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With country being more popular with more Americans than ever before, there are a lot of acts worthy of holding the game’s television audience.
The guy has perfected the stadium show so he knows how to work the stage and play a big room. For name recognition alone, is there a country star more well-known in America right now than Blake? Country fans have known for years just what a good dude Keith is but now, thanks to two full seasons as a judge on American Idol, the rest of America does too.
When I sat down I thought this would be quick work: come up with my top five country choices for the Superbowl halftime show.

His $31 million dollar take was just behind Justin Timberlake at #2 and Taylor Swift in the top spot. He’s a social media god, with over 16 million following his frank, hilarious and sometimes edgy Tweets. Keith has that rare ability to make everyone watching his show feel like he’s singing right to them. In honor of the teen pop star's self-obsession, we've compiled some of the best, and sexiest, celebrity selfies. Arguments can be made for Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Carrie still (if she can find a sitter).

And it must be noted, thanks to an OCD-like devotion to cross-fit, Tim is cut like an action figure–which would play well for the camera.
But, after a lot of cutting, pasting and altogether deleting, I’ve settled (not completely comfortably) with my top five choices, along with some mild justification and three songs they might include in the set, since most halftime artists end up performing a medley.

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