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The Wynwood vegan cupcake bakery, which drew national attention on the show Cupcake Wars, will be baking a Lolita cupcake with all the proceeds going toward a campaign to retire the Seaquarium killer whale Lolita to an ocean sanctuary after more than 46 years in captivity.
Cotez, who raises her family vegan after the oldest of her four children was diagnosed with a dietary allergy, want to raise awareness for an effort by the Orca Network and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games took place on Friday night, and Tonga stole the show during the Athelete's Parade all thanks to their flag bearer, Pita Nikolas Taufatofua. The taekwondo athlete picked to be the official flag bearer for Tonga had the audience, and the Internet, in a frenzy after appearing with his fellow athletes shirtless and oiled up while carrying the flag. Viewers of the Olympic Opening Ceremony took to Twitter to discuss Pita's unique entrance during the Athlete's Parade, leading to the Olympian becoming an instant star overnight.
The star of the Opening Ceremony is also a keen philanthropist, regularly shares snaps of his charitable work on his account and is currently crowdfunding to raise money to fund a training camp for fighters.

His Instagram gave an insight into the many hobbies he manages to practise outside of training, which include playing guitar, spearfishing and regularly exercising. The plan, which the group has been pushing for more than a decade, would return Lolita to the Pacific Northwest, to a Washington State sanctuary near where she was captured in the 1970s and where she is genetically linked to current members of her pod.
In his latest photo, the star has shared a snap of his niece watching him on television during the Olympics, and captioned the post: "Obrigado Brazil and the thousands of volunteers for the best Olympic opening ceremony ever!

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