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There are as many styles of engagement rings as there are different tastes and personalities. Some couples may opt for something a little more unique than the classic or traditional styles to commemorate their love. Since everyone has different styles, preferences and backgrounds, what is perfect for one couple may not be the best match for another. While diamonds are undoubtedly the  most popular stone for an engagement ring, there are a lot of unique options that do not use traditional diamonds. When a modern design doesn’t quite fit a couples taste, often they can find an antique or heirloom engagement ring that suits them perfectly.
Another popular choice for couple wanting something a little different to symbolize their love is either an Irish Celtic or a Claddagh ring. I'm Cassandra, and I'm all into celebrity scandals, gossip news and interesting stuffs on the internet! With literally thousands of options at the fingertips, every bride-to-be is bound to find something that suits her perfectly. By doing some research you can find out what you like design and style-wise, and then narrow down your choices from there.

Stones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, topaz, tanzanite, onyx, garnet, or citrine are unique  alternatives to diamonds.
These types of rings can either be found within a family and passed down through generations.
Celtic rings are usually designed with knotted, interwoven strands of metal or engravings representing the threads which tie two people or families together in marriage. The delicate and intricate engravings can be interwoven with or without diamonds or other gemstones.
Mokume gane rings are made out layers of many different metals in detailed patterns, suitable for both a man and woman.
Diamond shapes such as kite, pear, Asscher, oval, trilliant or  work well in a variety of settings and are gorgeous.
The prong setting is a classic choice for many couples, but a flush, tension, bezel, cluster or pave setting can make a ring stand out.
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Some women also opt for a white or black pearl accented by diamonds, moissanite, high-grade cubic zirconia, or their birthstone.
If this is not a possibility, antique shops, boutiques or estate sales can offer an excellent selection of unique engagement rings. This type of ring can celebrate a couple’s individuality in a most striking manner, and one need not be of Japanese descent to appreciate this style of ring. Following her success in the competition, she made her Zoo magazine debut in its first edition of 2012, on which she featured on the front cover as well as in a four-page article within. Often times these non-diamond stones are more affordable than diamonds and offer a unique and beautiful way to celebrate a couple’s love. One need not have Irish ancestry or ties to Ireland to wear a Celtic or Claddagh ring as an engagement ring. I bet this girl look much better in high quality image in the glossy pages of the magazine… Enjoy!

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