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Have you ever been disappointed that after a long walk you just encountered a Pokemon you already have? All of us were struggling in the beginning to get to level 5 so we can just enter a Pokegym and battle other users. If you’re in the beginning, you might think you just need to have your maps open and just walk around to find a Pokemon.
Another little tip is to check how many footsteps you see: a very close Pokemon will show only a footprint, while a faraway one will show two or even three footprints. If you already have Pokemon Go installed on your smartphone, you know how many features it requires to work properly: you need to have your GPS on, your data connection open (or Wi-Fi if you’re lucky) as well as the camera working most times. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is playing it, everyone is remembering their childhood and everything is right in the world. Actually, you can have a general idea of where the creatures are by tapping on the white rectangle in the bottom of the screen. The rusty leaves, which seem to have no meaning whatsoever, are actually potential locations of Pokemons. Have a lot of fun, get a little workout while having fun with the game and be careful – don’t burry your head in the smartphone and look around for cars.
When Nintendo came out with this smartphone application, we all got excited because the tech giant has never released any game for phones before. But you can take a ride with your bike and enjoy the weather, as well as your favorite game.
I will find rare Pokemons and I will take them to gyms and I will kick some ass.” That’s what you might be thinking.
But investing in a common Pokemon in your area is actually a great idea if you think a little bit about it.
While standing in front of a Pokemon, as tempted you are to just throw your Pokeball and catch it, hold the ball for a few seconds and swipe in circular motions.

You can click on one of the creatures and the rectangle will turn green when you’re going into the right direction. Another tip is to download your city’s map from Google Maps so you can use the app while in your city without any internet connection.
The game is loved all around the globe not only because it brings us great memories, but it is a game that will get you moving. If you have a well-known Pokemon inside, a more common one if we may say, then the egg will hatch at maybe a 2 mile walk. The Pokeball will start sparkling and if you throw it then, you will get a bonus of 50 XP points. We’re all used with the image of a gamer: in front of a PC, not moving for days, surrounded by Doritos and energizer cans all over the room. So, it’s obvious that if the Pokemon is common in your area, you will find more of its kind, and naturally more candy for it. But now, we can take out our friends, our bikes or our rollerblades and go hunting for some good old Pokemons.
However, don’t get disappointed if there is no Pokemon there, because they do not guarantee you will find one, but there is a high chance there will be a little Pokemon waiting for you in that location. If you’re traveling more than your home city, you might want to bring a portable charger with you.
But now, for the more competitive people around, we have some tips and tricks to make you the one that catches them all.

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