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Gordon's Information, Communications and Engineering Technologies Blog: Why Are My iPhone Text Messages Sometimes Blue and Sometimes Green? Green messages on your iPhone use a voice text protocol called Short Message Service (SMS).
Now here's the big advantage - you don't need a text message plan to send and receive iMessage based texts.
You or your friend are in a place where there is no cellular data signal but there is a voice network signal. You send a message to someone not on the same network as you and only one of you has an iPhone. The people you are sending to may not have iMessage enabled even though they do have an Apple device.
Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are solely those of the author. Recently in Feb, 2011 Google introduced the 2-step verification process for a more secure and better control over your Google Account.
Some desktop apps and other mobile apps, can’t take the verification code received on your phone and they need to be entered a username and password.
You can either follow the video below to understand the intricacies of the process or go down below the video to see the instructions in word format. First, go to your G-mail account and from the drop-down, next to your e-mail id or name,  select Account Settings.
You need to select the Landline or mobile phone option to get a text message (SMS) or voice call of your verification code. You’ll get 10 backup verification codes to use, in-case you loose your phone or you are travelling on a plane and forgot your mobile or smartphone.
You also need add another mobile or landline phone number as a backup to get codes, in case your phone gets stolen or lost. For some applications like mobile Gmail, desktop Picasa, Adwords Editor etc, they cannot ask for verification codes. Your configuration details will be displayed and will be asked to Turn on 2-step verification. Now when you want to login to your Google Account, you’ll need to enter your normal password and after that enter the verification code sent to your phone. Once you’re logged in you’ll shown the services that are connected to your Google Account and the option to revoke access to these services, if any are there. You’ll also be given the option to create an application-specific password, when you click on Generate password. Your application-specific password will be generated and you need to enter this password into your desktop application like Outlook, where verification codes don’t work. Once you decided, it’s an annoying feature entering codes twice to login into your account, you can turn off this feature. I am not able to get verification code because  i can not have access on both phones duo to lost of cell phone.

If you’re account is locked after 2-step verification is done, you can use the 10 backup verification codes to re-enter your account. If you only want to know how to access voice mail on LG Exalt VN360, you want to change the Ringtones, want to turn on the bluetooth, open text message and send SMS, using Camera, using Mobile Email, or leran to use Backup Assistant, you only need to read the Quick Reference Guide of LG Exalt — known also as Quick Start Guide (GSG). You also only need a QSG if you just want to know the location of each keys and button on the LG Exalt just like the image that we shared above. From page 48 to page 76 of the User Manual of LG Exalt, you can also learn how to use My Verizon, Master Volme, Bluetooth, SOunds, Display, Phone settings, Call settings, and also learn to use the phone in US Mode. You can play MP4, 3GP, 3G2, WMV video format on Exalt, and for Music formats, it supports MP3, WMA, AAC and AAC+ format.
Because the LG Exalt is bundled with Verizon wireless, there no need for you to know how to insert the SIM card.
Using Download Manager would give you a stable download process on downloading the PDF File.
I say that as a result of Now on Tap killed the swipe-up gesture that used to get you into Google Now.
Now, on any phone with Now on Tap enabled, a long-press on the house button from your house display (with any launcher operating) opens a Google Now overlay with shortcuts for surroundings reminders, alarms, and timers, or developing new occasions, and your Now playing cards. This can be a giant deal as it now provides each and every unmarried phone with any launcher provide, fast get right of entry to to Google Now. Wednesday Poll: Do You Still Use Your Smartwatch?Aug 17, 2016, Comments Off on Wednesday Poll: Do You Still Use Your Smartwatch?
Our wine cellar is a hight tech cooler equipment which is similar to stroing the wines in cellar. No comment here, please write a first comment for this product LG Internet Refrigerator GR-D267DTU ! Do not post business enquiry here, click Get a quote to contact the supplier if you want to buy it.
He wasn’t sure what he was doing, all he knew was that it was getting harder to hide his feelings for her. SMS was developed way back in 1982 and designed to run on voice networks using a separate channel used for signaling. For example, you've got an AT&T account and your friend has a Verizon Wireless account. Not for long with "free" services like iMessage and this is rapidly becoming a problem for the providers. I'm Gordon, past director of the National Center for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT Center, formerly the National Center for Telecommunications Technologies or NCTT) current associate director at the National Center for Optics and Photonics Education. For such type of apps, Google generates a specific password called application-specific password which you can enter into your app once and use it forever, without memorizing at all. If you’re using an smartphone application like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone etc you need to use the Google Authenticator app to get the verification code. Once you re-enter your account, you can cancel the 2-step verification completely, if you want!

All you need to know is how to assemble the 900mAh battery and also how to insert the memory card slot.
As you release Google Now on Tap from your house display this morning, Google will now display you the Google Now playing cards you've gotten to be had. To get to Google Now, you both had to release Now on Tap after which faucet the Google button, use the Google Now Launcher and get right of entry to it by means of the house display, or create some kind of shortcut to both the Google app or thru your third birthday celebration launcher. Whilst you'll be able to’t swipe away the playing cards you spot right here, they're to be had with as a lot knowledge as you get from inside of the Google Now display. He knew she very well could reject him but he was a man of honesty if anything, and he was past the point of hiding. Technically SMS was easy to implement and, with the popularity of mobile phones, it became very popular really fast.
You can use IP based text services like iMessage on cellular data networks along with WiFi networks and your computer.
SMS has been a huge cash cow for wireless providers earning an estimated $114.6 billion in 2010. These centers are both National Science Foundation funded Advanced Technological Education Resource Centers of Excellence. The second code is an verification code sent to your phone, which you’ll configure or setup with Google. These application-specific passwords need to be entered only once for each application and don’t need to be memorized. But completely by-passing the SMS procedure, is not what Google intends to do, so there is no way out, I think!
The Exalt’s camera also provided with ability to upload the images directly to facebook or other social network.
As an alternative of getting to swipe into Google Now or create a Google shortcut to it or another work-around, a long-press on your phone’s house button gets you proper into it. In different phrases, the ease of get entry to Google Now used to be killed in prefer of Now on Tap and it by no means will have to were in case you take into accounts lately’s addition. Messages are limited in length 160 characters and as a result many of us have learned to abbreviate words using text-speak shorthand. So this makes you an unique person who can login into your Google Account, stopping all hacking and other nonsense, providing more security to your account. Thus, the User Manual written by LG for Exalt VN360 is also not quite deep on the explanation of the phone’s features and capabilities, except for its basic functions.

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