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Since the first day I owned an iPad, I’ve wished for the ability to send people text messages.
The iPhone gets this too, but I actually wanted to mention what the iPad version is missing. Newsstand seems like a really great way to keep track of all of your magazine subscriptions. I would love to tell you all about the Multitasking Gestures for the iPad, but unfortunately they are unavailable on the iPad 1. While the addition of the year view in the calendar was just a small change, it really does come in handy. Another shared feature with iPhones, the notification center makes it just a little bit easier to use your iPad.
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A beautiful and warm birthday card for your loved one when you are not celebrating together. Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard. Air Gesture: If waving your hand over your phone to control it seems silly, you might be tempted to skip the Air Gesture settings altogether.
Motion Control: The more smartphones become the center of our lives, the less time we want to spend tapping at them to make stuff happen. Notification Panel: The Jelly Bean Notification shade is a step up from previous versions of Android utility-wise.
Long press the mic key to access the handwriting, optical recognition, and floating keyboards. S Translator: You might not ever find an occasion to open up this app unless you travel widely or live in an area where not everyone speaks your language, such as a large city.
We’ve taken a look at the iPhone version, but the new operating system has some perks specifically for iPad users.

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Aside from the many pre-loaded apps, included, it also has dozens of supported gestures, motion control options, and voice commands. One place it will prove useful is in the car, so Samsung created a special version of S Voice for that environment. With this smart mode turned on, the Galaxy S4 will detect when you’re in frequently visited locations and turn on the Wi-Fi for you. Samsung adds to this by placing a row of toggles at the top for quick access to important features: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Airplane Mode, S Beam, and more. The handwriting keyboard is just as quick and accurate as the one on the Note 2 even without using a stylus. It can scan and transcribe large blocks of text from a picture as well as recognize text in real time and translate it to and from English and dozens of other languages. If you do, you’ll find that S Translate can be a useful way to facilitate a conversation, as long as everyone is patient.
Samsung tries to help new owners out by including a screen at the end of the set up process with toggles and explanations for everything. The Air Browse function might not appeal, but the ability to answer a call and turn the speakerphone on by just waving a hand over the phone is useful and pretty cool.
Users activate it by voice (Driving Mode On) and the interface changes slightly to show larger text and icons that can be read at a glance plus simplified and easy-to-remember commands.
There are fewer options for controlling the predictions and typing pattern, and the comma key still requires a long press, which is ridiculous.
The OCR input takes advantage of the Optical Reader app – just point it at text, take a picture, crop it to include the text you need, then edit the results. The app will recognize business card data and, once transcribed, will add it to a Contact card’s appropriate fields automatically. Just choose a language, speak to the phone, and you’ll get a text translation and the words spoken aloud.

We applaud that, but a huge list of features right when you first get a phone can be daunting.
One-handed users will like the floating keyboard since it’s smaller and can be placed anywhere on the screen.
Still, we recommend giving it a try since the size of the app windows is adjustable and toggling back and forth between two apps can get frustrating. You’re not limited to just one screenful of data since the wide sweep setting makes it easy to scan large pages of text, you just need a steady hand. There are multiple levels to some of these features and a few that aren’t listed and hidden in settings menus. Tapping the grid icon in the top left gives access to all the toggles at once and an editing tool, so you can shuffle and order them according to your needs. We also used the enhanced clipboard often as it retains the last 10 things copied to it and allows users to paste multiple items. Aside from the Optical Reader, you can also use it in the Samsung email app when reading or composing and it pops up as an option when you select text in most other Samsung apps. You could spend hours and hours going through them on your own, or you can read this handy guide to the best of them. Or even times when the phone tilts just enough to activate the rotation though that’s not what you were trying to do. When we did get a crisp shots, the recognized text came up instantly and was almost always accurate.
In addition to all this, Optical Reader also scans barcodes, so you don’t have to download an extra app for that anymore. Just watch out when it comes to data usage since the engine requires uploading and downloading the input to and from a server to work.

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