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It is very easy to send free sms without any advertisements using yahoo maila€™s inbuilt chat system. Note 2 – The maximum length for a sms is 158 characters which includes spaces as well. Note 3 – This feature is free but you can send maximum five messages to a person until he replies. Note 4 – The pricing of replying to a message depends on your mobile service provider. Send sms text messages aim free techrecipes, Aim is an easy and free way to send sms text messages. Sending text message from yahoo messenger is what we have been doing from a long time but only when its installed on a computer.

It opens a new text message box which is similar to your new compose mail and it looks liek chat box. Though the messaging from inbox is free but thereis a limit that the person should reply you back from his mobile device. A Professional Tech blogger, Editor and Writer who talks about solving day to day problems of people who use computer.
Our handy guide will have you sending free text messages to friends and family in just three easy steps!To get started, select the “Action” tab at the top of the Yahoo! To do this, click on the status message (It is next to your welcome message, say, Hi Chris) on the top left part of the yahoo mail interface and choose Available. Messenger users can also press “Ctrl” + “T” on their keyboards to launch free text messaging on Yahoo.

Once you have entered their telephone number, pressing “Ok” will save the number for future use.
Note: Your contacts will likely incur charges for each text message received by their cell carrier.

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