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Dear Mike & Liza, My husband and I agreed to play Pokemon Go together on our nightly walk.
If you resolved to get fiscally fit in 2013 we have some great tips to help you get your finances in order, save money for the future and have more money in your bank account today.
Most people, of course, come to the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio to ride the many elaborate, fastest, highest, and craziest rides.
Upon entering the park, we were presented with a large dinosaur display, highlighting the new Dinosaurs Alive exhibit. Cedar Point became a popular beach resort in the late 1870’s, when visitors traveled to the peninsula by steamboat from Sandusky.
As typical for our family adventures, no trip would be complete without some time spent on the train. As a coaster enthusiast and theme park fan I’m bummed that I still have not made it out to Cedar Point. Unless otherwise specified, all opinions, content, and information provided by InACents Web Creations, LLC are the author’s own, and have not been reviewed, approved, endorsed, or commissioned by any other entity.
I know this starts to get Big Brother-ish [Alpine is] doing that for your benefit, in a way. Thanks to Jessica Reger, we now know it’s illegal to put your kids in the trunk of a Corvette.

The best thing you can do is reach out for professional help-an unbiased expert who’s not trying to sell you anything can help you make a plan. A couple weeks ago our family got to return to Cedar Point for a fun day of kid rides and activities.
However, right off the get-go, I knew we would not be going to see the dinosaurs because 1) our oldest son (3) typically is not a huge fan of dark places or dinosaurs, and 2) Cedar Point charges an extra admission ($5) to see the exhibit. Pictured is a horse-drawn casket carriage car set up with eerie reminders of what happens after the sun goes down.
After stopping at Frontier Station at the rear of the park, the train takes guests through Boneville, a skeleton city with great animatronic scenes. Now I have to look into why they swapped trains a bit more, especially since Cedar Point didn’t end up keeping the one they got.
Content on InACents Web Creations, LLC represents one individual’s experiences and viewpoints, and your experiences may differ. Last year when we visited Cedar Point, the boys rode select kid rides as we wondered around the property and picked up some tips for traveling with kids. Promoter George Boeckling formed the Cedar Point Pleasure Resort Company in 1897 and vastly expanded the resort’s attractions. The railroad has been in daily operation since 1963, and features three trains in its armada.

Personally, I am kind of attached to the Boneville scenes, as corny as they may be, because they are probably the first animatronics I ever saw as a kid.
This year we not only wanted to take the boys on some of their favorite rides, but also try and see some shows and explore some different areas of the park. During the first decade of the 1900’s, he built the lagoons, an amusement circle, and several hotels, including the landmark Breakers in 1905. On this day at Cedar Point, we were able to ride the Judy K, named after the wife of Cedar Fair, L.P. Articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances.
The Coliseum, opened in 2906, became the centerpiece of the park and hosted many of the famous big bands through the Depression and World War II years. In the late 1950’s, Cedar Point began its transformation into a modern amusement park.
Unfortunately, Cedar Point never rehabilitated the Ward Kimble, and it was eventually sold to Knott’s Berry Farm.

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