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Apple has acknowledged the existence of an iMessage bug that makes text messages disappear for users moving to another phone. The problem arises when a user switches from using an iPhone to another phone with the same number. Apple recommends users turn off the iMessage feature on their iPhones before switching to a non-Apple device. If you want separate iMessage accounts for each device, you will need to create separate Apple ID's for each device, these can be created for free in the iMessage original set up screen. If you want to have all devices use one iMessage account then you need to input the same Apple ID details into each device iMessage setup page. If your contact isn't using iMessage and you're sending to their Apple ID email address, you'll see a redbubble around their name with an "X" next to it indicating that it's not a valid iMessage address.
I personally never knew I could manually send a text message (save for turning off Wi-Fi and cellular data) so this tip is pretty useful for me.
There are a host of hidden debug settings in iOS that developers, security researchers, hackers, and others use to analyze data and fix errors.
What you do with that information is entirely up to you, but there’s definitely some room for learning and exploration here. Once you’ve installed, the new diagnostic settings will appear under each associated section of the iOS Settings app. No jailbreak is required to use these, but thanks to the renowned jailbreaker Chronic for bringing the debuggers to the public. As mentioned earlier in the message settings you can find an option "Send Read Receipts" by enabling this the sender of the message know when you read the message. Another cool thing about iMessage is the indicators that let you know that both users are on the service.
When pasting in links, you would previously be accustom to a URL with no preview or idea of what the website looks like to your recipient. Better still, if you are pasting in a YouTube video link you can watch the video directly through the Messages app.

Join our mailing list and receive more of the latest mobile news and tips straight to your inbox. The app only works with other iMessage users and will default to texting if the recipient doesn't have iMessage. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. If you've ever sent a text message with your iPhone, you already know how to send an iMessage -- it uses the same Messages app.
You may also notice that you can start typing someone's name in the 'to' field and a blue bubble will auto-populate next to addresses or phone numbers that are iMessage ready. And to be quite honest, it’s a very, very handy technique to send out a message to a concerned recipient if you have something important pending on your list.
While most normal users won’t care to look through their iMessage logs, the more inquisitive may feel dangerous enough to try. Doing so will allow you to send and receive iMessages from your e-mail address, instead of your phone number. This is as easy as creating an iMessage session and adding all the users you want to include in the chat.
To do so, you’ll need to type your message or select your image, then before hitting the blue arrow to send your iMessage across, tap and hold the button instead. Once you’ve tapped the icon, words in your message that can be associated with a relevant Emoji will appear highlighted in a gold colour. With the new Messages update in iOS 10, iMessage now automatically pulls in the main image from the website and provides a nice preview for your recipient. This means you can now watch videos directly in Messages without having to open up the YouTube app or browser. To do so, tap on the camera button to the left-hand side of your text box and the camera will operate.
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If you have multiple iOS 5 devices then you will need to think about how you want them to work. You will still receive an iMessage sent to your phone number, but when you reply it will be sent from your e-mail address. Again, they must have iMessage, so this may not be all that commonly used until all your friends have the service. This is nice, because you can also know whether or not you are using standard text instead of iMessage (when Send as SMS option on). More than likely, you would want one account that stays in sync across all of your devices.
Instead, it appears to be a simple bug that can be easily rectified with a quick bit of tinkering.
If you accidentally send a Tapback, you can remove it by holding down the iMessage with the Tapback that you want to change.
Gentle writes the message in a small font that slowly reverts back to the default size font, and finally the invisible ink option hides your message until your recipient swipes to reveal it. Then tap the Tapback you want to remove, for example if you want to remove the heart, tap the heart.
When you tap and hold to get the effects up, you can also switch from Bubble to Screen at the top and apply full-screen effects, complete with audio. This fix also worked for my wife and a co worker.CoyoteDenIs it really necessary to Reset Network Settings?
That has the annoying side-effect of forgetting saved wifi networks.bsdfmThis only works for ~1 day.

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