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The hype and controversy over Google Glass may fade as people began a migration to a more sensible wearable that would best fit everyday situations, like the Apple Watch.
Google Glass, a wearable computer that can record or capture images of life events, send texts, browse the web, receive navigational information and much more. Apple, on the other hand, has so far steered clear of the eyewear market and instead combined the fitness digital wearable with a timepiece to release the Watch. Apple’s Watch takes the approach of tying in a number of useful technology functions and packing them into a wearable device that people should be use to seeing, a simple wrist watch.
Google wants wearers of Glass to expand on how the internet is used by people every day and attempt to seamlessly integrate it into a useful platform.
To avoid the distracted driving while wearing Google Glass, Google may research a of driving mode, which would limit wearers to only navigation when behind the wheel of a car, or disable the device all together when driving. Thank you for contacting Concordia University.Congratulations on taking the first step toward earning your advanced education degree! One of our experienced Enrollment Specialists will be contacting you shortly by phone to answer any questions you may have about our programs. Students define freedom based on three freedom-themed speeches and make an argument about a current political topic referencing their definition and citations from the speeches. Students will be able to analyze and synthesize three texts in order to define “freedom”, a theme central to all three texts.

Students will be able to apply their definition, using evidence from the three texts, to current, real-life issues and topics.
Students will understand that applying general, agreed-upon principles to specific, real-life cases may lead to differing interpretations and policy choices. Read FDR’s “State of the Union Address,” Learned Hand’s “I Am an American Day Address,” and Ronald Reagan’s “Address to Students at Moscow State University” as excerpted1. From the first views of people donning the Google eyewear, people were concerned about public safety and privacy. The Watch allows the wearer to stay connected to their mobile devices without the science fiction looking headset distracting people around them. Unlike the science fiction like appearance of Google Glass, Watch can connect the wearer with their email, texts, maps, photos and offers health and fitness options.
The concern is that while in a car, a driver wearing Glass may be distracted by the information that is coming through the eyepiece display. Until that day arrives, the digital wearables battle between the Apple Watch and Google Glass will continue with supporters of each device voicing opinions on which is best.
It was the new tech device to hit the market and some either loved the tech wearable or hated it. And the Apple Watch, in an attempt to best the competition, offers a number of similar functions that Google Glass offers, minus the video recording or image capture from whatever the wearer is viewing.

While having turn by turn navigation right in front of the individual behind the wheel may appear to be a smart idea, the concern is that text messages, emails, or a number of other notifications that may pop up on the display could cause distracted driving.
With the device on the wearers wrist, glancing at it while driving to follow a map or view a notification could still offer an unnecessary distraction while driving. Now a study from the University of Central Florida indicates that using the Google wearable may be as dangerous as texting while driving. One option that seems obvious would be when setting navigation to the Watch, either by receiving directions through an email or by telling Siri, Apple’s digital iOS assistant, what destination a route should be created for, once entering a car with built-in or added on navigation systems, the Watch should have the ability to share that information. However, that did not stop other companies, like Samsung and Sony to start developing and testing their own tech eyewear. That feature would require a cooperation with Apple and navigation manufacturers to integrate that feature, and it may not be out of the question since Siri has already made it into some automotive manufacturers’ cars.

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