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I think if we're looking for decent representation, game characters have a long way to go in general, for females, males and every other margin that resembles our current society in reality.
Maybe I'm sounding overly harsh, and I don't mean to because it is indeed a great game, blessed with progressive story-telling - but only in as much as the dialogue is written well and the parts are performed (very) well.
Ellie is also written well enough that she could be mistaken for an actual human instead of a saturday morning cartoon character unlike, say, Lightning.
It's just shifting the stereotype from one aspect to another, which is a bit of a hypocrisy. You can't have characters like Bayonetta as examples because apparently that's wrong and doesn't count.
But developers and writers shouldn't be pressured into providing us with accurate portrayals of ourselves, or role models to look up to.

But it's also the most popular PlayStation 2 games in this generation, with little argument. Being a strong character (regardless of gender) isn't just about being tough and they shouldn't be praised as the only way of showing good character design.
Because Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comprises three different cities, you'll experience an immense amount of things to do, people to see, and gangs to fight. You start out in Los Santos, the first of the three cities, which is much like Los Angeles.
It's a vast, sprawling, historic urban center of historic landmarks, freeways, and a combination of mixed neighborhoods. When he's not hanging with his crew, he's feeding on a diet of fast food, getting tattoos, building muscle by working out, playing hoops, or hanging out at night with his girlfriend Denise.

Each vehicle serviced has a Nitro option, however not every vehicle offers the full menu of Nitrous options. Take note: Taking a customized painted vehicle into a Pay 'N' Spray will wipe out any customized Paint Job.

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