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Personalise textsThrough the Add Variable feature, you can personalize your message to address your client with their name, surname, email address, mobile, landline or fax number. Template SMS This function allows you to prepare a number of SMS templates that you might use in the future.
Choose the senderSpecify the name that your customers will see when they receive the message. View and download historyIn the history tab, you will find details regarding outgoing messages, including whether SMS were delivered or not.
Customize settingsThis is your control panel, where you can edit the time zones, international prefixes and manage the senders amongst other settings.
All rights reserved © The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of MAILBOX Group. Bulk SMS Software a€“ Professional is used to compose and send bulk text messages from your PC to other mobile phones with the use of Windows based Pocket PC devices or any GSM phones connected to your PC. If you are using GSM Technology based mobile phones (like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG etc) you can simply use text messaging software designed for GSM mobile phones to send sms in bulk numbers to other mobile phones from your PC in the easiest way.
Reliable and easy to use sms broadcasting utility provides best alternate from time consuming and costly telephonic services. You only need to connect the GSM based mobile phones to your PC and starts sending sms right now.
Software is easily installed on Windows OS machines including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server Editions (2008, 2003, 2000) etc. Bulk SMS Software for Windows Mobile Phones is used to create and send multiple sms from your PC to other mobile phones with the use of commonly used Pocket PC or Smart phone devices.
Utility allows you to create and send bulk SMS from PC to your customers via mobile phone connected to by Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center to national or International Mobile Networks. Supports all major Windows based mobile phones including Samsung, Nokia series, HP, HTC, LG, Acer, Asus and other similar manufactures. Improve communication - SMS is an extremely simple, efficient way to communicate with your target audience and customers.
Improve productivity - Faster than a phone call, quicker than messaging from a mobile - your valuable staff resources can be used in other areas. Improve customer service - Less intrusive than a phone call, personalized SMS message can help build long-term relationships with customers and staff. Requires fewer resources - You now dona€™t need to depend on costly telephonic services and can use bulk sms program to communicate with your customers. Pocket PC to Mobile Text Messaging (SMS) Software is unique text messaging software that enables to create and send bulk text messages from Windows OS based Pocket PC or PDA based mobile phone to other mobile phone quickly. The highly qualified Bulk sms software intends for business travelers and other organization to send the bulk SMS directly from Windows OS based mobile phone to other cell phones. Easy to use software is helpful to send bulk sms by using any Windows OS based smart phone including HTC, Nokia, Asus Pocket PC Phone, Hitachi Pocket PC phone, HP iPAQ, Motorola MPx200, Orange SPV E200 smartphone, Pantech PH-S8000T smartphone, Samsung Pocket PC phone etc. User can send bulk text messages from directly from Windows based smart phone devices to any other mobile phone. Broadcast text SMS to all international and national mobile phone networks without requiring any internet connection.

Bulk SMS software permits users to send individual or group sms from pc to other mobile phones via using BlackBerry mobile phones. Bulk sms sending application works with support for all national and international networks worldwide.
Excellently sends group business alerts, job alerts, interview alerts and social messages via pc to individuals or selected list of contacts using Blackberry mobile phones.
You can easily send text messages from pc to users anywhere in world without any internet connection.
PC to mobile sms utility easily works with all major Black Berry Smartphone Mobile Phone Models.
Acts as a reliable SMS broadcasting software which removes broadcasting load by providing options to send SMS using Delayed Delivery Options.
Best and easy to use Bulk SMS for Android technology based mobile phones is used to compose and send group sms from PC to group of mobile phones via using popularly used Android technology based mobile devices.
The advanced feature of software is capable to send text message in English and Non-English characters without any internet connection required. Download free sms software trial and understand bulk sms messaging software features and working. Exclusion list Wizard option that allows to maintain the Lists of contacts or Groups, which you may need to exclude time to time when sending messages.
Software provides advance option to skip duplicate number entries for error free sms messaging procedure.
Option to save sent message to templates and use templates later when required while sending bulk sms.
Software can be easily installed on all major Windows OS including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 etc.
ADB interface of your Android technology based mobile device should properly installed in your Computer. Make sure you have properly installed the drivers of your mobile device that you want to use for sending text messages. Bulk SMS Software for Pocket PC to mobile is the reliable utility that allows user to send bulk number of text messages from pocket PC device.
No internet connection is required to send bulk numbers of text messages from pocket PC device. Wire2Air Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is an end-to-end solution enabling businesess to deliver a rich MMS experience to customers. MMS, the Multimedia Messaging Service, is an advance way to send text messages that include pictures and videos to mobile phones.
The platform also offers suites of messaging applications for business communication which requires more than 160 characters. Application such as MMS to Email, Email to MMS creates an opportunity for field communication automation, call centers, or contact centers and productivity. There is a myth that only smartphones can send and receive MMS, but the fact is that even featured phone with camera can also send and receive MMS.
If you are having Microsoft Windows based or any GSM Technology based mobile phones, you can simply use such devices to broadcast thousands of sms (including personalized SMS, Event alert and notifications, Invitations, Season greetings, Promotional campaigns, Contacting employees, Job alerts etc)from your Laptop, Desktop system in one easy click.

Bulk SMS software is largely used in Retail Sector, Banks, Postal Services, Real Estate, Clubs, Education Institutes and other similar business organizations.
Best and simple to use SMS Broadcast and Group Text Messaging Software gives you best technique to stay in touch with you audience, family, customers in the best possible way.
Messaging Software is designed to broadcast thousands of sms from your PC without requiring any Internet connection. By using, text messaging software you can communicate with individuals or groups instantly by sending number of messages (including job alert notification, warm greetings, share market information, personalized messages and much more) quickly within short time period. Utility allows creating and sending messages to all national or international networks regardless of mobile phone subscription status. Software helps users to easily send unlimited text messages from pc to multiple mobile phone users with support for commonly used Blackberry mobile phone models. Just connect your BlackBerry mobile to laptop or pc through USB port using USB Connection Cable and you can send limitless SMS to your friends and relatives residing at any part of the world at an affordable price. Text messaging program provides excellent methodology to send multiple SMS in single mouse click from Laptop or Desktop PC in simplified way. Also software provides facility to save sent message to template which can be used later when required during SMS sending procedure. This software installed on your mobiles device and does not require PC to send bulk messages.
You can now combine text, pictures, photos, animations, speech and audio for the ultimate messaging experience.
Insurance claim adjuster can take picture of damage property and send as a picture MMS to back office for processing. This means that most mobile subscribers can send and receive video or Picture MMS on their mobile phones. Bulk Sms sending software is a perfect solution for all BlackBerry mobile users to send text alerts, personal messages etc from his own pc without any internet connection. Brands, advertisers, and businesses can deliver powerful messages with multimedia content and increase brand recognition, sales, promotions, and marketing.
The Wire2Air MMS platform converts a MMS message into a mobile link for non-supported networks and devices. Cost - Compared to alternative methods of communication, SMSs are very cost-effective, particularly when sending last-minute updates.3. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for marketers to interact with the mobile users. SMS isn’t caught up as spam - The good news is that inboxes don’t have a spam filter, meaning that if you use your SMS carefully, your customers will get all the important messages without feeling the need to unsubscribe!4. To the point - Deliver your most important news briefly and concisely, ensuring higher levels of attention from the end-users.5.

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