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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard. Believe it or not this is an actual syndrome, this term, text neck, was first coined by a chiropractor in Florida. I have written a number of blogs on posture and how important it is for those of you in office jobs to ensure you maintain a good posture during your working day.
Irish people are amongst the biggest “texters” in the world. According to ComReg (2012), on average, over a billion text messages were sent every month in the first six months of 2012. The most frequent texters in Britain are 12-15 year olds, who send an average of 193 texts a week – almost four times as many as the population as a whole. As result, people who are frequently hunched over their mobile phones are more prone to experience headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain.  The curving of the body to read and send text messages is subjecting people to these painful postural conditions.
Unfortunately with the growing popularity of social media and mobile phones we are now not only spending 8 hours a day hunched over our desk in work, but also now spending every spare minute hunched over our phones after work.
I am seeing more and more people with this condition, call it what you like Text Neck or Forward Head Posture, it is a very painful condition that needs quite a lot of time and effort for clients to reverse. Modify the position of the device: If it is a phone try to hold it up at eye level, if it is a laptop in work again try to use a monitor placed at eye level.
Take breaks: Be aware that you’re using these devices all day so force yourself to take a break and to change or alter your position. Physical fitness: Developing a strong, flexible back, neck and shoulders will help you deal with abnormal stresses and reduce postural issues. If you would like to learn more or make an appointment please contact me at Range of Motion Physical Therapy, Lucan Dublin.
I am really enjoying the Pilates classes with Andy, he pays attention to everyone in the group so you know if you are holding yourself correctly or not.
Periodic Table of the Internet Puts Most Popular Websites in a Chart Tech Guides About Us Work 08 Sep 2009 Periodic Table of the Internet Here is a list of the most popular Internet sites arranged as a Periodic Table (the one from your Chemistry class). Touch screens are everywhere we look these days, but they’ve actually been around for a lot longer than you might think. One of the first ways touchscreens were deployed was for the PLATO project, originally built by the University of Illinois as a computer-based education system. Released in 1983, the HP-150 was the world’s earliest commercial touchscreen computer. GRiD was a pioneer in mobile computing, and many of the technologies in today’s notebooks, tablets, and handhelds would not exist had it not been for them.

Pilot was the name of the first generation of PDAs manufactured by Palm Computing in 1996 (then a division of U.S.
Introduced to the market in 1999, the Sequoia Voting Systems’ AVC Edge touchscreen voting machine is a freestanding unit that allow voters to select their choices electronically. The Nintendo DS (which stands for dual-screen) released in 2004, is the first touchscreen handheld gaming system. Apple announced the iPhone on January 9, 2007, nearly 15 years after the IBM Simon was first shown. In 2007, Microsoft announced Surface, a table computer that uses multi-touch technology to allow several users, using their fingers (up to 52), to simultaneously manipulate images and other data right on the screen. This is a beautiful set of icons, but I have an issue … you’ve grafted a Newton OS 2.x screenshot onto a first generation MessagePad. Great compilation, and great icons, but I must agree with Jon that the Pronto should be on the list.
An important milestone missing seems to be the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet announced at the Linux World Summit in New York City on May 25, 2005. You should add the Korg Trinity to the list, first musical instrument ever with a touch screen with a nice GUI, made in 1997 if I’m not wrong. It’s defined as overuse syndrome involving the head, neck and shoulders, usually resulting from excessive strain on the spine from looking in a downward position at hand held devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players, e-books and tablets.
This issue is now starting to extend itself to all of us as we all increase our use of hand held devices and communicate by text.
However, the condition has been around long before the first mobile phone.  The more commonly known postural issue, Forward Head Posture is as a result of us being bent over our desks to glare at the computer screen all day.
With the high levels of training required unfortunately I picked up a few injuries, thankfully Andy was at hand to help me though the injuries. As a customer I always feel I am getting value for money in both the treatment itself and in the knowledge that Andy is always up skilling to become aware of the best treatment for customers.
Periodic Table of the Internet Click on the image for the detailed version of the periodic table.
Its 9-inch Sony CRT was surrounded by infrared transmitters and receivers that detected the position of any non-transparent object on the screen. The company sought to create the world’s first touchscreen-based home automation system. Its built-in handwriting recognition was the Newton’s most unique and interesting ability. The clamshell design has two LCD screens inside — with the bottom one sensitive to touch.

It can also sense and interact with objects like cameras, phones, water glasses, and even paintbrushes that are placed on top of it. A machine designed to handle browsing, email, photos, video, music, games, and eBooks better than any laptop or smartphone on their own. The original MessagePad (OMP) and MessagePad 100 (MP100) devices could not run NOS 2.x and therefore many of the GUI elements and applications in the screenshot are incorrect. Pilates would be an ideal exercise to help maintain strength to help prevent  these postural issue developing.
In addition, to getting expert advise on how to prevent future pain, I would also prescribe quick and easy daily exercises.
Unity Systems’ Home Manager was introduced in 1985 and was produced by the company until 1999. It included a calendar, address book, world clock, calculator, note pad, e-mail, and games.
The touchscreen allows users to interact with in-game elements more directly than by pressing buttons. And with an available keyboard dock and plenty of apps just a touch away, the iPad will also serve a market of non-technical and new computer users.
Also, did you get permission from either Marcin Wichary or Mark Underwood for the use of the original screenshot?
We’ve corrected the Newton OS to keep the historical accuracy of this collection as accurate possible. I also teach correct posture both for the office and how to carry yourself on a daily basis. The Simon used a touchscreen and optional stylus to dial phone numbers, send faxes and write memos. The AVC Edge eliminates hanging chads, thereby reducing the number of unintentionally spoiled ballots. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker. Sleeping Time Twitter can reveal your sleeping schedule Hundred Zeros Kindle best-sellers that have gone free.

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