they can do that too. Either way, she was the best part of ff13 and the only character who didn't annoy me to tears.
Homeworld2's graphics for awesome for it's time and it is probably the best 3 dimensional RTS game ever made.
I tried going to 4-chin and this guy gave me a link that went to a picture of a man who had been squished by a boulder.For fuck sake, go away.

Battleship is the game of this current generation!!!Its a lame first person shooter that cuts corners where ever and when ever it can has the same mission over and over again every ones face is completely covered and its been over amped just like the movie.

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