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1)    Open the messages app and go to the conversation or messages group you want to forward. When you’ve selected all the text or iMessages you want to forward, the look at the bottom of the Messages screen in the right hand corner and you will see an arrow.
7)    When you’ve selected all the text or iMessages you want to forward, the look at the bottom of the Messages screen in the right hand corner and you will see an arrow.
This is just one of multiple different tips and tricks that are available to make everyday tasks in iOS7 more simple. The above method works great for dealing with unwanted text messages from people who you have in your contacts.
When you receive an unsolicited text or advertisement, then you are the unfortunate victim of phone spam. You can create your own list of email addresses you’d like to either whitelist (Allow list) or blacklist.
One of the benefits of having Verizon Wireless as your carrier is the ability to block calls and messages without an additional fee.
Tip: By sending help to 9999, you’ll receive a help message from Sprint on how to use assorted shortcodes. If you are jailbroken and don’t mind the investment of $12, there’s been plenty good said about iBlacklist and it’s ability to prevent incoming calls and messages. Armed with two ways to block unwanted SMS and iMessages, iOS 7 or later makes it easy to receive messages only from friends and family.
For those who are on the fence about jumping outside of Apple's ecosystem and testing another mobile platform, you'll first need to deal with disabling iMessage. After disabling iMessage on any and all devices you use it on in addition to your iPhone, you can now turn it off on your phone. Wait a couple of minutes after disabling iMessage on your iPhone and then send a text message to a contact. A scorned ex-iPhone user is suing Apple over lost text messages that she is not able to receive after switching from an iOS device to a smartphone on another platform.
The suit, filed in a San Jose court and seeking class action status, comes after Apple began acknowledging this glitch earlier this month. For switchers, as we had noted in the past, one way to workaround this glitch is to de-activate the iMessage service manually in the iPhone's settings before removing your SIM card and placing it in a non-Apple device.
Another solution that is being proposed as a temporary fix by AppleCare staff is to have iPhone users delete the contact of their switching friends and then re-adding them manually.
Apple has confirmed that the issue is affecting a "fraction of a percent" of iMessage users and says it will be issuing an update to fix the problem soon.
The issue, which has been discussed at length in some of Apple's forums, has been solved for some by restarting the phone.
Since the launch of iOS 7 two weeks ago, reaction to the software has been overwhelmingly positive, save for battery issues and some reporting that the new animations and zooms make them feel ill. Previous versions of iOS required you contact your carrier or use a third-party application that often required you jailbreak your iPhone.

This allows you to send SMS messages using your cellular network or free messages using Apple’s iMessage service, which works over WiFi. If you have multiple phone numbers, iMessage email accounts, iOS will automatically add them all to your blocked list. According to AT&T, a large portion of these messages are sent from the Internet to your iPhone, so they are actually sent via an email message. It offers a host of features, but most notably the ability to block incoming, outgoing calls and text messages.
If you’re looking to avoid people from contacting you, you might want to consider learning how to block calls in iOS 8.
Apple's proprietary messaging platform connects your phone number, email address(es) and Apple ID to Apple's servers. The process is the same as it was on the iPad: Launch Settings, tap on Messages, slide the iMessage switch to Off. Apple's iMessage service doesn't de-activate the iMessage service when a user switches to a non-Apple phone. This should remove the associated telephone number from the iMessage server and force messages sent from a friend's iPhone to be routed as a traditional SMS or MMS message. Various users have reported that they have had issues sending and receiving the messages after updating to the latest iOS 7 software. Text messages are sending without fail, however, failed iMessages don't seem to be sending as text messages, as they usually do if the iMessage service is down.
With magnificent features like Markup, bubble & screen effects, third-party App Store and more, the Messages has been redesigned for a fabulous messaging experience.
Now, you will see the options to share songs from Apple Music, Classic Mac stickers as well as some handwritten phrases. Find out how to jailbreak your iPhone and install Message Customizer iOS 7 jailbreak tweak here. It was frustrating for people, who rightly so, expected Apple’s iPhone to handle such an easy request.
Sign into myVerizon and select I want to… “Block Calls and Messages” and enter up to (5) phone numbers.
Once enabled, you can message fellow Apple users from all of your Apple devices without skipping a beat. You will know its a text message when the green Send button shows up to the right of the text field. In this case, messages do not get delivered and the service thinks that the message should be routed as an iMessage rather than a traditional SMS or MMS, meaning that switchers away from Apple would not receive messages from their iOS counterparts. As it is not only an iMessage-only feature, you can send animated GIFs to Android users via text messaging as well.
In iOS 7 there are quite a few useful tricks and tips that can help you do simple tasks more easily. If you are receiving unwanted texts from ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, telemarketers, having an iPhone often led to frustration.

If you are receiving texts from an individual that you would like to block, there are two ways to block them.
It’s intended to be more of a parental control, but these enhanced features will prevent harassing text or phone calls.
The platform is fast, reliable and offers a better experience than standard text messaging. Also, the bubble for the message you just sent will be green instead of the usual blue.Make the switchI know the above steps seem like a lot of work, but in reality it only takes a couple of minutes. In this case, messages will get "lost" in the cloud and the switching party will not receive said messages. One very useful one I’ve found is having the ability to forward multiple text messages or iMessages to other people. Things have changed with iOS 7 and it is now incredibly easy to block text messages in iOS 8.
But it is known for causing issues when a user decides to leave iOS behind and jump ship to another platform. If you’ve wanted to know how to forward multiple text messages or iMessages in iOS 7 then this is the tutorial for you. In other words, go through the above steps before heading to a carrier store and buying a shiny new Android device or activating a new device that just arrived via FedEx.If after following the above steps you have contacts reporting they still can't send you messages, ask them to force a couple messages through as text.
Incoming messages from iOS users are lost in an iMessage blackhole, undelivered to your new device. They can do this from their iOS device by long pressing on the blue message they attempted to send and selecting Send as Text Message.
Two or three messages in quick succession usually forces a device to recognize you no longer use iMessage.
We've covered various methods for making the switch as easy as possible, but here's my routine for disabling iMessage. As someone who switches between Android and iOS on a regular basis, I've had plenty of attempts at making the transition as smooth as possible. Recently, I found the right combination of steps that make the process painless for myself and those I regularly message. Assuming you own an iPad or Mac (or both) here are the instructions for either device.On a Mac, this is done in the Messages app.
Select your iMessage account from the list on the left, then click on the checkbox next to Enable this account to remove the checkmark and disable your iMessage account on your Mac. Launch the Settings app, tap on Messages and slide the iMessage switch to the Off position.
After completing the steps below and verifying your phone number has been removed from Apple's iMessage servers you can turn the service back on on either device, using only an email address for sending and receiving messages.

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