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Unlike the other girls in the Our Australian Girl series, Rose is part of a traditional family, well-off and distinguished. When Rose's Aunt Alice comes to stay, Rose discovers why Alice is seen as a disgrace to the family. Suddenly, Rose is hearing words like 'university' and 'strength' and 'votes for women' - and she realises what she wants from life. This is a story of the early days of feminism, teaching young girls that life was so vastly different back in 1900 that it would be barely recognisable to us.
Rose is a likeable character with determination, a fun-loving spirit and a thirst for knowledge.
There is one truly new face that has  caught the attention of the globe, however, and that is South Korean actress Claudia Kim. The 30-year-old plays Dr. Since we might very well be seeing more of her in the future, here are five facts about Claudia Kim to add to your celebrity trivia book.

Considering that Kim’s character is a brilliant geneticist tasked with healing The Avengers, the actress did not have many action scenes in the movie. As previous Marvel movies have shown us, the road to joining The Avengers is a long and secretive one. It is also rumoured that the studio went as far as to hire security to ensure that the actresses under consideration for Cho would not meet each other at the audition. While growing up, Kim was an enormous fan of Joss Whedon, who created and produced the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The 177cm tall actress began her entertainment career by winning the Korea-China Supermodel Contest in 2005.
She is also reportedly a graduate of the prestigious Ewha Womans University, where she read International Studies. About the authorDeborah Wee is an entertainment-obsessed college student equipped with worryingly detailed Hollywood trivia.

All the things women today take for granted were simply not a part of life in previous times, and our ancestors had to fight for basic rights. Helen Cho, the resident healer-slash-geneticist of the vigilante group, and her Hollywood debut is as high profile as it can get. However, if the opportunity to kick some robotic butt ever presented itself, Kim would be more than capable of getting the job done. The fact that Whedon was directing Age of Ultron (he had also directed the first Avengers movie) only made Kim’s casting into the Marvel film even more special for the actress. And that means no running around, no riding bicycles, no playing cricket, and definitely no getting dirty.

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