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The name of the browser app in the Ubuntu Software Center is Ubuntu web browser in case you're ready to give up and uninstall it. What is this fraction-like "discrete mathematics"–style notation used for formal rules?
The web camera board and LCD screen are two separate modules and can be removed and replaced separately. The camera was turnign ot and the blut LED light up but there was no image in the webcam window, just a black screen.
I have a HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop which I think is a part of the dv9500 series family for some strange reason. I guess the real question is whether there is a web camera board on the dv9000t laptops even though they don’t come with a webcam.
I think it’s possible but you have to take a look at the motherboard and find out if it has a connector for the webcam. I guess the real question is whether there is a web camera board on the dv9000t laptops even though they don’t come with a webcam.
Hi, I need to replace the cable that conects the webcam to the laptop because it’s broken. I have MSI CR600, but it have motherboard malfunction, repair is too expencive so i want to use some parts, like webcam, but I don`t know what colour means what.
The webcam module mounted above the LCD screen and in most cases it’s not necessary to remove the screen in order to access the webcam.

I have removed the camera from the laptop, and now I have a pretty decent webcam + mic, and I am trying to give it an utility as surveillance camera embedded in a book or something like that. Most likely the webcam connected to internal USB connector, so you should be able to power up and use the camera from USB but I don’t know the pinout. I have Toshiba p755-s5269 the web cam is not working I want replace the camera is it possible please tell me how ? Some of you have asked how to dual-boot Android-X86 4.0 ICS (which uses GRUB legacy) with Ubuntu (GRUB 2), so here's how to do it, including a video showing all the required steps as well as installing Android-X86. It doesn't matter in which order you install Ubuntu and Android-x86 40, but if you install Android-x86 after Ubuntu, make sure you don't select to install GRUB or else you'll have to reinstall GRUB manually using a Live CD. It may work with other Linux distributions that use GRUB 2, but I've only tested it with Ubuntu. But the most important thing you need to change in the menuentry is the partition on which you've installed Android-x86, "(hd0,0)" in my example. In the video above, I've installed Android-x86 on "sda6", so I've replaced "(hd0,0)" with "(hd0,6)" - hd0 means the first hard disk ("sda") and "6" is the partition and comes from "sda6".
If you want the GRUB menu to show up on every boot, you can tweak it using a tool such as Grub Customizer or Startup Manager. Is anybody can explaing what wire do what or give me some kind of the diagram of the cable and if this is usb camera? Contact the seller before buying this part just to make sure that’s what you are looking for.

Counting partitions doesn't start with 0, so if you've installed Android x86 on let's say "sda5", you'd use "(hd0,5).
The web camera is connected to the system board via a cable which plugs into the connector on the right side of the web camera board.
I tried removing the camera from the device manager and let it redetect it, but it didn’t work.
I was planning to buy a display bezel with a webcam section and also buy the webcam module. But in order to be able to do that I need to know what kind of connector and cable does the webcam use, it’s the same one than the one in the pic. If my webcam board malfunctions to the point where I would need a new one,, How can I identify the cam board to make a purchase? The web camera is a separate module which is mounted inside the display panel above the LCD screen.
Here, select if you want to boot Ubuntu or Android-x86 (or whatever other operating systems you may have).

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