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How to talk to a girl for the first time, without making it look like you’re hitting on her? Before you figure how to start a conversation with a girl, click here to read the introduction on how to attract women because quite frankly, there’s just no great conversations without the spark of attraction!
One of the best ways to have a successful conversation with a girl, is by not surprising her all of a sudden.
The sudden pick up may work now and then, but there are always safer and more easier methods if you want to know how to start a conversation with a woman. That way, if she reciprocates your stares, she’s anticipating you and wondering when you’re going to walk up and say hello! Now that you know the basic rules on how to start a conversation with a girl and how to warm her up even before talking, let’s take a look at a few common scenarios and strategies you can use when you may bump into a beautiful girl. You’re at a supermarket  and you have no idea where to pick up all the ingredients to make a chicken stroganoff. Scenario 2: Start a conversation with a girl shopping in the store, and ask the pretty girl to help you out with your shopping.
Anyways, believe it or not, the shopping girl would love to help you shop, and she would also love to give you her secret recipe to make it taste even better. The next time you go shopping for clothes alone, make it a point to ask the pretty maiden shopping by herself (if you ever find one shopping by herself!) if the shirt you just tried looks good on you.
The world is full of opportunities to meet wonderful women, and start a beautiful relationship with them. A girl is attracted to your personality more than anything else (a theory made by ugly men, which does seem true by the way).
How to talk to a girl for the first time, without making it look like you’re hitting on her? I’ve been in love with a really nice Christian girl for about a year now and I see her usually 2-3 times a week at Bible Study, Youth Group, and Church.
Im in my 3ed year in college and recently i’ve been having a crush on a girl in her end of her 1st year ! There is a girl i love so much in my computer school, we are of the same age, and she is really beautifull. It could all be in my head, but the way she greets me and smiles at me, i don’t really see her doing the same thing for other customers.

I need some help please, you see, I am 14 (almost 15)and I have a big problem (at least that is how I see it) on my hands. It’s easy to learn how to start a conversation with a girl as long as you know the basic steps. And it’s always flattering when someone of the opposite sex starts a conversation with you, isn’t it? Look at her now and then, warm her up to the act, and let her know that you intend to walk up and say hello to her, eventually. For instance, let’s assume you want to know how to start a conversation with a girl at the supermarket. It is said that opportunity knocks only once, but if you want to, you can find endless ways to create perfect opportunities for yourself. If you seem confident and charming and approach the woman in a very pleasant manner, she would be pleased to have met someone who has the courtesy to appreciate her company. Like us on Facebook Twitter Pinterest and we promise, we’ll be your lucky charm to a beautiful love life. Girls love to shop and it is an easy way for a shy guy like me to have plenty to talk about.
This very nice looking young lady at the checkout counter works there and for a while now i have been noticing things, things other women working behind the checkout counter don’t do. The problem is that its pretty crowded in this supermarket most of the time, and chances of more customers standing behind me are pretty big, making a short conversation with her pretty difficult.
I have been in love with and been friends with a girl for two years now, she knows about my feelings but wants to stay friends. In such cases, the girl may be so startled that she may instinctively turn you down without even getting a second to think about you as a person. See, this can actually work a lot better because you’re creating an interest before starting a conversation. You could even ask her to help you cook the meal and join you for lunch, and whatever that follows.
Chances are she may even help you pick a nice tee for yourself (so what if it was a two grand designer sweatshirt at the end of the month). Another fact is that I have philosophy degree, I try to understand them, listen to them and back up thoughts of their friends.

She is very pretty, and as I was leaving( because I spent the night at my new place) I ran into her. Most of the time its me her n a guy dat is much younger dan we do in the classroom nd things will just look boring nd she really gets bored nd i know its my responsibility 2 start a conversation 2 make her lively but the problem is dat am nt gud in starting conversations or keeping a conversation nd its really making it hard 4 me 2 express my mind.
Last year at this same place they organized something what they called Supermarket Dating, basically they gave you a rose and let you walk around the supermarket, and giving you the chance to spark a conversation with someone that had a rose too. Anyway, yesterday I was at a harmony day event and I saw a girl that was absolutely stunning and I sort of froze up around her, but I really wanted to talk with her and get her number and keep talking. The fear that I like someone who does not like me has given me heartache for the whole year and has severely impacted my studies.
When the customer leaves and i’m next, she smiles in a way that to me seems like she is interested in me, and i am also interested in her.
I then kinda assumed that she might say she’s doing good and asking in return how i am doing.
How can I see if she likes me back without jeopardizing the friendly (albeit quiet) relationship we have now? I really try not to focus on the fact that I am attracted to a girl or that she is a looker. But so far i’ve only greeted her each time with a smile, i then say goodbye and i leave. I still had that rose though, so i went up to a lady at the checkout counter and randomly with a smile on my face gave her that rose. I mean, she is your roomie, so you wouldn’t want to rush into things and make things uncomfortable.
If they do this kind of thing again, i could give the rose to her and say something nice and friendly. And im tryin to follow what you’ve mentioned above by making repetitive eye contact ! Earlier i found her facebook profile (was in the suggestion list) n we had 9 mutual friends , im not sure if i should message her or add her yet?

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