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Hey guys, I'm just curious what pokemon you all think deserve an evolution in the a later generation. I always thought Pinsir and Jynx were a bit left out, seeing as how their counterparts got evolutions (though Jynx did get a baby like the others) but they were left untouched. While I never thought of it that way, I do see two issues with thinking they mightn't do anything with older Pokemon because the regions are separate. The first being they are a business and any good business tries to make their product make as many people as happy as possible.
The second, coming at it from a story and environmental point of view, many animals have been introduced to new areas (intentionally or not) and can and will change the environment, and be changed to suit the environment as natural selection is wont to do. Pokemon in itself is just confusing sometimes, but going off of a youtuber named JWittz he has a lot of valid points pertaining to why generations such as the 4th have a lot of evolutions and preevolutions of older pokemon. I thought it would be cool if Arbok evolved into a creature based off of the demon snake, Samael. I will showcase a new design every-other day here so please follow me and check back to see more. If you are interested in purchasing the cards showcased, please check under "Catalogue" and "Order Here!" for more information! You can download the type chart as an image to print out and keep handy as you are playing and battling!
The majority of the type chart has remained the same over the years, but there have been a few changes. Obviously stick to pokemon that can still evolve and if you want to specify what new type it will get, if it's a single type of course, feel free too.
I can't really imagine what Jynx would evolve into, but Jynx itself is definitely not overpowered in terms of stats or usability at the moment.
So they can be easily explained as simply, for all intents and purposes, forcing a change to the Pokemon by changing it's environment. Remember back in GSC, when you were just starting out, but you saw familiar faces such as Pidgey and Rattata and Spearow?

I do have a disagreement with Starmie's evolution though unless it was similar to Scyther and Scizors evolutionary line, where the stats are just dispersed differently.
According to his theory it's based off of the professers line of study during the generation. Yes unown are only used for story or special events, but I do think that they will eventually do something with them. Look down the left hand side for the attacking type, then move across to see how effective it is against each Pokemon type. In Generation 2, Dark and Steel types were added, while in Generation 6 (Pokemon X and Pokemon Y) the Fairy type was added. Starmie has a base stat of 520, making it a pretty remarkable pokemon on it's own, but I think if it could have a stat displacement upon evolution it could be possible. I mean if you look at almost everyplace they have appeared, whether it was in a game or in a movie, they all converged to one area. Also please stay within the realm of possibilty and give a description as to how the pokemon could possibly be in a future generation. Starus is actually one of those few in my first region, but to explain how it makes sense would require recapping most of the story and make this post about 2 pages long for the abridged version and since they don't have the capabilities in the real game as in my stories - at the moment at least anyway - explaining it wouldn't even really help.
Gen 5, however, felt like a completely fresh start, and seemed to be more of a stand-alone game than the others. I don't think they will get an evolution, but I do think that they will eventually unlock or even form a new pokemon, much like the 3 Regi's formed Regigigas. But yea, Magcargo as it is isn't very useful, and since it's such a cool Concept, I'd like it to be improved upon. Though it would probably end up with some sort of draw back like Slaking and Regigigas to rein in it's overall battle power. But, I always felt that there must be some type of ultra ancient power that happens when all of the Unknowns connect. I'll start.ArbokThis guy only has a base stat total of like 438, so it's definitely capable of evolving to something with at least a 500 base stat total.

If Pinsir got a cool evolution that was actually viable, that would be awesome.In reality, though, I doubt they will touch anything from Gen 1. Since BW were the first games like that (no previous gen Pokes), and also the first games in a region based outside of Asia, my mind put two and two together. I would like to think that they do major evolution line upgrades every other Gen-- Gen 2 had a bunch of baby Pokemon and some evolutions from Gen 1, and Gen 4 added a good helping of evolutions and babies from all the previous Gens-- but for some reason I am not seeing it in Gen 6. I got that connection for when some of the Unowns formed together during Pokemon 3: The Movie. It could evolve by leveling up in a specific area that's hot, much like Leafeon, Glaceon and Magneton do to their respective types or by using a dusk stone.
They did literally nothing to any previous Pokemon in Gen 5, and unless the Kalos region is somehow an extension of Unova (which is geographically impossible) I don't see them building off of Gen 5 Pokemon there, either. It always felt that in game just one unknown makes Sunkern laugh in embarrassment but together, there is just some type of power we don't know yet. My only real concern is how the fuck they'll stick to the naming and find some species of snake that can be read as a somewhat legible word when said backwards. I think Gen 1-4 were all based on Japan or areas close to it in Asia, so it sort of made sense for some evolutions to be linked I guess.
I'm not sure if GameFreak actually cares about that stuff, but that's how it breaks down in my head.I think if any Pokemon are getting new evolutions, it will be from Gen 3 and onward. I could see them sprinkling in a few more baby Pokemon here and there, like for Onix or Lickitung or whatever, just probably no evolutions.

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