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Drop your details below and every Wednesday we'll send you a personal email message designed to smash away your fears and move you towards a life of more travel. PLUS, we'll send you a short audio, Get Travelling: a 5 step plan for turning your travel dreams into reality. Ia€™m sitting on the couch of my Airbnb apartment watching a bit of the Olympics while recovering from a fun celebration party with new blogging friends and looking for profound words to describe the experience and what Ia€™m mostly taking away from it.
The value I received more was from listening to the speakers and gaining a lot of inspiration from their stories and success and getting a glimpse of what is possible for me. We only know what we know and being amongst these inspirational women my eyes have been opened to possibilities Ia€™ve never thought of before.
Kim Kardashian a€“ where I found all other celebrity speakers provided inspirational stories, advice for empowerment, and a focus on making the world a better place, I felt her talk was self-indulgent and self-serving. The speaker in one session who pretty much put her head on the desk when I made a comment a€“ obviously she didna€™t like it. A consistent message from all the speakers was the valuable role bloggers have to help make a positive difference in the world. Ita€™s leading me to ask many questions of myself in regards to our platform, what Ia€™m doing right and what can be done better and how I can talk more about important issues without feeling so much fear of judgement and hatred. I whispered many a€?Oh wowsa€? through her talk as she mentioned several principles of success that I talk about in my training How to Move from Blog to Business. They call it the Imposter Syndrome a€“ this feeling you have that youa€™re a fraud and the more success youa€™ll have the more youa€™ll get found out.
I do follow the step of a€?doing anywherea€? but ita€™s time to focus and celebrating what I get done and look only at my progress and stop looking sideways so much. I attended a few sessions on Snapchat and Facebook Live which verified the importance of live in the moment, behind the scenes stuff. During the conference, Erin Bender and I did a Facebook live streaming together where we chatted about travel. I loved Lizzaa€™s tip n the same session about taking a post it note and covering up the number of viewers you have so you can instead focus on the serving amazing content to hep those who are watching.
Remember people have liked you because they want to protect you and hear what you have to say.
One thing I want to add in for you, not for us as you know our Pinterest community is gigantic (at 4 million) ad the biggest driver of traffic to our site. I loved hearing Ryan Bell talk about Periscope and how on one of his earliest scopes, he only had about 9 people watching but one person was watching who reached out with an amazing collaborative opportunity – focus less on numbers ad more on quality, in content and relationships. The message of building relationships is always about how you can help and what you can offer before you can give.
At the Vega Breakfast, celerity Vegan chef, Leslie Durso, spoke about making small changes each day to your health practices. Sarah Michelle Gellar spoke about the importance of unplugging and reconnecting with your children. Sheryl Crow spoke about her breast cancer journey and how it returned here to whole foods and the nourishment of herself.A a€?A lot of the stress we live with now is a result of what we let in a€“ the constant barrage of peoplea€™s opiniona€? A Yep ita€™s time to unplug from all of that and go within. Hello, I also love to participate in events, always take new experiences and contacts after events and conferences.
There were several speakers I heard who said Tailwind was their Could-not-live-without tool So congrats to you for creating something so awesome.
The swag bag added an extra couple of kilos to my luggage and I barely even took anything as I hate accumulating junk!! I love the quote “They call it the Imposter Syndrome a€“ this feeling you have that youa€™re a fraud and the more success youa€™ll have the more youa€™ll get found out.
Funny how you have that failure feeling daily and yet you have inspired me to do more about my passion of Travel Blogging.
Since social media has become an integral part of our lives, marketers have used their creative talents to develop social media campaigns with various degrees of success which can be measured in a variety of ways.
The results included 400,000 new visitors to the website in the first 30 hours and 1 million hits the second day the competition was launched. Forbes recently engaged three experts to rank the world’s best-ever social media campaigns. They were asked to take into account the success of the campaigns as well as the quality of the execution and creativity of each one.
This was a low budget horror movie that used a viral social media campaign that used web sites and message boards to incite anticipation and interest months before the its release in 1999. The result for a movie that cost $22,000 to make, at last count it has grossed over $240 million, making it the worlds most profitable movie ever. This well known series of online videos first burst on the scene in 2006 (not long after YouTube was launched). Isaiah Mustafa was already popular in TV commercial but when a campaign was created that allowed him to respond to questions via online videos(180 in fact) and Twitter the buzz that it generated spread around the world. This was aimed at people’s charitable gene which gave people the chance to get funding for their charity.
This was a social experiment using humor to drive engagement and influence customer behavior.
The office supply retailer encouraged people during the 2006 holday campaign to upload pictures of themselves. This YouTube blockbuster showing babies break dancing and busting moves ended up being (according to the Guinness Book of Records) the most watched online ad in viewing history with over 60 million views and 54,000 comments.
This Facebook marketing campaign involved the store manager of the Malmo Ikea store posting pictures of the new showrooms where people who tagged the items first, won that product. What are some of the core elements that were in these campaigns that made them such a success? The good news is that we can learn just as much from a failed effort as a successful one and with this lot there’s plenty of room for improvement. Post whinge, I do think WILL IT BLEND is a brilliant idea and can see a direct line bewteen idea and sales.
The Ikea Facebook competition is a great idea, however it directly goes against Facebook’s competition rules that says you are not allowed to use a Facebook mechanism (in this case, tagging) as a form of entry into a competition. Fabulous social media campaigns are measured by their fruit and 50 million + video viewings is a monumental success such as ‘the Evian video’ thanks to its unique, creative and funny content! I prefer not to be a purist of “social media” campaigns, i think that social hybrid campaigns could be the way! Running is a great form of exercise and for many of us we will choose to run to achieve our fitness goals.
So the muscles of the back of your thigh make up the hamstrings and in particular there is a main hamstring muscle called the bicep femoris. Whilst running will build muscles in your hamstrings, you will notice better results exercising them when in the gym environment. Stiff Leg Deadlifts – A simply, awesome compound exercise that you should have within your training arsenal. Single Leg Curls – It is natural to have one leg stronger than the other so performing single leg curls will help improve imbalances on your body.
Machine Leg Curl – Perform this exercise at the end of working your hamstrings and as it is a machine you can really load the weight on without worrying about technique. It possibly comes as no surprise that when you begin weight training and overloading a certain area your mobility within the muscles could weaken. Last piece of advice is to invest in a good whey protein so that your muscles recover quicker and stronger. Scott has always been active growing up being involved in different sport teams and individual sports such as boxing and Jiu Jitsu.

All you need to do is to download and install the Amazing Lock Screen app from Windows Store. In the Settings (click the three horizontal lines icon at the top left of the window > Settings), you can set the app to download Bing image automatically as well as update the lock screen automatically.
It’s the time of the year again when we are busy keeping track of the number of days until Christmas. Looking for honest software or hardware review, event coverage (Malaysia only), sponsored posts or got news tips for us, simply send us an email here. Yesterday (Wednesday 16th September) the Scottish Parliament debated ‘Scotland’s Future: Democracy and Devolution’. One year on from the independence referendum, and with the Scotland Bill due to go to report stage in the next few weeks, this debate offered parliamentarians the chance to reflect on the debate in the run up to September 18th 2014, and to consider progress on promised further powers since then.
Which is lovely for them, but rather neglects a significant element of what made the independence debate so successful, invigorating and participatory: the Scottish people. Instead of this inclusive participatory approach, the Scottish public have been shut out of the devolution debate. ERS Scotland asked pollsters YouGov to find out if people were still interested in talking about devolution. Whilst this shows a sharp decrease from the over 90% of people who indicated they had conversations about the independence referendum in the run up to the vote one year ago, it suggests that although they haven’t been invited to the table, Scots are keen to talk about devolution. ERS Scotland recently published ‘We, the People’ presenting four case studies of citizen led constitutional decision making and the lessons we can learn from British Columbia, Ontario, Iceland and Ireland.  And ERS is itself launching our own Citizens Assemblies in Sheffield and Southampton because we think it’s vital that citizens have a real say in where they think power should lie. Inevitably, most CMOs will find themselves in a crisis but few will have the courage to diffuse the situation quite like Graham.  After airing a TV spot that featured a hallucinating young man who ordered 30 tacos (an experience that resonated with Jack’s core target), Graham got wind that “protesters and media were planning to show up on the grass all around our corporate headquarters.” Her solution? Co-founding Renegade in 1996, with apologies to Mae West, Drew Neisser is old enough to know better and young enough to write something about it. If your small business marketing isn’t working well, you run the risk of finding yourself in a challenging financial position, working long hours trying to make up for the poor returns, and having a company that your customers define for you, which can result in work coming in that isn’t what you want to do or are great at doing. Great small business marketing, to be great, needs to be part of a well-considered system and have a planned and thought through foundation. Click here to learn more about signing up for a session, or if you know you’d benefit from an hour of working on your marketing with me, click here to go to my calendar.
Hair accessories and braided updos were all over the runway at the Ines Di Santo and Modern Trousseau shows. The sessions I attended didna€™t provide a lot of value for me as it was aimed more toward beginner bloggers so I dona€™t feel like I improved my skills, but I did learn a couple of new things that can help me refine our strategy. I felt many doors opening within me while I was sitting and listening and I was filled with so much excitement, hope, and motivation to keep growing and doing better.
We got beautiful trophies and had a private celebration session with champagne and cocktails served by Aisha Tyler, an actress, comedian, and podcaster.
We had a three-course meal designed to focus on the five senses and help you feel more love mojo. Ita€™s our responsibility to use that platform well, a topic I spoke about recently in this post.
I had so many aha moments in this talk about my own life, how I’ve viewed myself as a woman and other women. It provided a lot of clarification for me and validated that I do know what Ia€™m doing more than I realise. Ita€™s that feeling I have almost daily a€“ I dona€™t know what the hell Ia€™m doing which often leads me down the comparison path which only tells me how Ia€™m not good enough.
She spoke a lot about the importance of a bedtime ritual which invites winding down from 6pm. There was a lady who spoke from Go Daddy about how she’s made many changes through hiring more women.
I got a lot out of your summary so I imagine there is lots of awesome tidbits to get from attending the conference! So many powerful and inspiring women at one place, sure must have been worth everything that you put to go there.
The anticipation was created by spreading  rumors about the fate of the movie’s main characters with fake newspaper clippings and police photos of their missing car being spread on what was then the 1999 version of what we now call social media. It shows the Blendtec ‘Total Blender destroying anything from a baseball to an iPhone.
It was created for Burger King by the advertising agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky for the chain’s TenderCrisp Sandwich. It involved Volkswagen transforming a Swedish subway staircase into a giant functioning piano.
The result was a viral word of mouth campaign that quickly spread to people’s Facebook friends and created huge product awareness. Apparently the judges were a bit divided on this with one rating it as the best and the other the worst and also whether it constituted a social media campaign.
I like Old Spice videos a lot and I think Coca Cola is doing a great job on the social front too.
If running is a big part of your exercise routine and you are stuck in a plateau it might not be just your general fitness holding you back.
I love running and find it is a great release and change from doing weight lifting all the time. This muscle is responsible for the kickback motion when you run which acts as a spring coil and will push you further. Like I have already mentioned, the hamstring muscles respond best to heavy loads as they are predominantly made up of type 2 muscle fibres. Perform this exercise using an Olympic bar and steadily increase the load on the bar with each set. Perform this exercise on a cable machine and really focus on squeezing the hamstring when you bring your heel to you bum. So with this said it is imperative you stretch your muscles so that you do not attract an injury.
Perform these exercises next time you are working on your lower body strength and I’m sure after a few weeks you will notice better speed and strength in your legs when you run. It wasn't until Scott dislocated his left knee during a Jiu Jitsu Competition when he developed a new passion which was going to the gym.
But fret not, we will guide you on how to automatically set Bing’s daily background image as your Windows 10 lock screen. You can let the app automatically update Windows 10 lock screen to today’s image or you can set one of the 8 latest images manually by clicking on the particular image. Other options include download HD image (if available), change the region and choose whether to store the images or else.
The blog contains great sources of information on Windows software application, Android and iOS related apps and mobile devices, gadgets and everything that might interest tech enthusiasts. During the lead up to the referendum and afterwards we argued that the debate about further powers should be a citizen led conversation – harnessing the enthusiasm from the referendum and asking Scotland’s people where they thought power should lie. The Smith Commission process was a rushed conversation, largely between politicians – with no real indication of how the 380 submissions from civic society organisations and 14,000 from individuals were considered. Their polling shows that despite deals being done behind closed doors and the technical detail of the discussion, 50% of the people we asked said they had talked to someone about the Scotland Bill and more powers for the Scottish Parliament. The record levels of participation in the referendum debate were praised by all parties, and yet now, Scotland’s citizens are not being included in deciding anything about more powers. Our democratic institutions are creaking under the pressure of failed attempts at reform: from the bloated, ermine-coated House of Lords to May’s most disproportionate result in British election history, and the question of where power should lie – what powers should be devolved to which level – across the UK, ERS Scotland thinks it’s time we gave citizens the chance to debate these issues. Aware that after 14 years, Jack’s time might be up, Graham put “the biggest brand equity that the company had on the line to see if people still cared:” In a Super Bowl spot, Jack got hit by a bus.

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Others find enough success to grow their business, but find themselves wondering if they are spending too much time and money for the results they’re getting.
While you may never be a world class copywriter or create compelling graphics, great marketing is certainly within your grasp.
Your business value has to be defined – in other words what problems do you solve and for whom? While I’ve helped big business and consulted to the White House, nothing is as personally rewarding to me as helping small business owners succeed.
I believe that by improving marketing, more small businesses are going to stay in business, grow, and thrive.
Normally, my hourly rate starts at $247, but these marketing sessions are a great way for me to reach more people and make a bigger impact. If you’d like to get better at marketing online, sign up for the free 7 day course on the right hand side of the page under “Marketing Boot Camp” and you’ll receive the course in your inbox.
I met many wonderful women at BlogHer who Ia€™ll be keeping in touch with and hoping to meet up with again. It felt like such a misfit compared to Sheryl Crow, Mayim Bailik, and the incredible panel of Matt, Jurnee and Heather talking about feminism. The stories of pain are important so we never feel alone and it’s where we gain strength, BUT, ita€™s equally important to put joy on the centre stage too. Under 30 and build a website that reaches 18 million women a week with the intention of empowering their lives a€“ a success achieved in just two years!!! Each time I go to cut myself down and underplay my value, Ia€™m going to look up and throw something valuable out to the world a€“ either a kind and supportive word, or way that I can serve someone else to help them grow. It makes me even prouder and more excited about the purpose of our America Unplugged trip and all the things we can do on this blog to help people unplug more.
Self confidence has never been my strong point but the truth is, I know my stuff, particularly the home education .
I’m not really a big fan of Go Daddy but I was inspired by her and what she has implemented.
I’m not able to get to PB Event this year and am very sad about that as the connections made and inspiration gained are so valuable. Yes, keep aiming and dreaming for Blog Her, you’ll be eyes wide open the entire time! I came away thinking Blog Her was not worth it for me, but you definitely had a more immersive and intentional experience. I really got the bit about the self-care and unplugging… this will be a key focus for me when we head off on our trip (in less than three weeks time!!!). Do you think Blair Witch would have grossed more, or people would have been as gullible if it was released today with todays social media awareness?
Have you been exercising for a while now and you just can’t seem to push forward or run for as long?
But how many of you realise that the hamstring muscles are responsible for most of the technique when running? The hamstrings are like any other muscle that could give way or become imbalanced so it is crucial to your training that you keep them as mobile and free as possible. Scott studied an International Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy which he has used for over 8 years in the Fitness Industry. And the Scotland Bill has seen more confrontational politics and few opportunities for detailed debate or votes on any amendments.
The referendum debate taught us how to do politics differently but we aren’t using that learning. You need to have a clear differentiation for your business position – why should people buy from you and not your competitors. It’s great to be a part of that success story and see how lives change, families and communities benefit, and our economy improves! So, I’d like to offer you an hour of my time to work together to make your business better. The wedding hairstyles on the runway really complimented the dresses and they tied the whole look together.
I want to do more to encourage women and shine a light on those extraordinary women helping to make the world an extraordinary place. Now I have to find a way to balance Instagram and Snapchat even tough they are essentially the same thing. If only you saw my friend’s Snapchat where she randomly caught my reaction to her talk. It is hard sometimes trying to decide which events to attend based solely off the conferences website; honest reviews like yours are quite helpful. This won t the 2010 Cyber Grand Prix  Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. Your hamstrings are just as important as your quadriceps when running and you musn’t neglect them during your training. If you hit the road a few times a week and also work on lower and upper body strength in the gym, exercising your hamstrings will develop better strength and could give you better results.
But it is when you kick back with the leg and heel which drives you forward and gives you the momentum to spring forward.
Now, some of you will respond differently but for the most part, lower reps will build stronger hamstrings.
From your feedback, Windows will show the types of images that you like on your lock screen. Learn how to make your marketing more successful and less time consuming and you’ll be much happier! Sometimes it works and their business grows, other times they get little return for their efforts.
Sales needs to be tightly integrated with your marketing, after all marketing is bringing people in, sales is creating customers. We’ll work together over the phone or Skype and during the hour, we’ll come up with at least three concrete actions you can take immediately to improve your marketing to see quick improvement. The hamstring muscles are typically type 2 muscle fibres and therefore are explosive and require a heavy amount of tension to make them stronger. He has helped many people achieve their goals in Fat Loss, Weight gain, Hypertrophy and other areas of Health and Fitness. Processes and automation make your life easier and your marketing more powerful by expanding your ability to reach more people and allowing you to work less. I appreciate people such as Matt McGorry, Jurnee Smollett Bell, and Heather Hardy on the panel who are the ones working for change and all the people who have gone before them, and those such as Hilary Clinton who are smashing down those glass ceilings for us now.
Whilst running it is important to kick back with your heels so that you work the hamstring properly. Scott is very passionate and is a big motivator who is going to provide you with expert advice and looks forward to helping you with your goals.
How many of you run pushing forward with your hips and quads instead of kicking back your heels and engaging the hamstring muscles?? There was a lovely bracelet making service at Blog Her where you could give them a word and theya€™d etch it on a bracelet for you.

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