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Text messages that show a bride accidentally inviting a stranger to her wedding then trying to uninvite the guest - only to receive a message in reply that reads 'We still coming' - are fake. Two different fake screenshots appeared online showing the 'accidental invitation' - one which said the bride's name is 'Kirsten' and another which claimed her name was 'Kristen,' Buzzfeed pointed out.
Sparkes said 7262 was 'pretty gracious' for letting him and the Hicks' wedding party join in on the fun. In a sneaky bit of social engineering scareware pushers are registering convincing sounding monikers as Skype user names and attempting to lead people to rogue anti-malware sites. To the unwary, because of the well chosen user name, these messages appear to be something other than a stranger sending you a message, they appear to be some kind of real online notification. For the link to become active, please click on ‘Add to contacts’ skype button or type it in manually into your web browser ! 3 – Sit back and sip your cup of tea knowing you have done your bit in the fight against cybercrime today.

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I have been receiving these calls for over a year now and nobody seems to do anything about it. I noticed the one time I accepted the call, just by accepting the call my OWN personal anti-virus and spyware program went haywire. I blocked one of these numbers and checked the report abuse box, but they are still calling me over and over again. More than a year later, I just received much the same: I clicked (on my Mac screen) to answer an incoming Skype call and the thing talked to me, in computer-generated alarmist American tones. Grateful to the rest of you for confirming my assumption (always a bit unsettling) that this IS a scam.
I don’t remember the site name, I found it on google, it said that I have 160 worms in my C drive, 20 Trojans in My Documents and all, then it tried to install something with fake names, I just navigate away from that.

As I’m sure you have already guessed, these messages lead to fake anti-virus programs designed to extort cash from the victim. The same message appears with several different destination URLs, the advice in every case remains the same.
I had to hook up the phone adapter to a timer so that the phone won’t ring in the night anymore.
I get a call from them at the exact same time every day, even when I am invisible or set as offline.

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